Beaned vs PTS

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Beaned vs PTS

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sat Jun 29, 2019 11:08 pm


Letst put it this way. I'm a living garbage disposal and they're the food scraps. I know I sound overconfident but I kinda have to be. I have a 16 weapon spinners and I'm gonna splatter me some fuckers :V.

Only bot that has the speed to stop me spinning is Something. And if it tries it'll be in microscopic chunks. Even if it gets under I'll just have my spinner try to balance me the right way and snap it in half. The wedge is a problem bit it's so small that I can just send it away. And the saw? I can shatter without much trouble. That dustpan doesn't scare me. Go for the closest one each time so they can't swarm me and I can separate them one at a time. I honestly question if they're lower than my spinner. SoW hit Creepy Crawlies right? Some kinda shit should go flying and my only worry is the wedge and he won't do much without his buddies. Time to bring the pain. Drive away and spin up if they stop my spinner. Even a hit at 3/4 speed is enough to damage two of the three bots. Don't be afraid to take that chance. Try to stay away from the walls of course

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