ROBOT3 HW Week 4: Ten Transformation Tanuki vs Shadow

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ROBOT3 HW Week 4: Ten Transformation Tanuki vs Shadow

Post by Trihunter » Sat Jul 20, 2019 8:31 pm

Ten Transformation TanukiBot 2
Speed: 8Speed: 6
Traction: 7Traction: 4
Torque: 3Torque: 1
Weapon: 0Weapon: 13
Armour: 12Armour: 6 (+2 weapon)
Config: SumirekoConfig: Wedgelets
Quick notes: I'd have to go up a LOT of plow to hit the drum. If we lose the wedge fight (somehow, since our wedge is better), the tail is flexible enough to prevent stranding so we can J-hook away. Even if Shadow gets a hit in, it deals one damage, so it's not much of a risk.

Aim to keep control of the match from the beginning. Rush down Shadow, angle the approach slightly, get under and stick them in the walls. Don't give them much of a chance to escape, make sure to corral and slam them once more. Each one of our rushes at top speed actually deals 1.5 damage to their 4 armour chassis, so with enough hits we can actually, amusingly enough, trump Shadow's own damaging abilities. Keep up aggro throughout, get in lots of slams where possible. If a hit throws us over, don't let that stop us, and keep on truckin'. Aim to sway the judges on all three categories, especially control and aggression. Shadow will not get an inch throughout, and even if they do, there's nought they can do to capitalize.

tl;dr: Google your favourite Original Sin win or something :v
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Re: ROBOT3 HW Week 4: Ten Transformation Tanuki vs Shadow

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Jul 20, 2019 8:41 pm

Ghost-Rping for Code upon request. Apparently Shadow’s using the wedgelets, Tri’s gone with Sumireko (Tall plow) config.

Spin up, get out of my square, and be as aggressive as possible without exposing my sides, charging at him at fairly high speed and trying to keep the drum pointed at him.

There’s really not a whole lot he can do besides ram me, which he can do a little damage with, but not enough to KO or break wheels or stuff like that. If he wedges me from the front his plow’s so steep that he won’t really get under anything but the forks, and from the side he’s still got no chance of high-centering me with my design. Just J-turn or spin away, back up enough to line myself up again, and go back on the attack.

His defense actually has some serious gaps in this matchup. First, while he has a wedge advantage it isn’t absolute because floor imperfections exist, and his chassis is so short that his high torque could make him wheelie. While 1 corner damage isn’t severe, I have very wide teeth, wide enough that if I can get under and grind away at the lip of that wedge it could shave off some of the edges or roll them up across a significant portion of its width. If get a solid hit, I can also flip him. If he’s inverted (a) his wedge is useless, (b) while his thwack tail may flex enough that tipping him back won’t strand him, it WILL prevent him from doing any torque reaction self-righting shenanigans. Flipping him puts him at a huge disadvantage until he’s righted. While he needs to ride way up my forks to get hit, he’s FAST. If he’s seriously attempting to ram me into submission we’ll get high closing speeds which should let him just ramp right up there.

Finally, that plow is steep and TALL. Look at the shape of the thing: his bot’s center of mass HAS to be between the top and bottom of the plow when it’s resting on its face, which means it can do the thing! Try to keep knocking him around, get him stuck faceplanted either on his own or against the wall, and leave him for dead.

If I’m flipped somehow, either reverse the drum if I can do that or gyro back over – my weapon should be powerful enough.


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