ROBOT4 LW Semis: Apeirogon II vs MORE PUZZLES

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ROBOT4 LW Semis: Apeirogon II vs MORE PUZZLES

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Aug 01, 2020 10:04 pm

Apeirogon II: 5/4/1/10/10(+2 wedge) - Anti HS config
MORE PUZZLES: 0(4)/3/0/16/11
The fuck is this monstrosity.
Ok so i am noticeably faster when you consider that he literally can't drive in a straight line. I do have good control for doing the maneuvers i will need to win. His weapon is scary if he hits me, my wedge if somehow hit should be able to tank several hits and my spinner should at least tank a few.
He has no feeder wedge at all and his spinner goes up while moving, when you consider my perfectly flat angled wedge, pretty much the only thing he can hit at all is my spinner unless he somehow gets to my side(literally how!?).

His normal movement is very awkward and predictable and i will exploit it. To move he needs to turn quite a bit to one side, then stop turning and then he can start turning to the other side, which allows him to move forwards a bit too. The response time for changing direction or speed is long which makes it so he has to make one move at a time.
My main plan is to position myself right in front of him but out of range, he WILL need to turn to one side and when he turns to the other i can just back off a little and we effectively go back to a previous step.
My plan is to at some point of the cycle attack when he is turning away from me (but not right after his it starts moving in that direction to give me a little angle), aim for the weapon as i will be hitting it from the side thus it will be completely safe. Again if i move as soon as he starts turning away his response time to switch direction will be too long to stop me, he might manage to make it so i hit his chasis or something but that works for me too.
Part of the reason to be backing off is so i can vary how much i wait before attacking so he can't really predict exactly when i will attack.

My hits won't really do any damage but it will make him bounce and gyro all over the place, follow at a safe distance to chain hits before he recovers if he ends flipped as his self righting is slow and awkward, just don't get in range while he is bouncing.
The goal is to get him to a wall and keep him against at as those really mess with his movement, remember that if he hits the wall and losses speed on the spinner he can't move at all!
The spiny hazard also messes with him a lot.
If at some point he gives me his back don't bother trying to attack it unless he is already with his face on the wall, just in case.

If my spinner gets destroyed just pull the arm back and try to play as a wedge, with our geometry he will be lucky if he manages to hit the top of the wedge.
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