Idiot Triangle vs. Black Salvo (ROBOT3 FW Week 4)

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Idiot Triangle vs. Black Salvo (ROBOT3 FW Week 4)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:17 pm


Idiot Triangle: 16/1 (+5 spinup)/1/2/10 (+2 teeth)
Black Salvo: 9/8/3/0/10 (+2 wedge)

He’s got a HUGE speed advantage, and a pretty sturdy wedge, but it’s not sturdy enough that he isn’t at risk if I can keep hitting in the same place, and having teeth low to the ground where his nose is a bit narrower makers that more likely.

At the start, immediately spin up counterclockwise, and when BS gets halfway across the arena strafe into the wall to my left as fast as I can. This should catapult me across the arena and let me avoid getting caught by a box rush, and hitting a vertical wall I won’t be getting much air time so I can recover and reach full speed within a couple seconds.

After that it’s basically a matter of not getting stopped. Stay in the middle of the arena to the best of my ability and strafe in random directions as he charges at me: if he guesses wrong he could take a hit to the side of his wedge, which depending on which side it is could mean a glancing impact that doesn’t take much energy out of my spin, or a solid hit that spins him around and knocks me away to safety. Otherwise basically be an annoying pinball. If he’s able to stop me and get me on his wedge there’s not much I can do, but be ready to gun it the instant he releasing the pin and slam into either the wall or him to knock myself away.

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Re: Idiot Triangle vs. Black Salvo (ROBOT3 FW Week 4)

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Jul 20, 2019 3:15 pm

Speed: 9
Weapon: 0
Armor: 10 (+2 wedge)
Traction: 8
Torque: 3

Speed: 16
Traction: 1 (+3 spinup)
Torque: 1
Weapon: 2
Armor: 10 (+2 teeth)

D2 wedge on

Not a lot of complex strategy here, just keep the nose pointed at him and smother him with my speed. Watch out for him trying to do some pinball shenanigans or melty jukes because those are about all he can do to try and trip me up here. Never let him hit my sides by reversing if he pinballs or something and it gets around my wedge. Keep him pinned to the wall for as long as possible because that triangle shape is going to struggle to get off the wall once he gets stuck there. Recognize what I would do with Doomerang in a situation and counteract it, because I'm essentially fighting that robot in this match.

Good luck HFL and may the better robot win.
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