CBC3 Sh*tbot Showdown SHW: OverCleaver vs KEGATRON

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CBC3 Sh*tbot Showdown SHW: OverCleaver vs KEGATRON

Post by Billy5545 » Sun Jun 09, 2019 11:22 pm

OverCleaver: 4/1/2/13/10 (+1 wedge)
KEGATRON: 5/6 (-1 HDPE penalty)/1/12/6

Against KEGATRON, we have a faster weapon, and more armor than them, which won't deal lethal damage to us, while our weapon will be effective against them. We also have better torque. Their wheels are also hugely exposed on the sides, and they need stabilizer wedges to move and stabilize themself. In addition, as a FBD, they will certainly gyro every time they turn, lifting them off the ground, which will be advantageous for us. Our bar also has some range to it too. Finally, we have a hinged wedge too

To start, we will not move for a bit at first, waiting until KEGATRON turns to one part of Vertigo, but we will spin up our weapon. After that, we will start moving to to opposite side of where KEGATRON is moving in the arena. While doing that, we will try to position ourself to prepare for an encounter with KEGATRON, using our seemingly disadvantaged drive to our advantage, skidding around KEGATRON by going straight parallel to KEGATRON and then turning to it's side, hoping our overhead bar will make a stray hit with the wheels. We will keep attacking the wheel, and sometimes the stabilizer wedge if we get a good shot, until it breaks. We will also try to use our hinged wedge to assist us by wedging KEGATRON

Also in the fight, we will obviously try to avoid the drum of KEGATRON, as well as any hazards. And for the last one minute if the fight reaches that point, avoid the edge too.

In addition, in case we get inverted, we will try to spin our bar to self right, or hope the drum of our opponent or the hazard will pop us back in. The damage probably won't be also too bad because of our armor.

Good luck Rocket

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