Netherworld Dwellers vs Long Arm of the Law 2

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Netherworld Dwellers vs Long Arm of the Law 2

Post by patrickrowberry » Fri Sep 04, 2020 2:26 pm

my bot: 7,7,3,3 (2/2),10

(I have had no message so I assume he is bringing his cluster)
his bot: statline with minibot
Speed: 5
Torque: 4
Traction: 5
Armor: 10
Weapon: 0

Youmu (the minibot)
Speed: 8
Torque: 2
Traction: 7
Armor: 1
Weapon: 6

my strats: focus on the mini bot as that's the biggest threat go grab it and kill it by ramming it full force into a wall it only has 1 armour so this shouldn't be hard and it's saw won't do enough damage in the time his main bot can't do much but be a nussisane ad ram me, use my grabbers and odd shape get away if needs be.

if mini bot is dead I can focus on his main bot aiming for his sides getting under and grabbing him into a wall rinsing and repeating spinning out or using my grabbers to get out of any of his rams

gg.. best of luck

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