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The Monsterworks: Battlegrounds

Post by The Monsterworks » Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:38 pm

A Guide to the Arenas of the Cherry Bomb Classic
(and other competitions)

The arenas of the Cherry Bomb Classic are the tournament's standout feature. Their uniqueness in terms of theme and features not only adds to the overall atmosphere of the tournament, but makes each an interesting challenge for competitors. In the past, only basic grid layouts of these places were available, but I've been making the effort recently to bring them fully to life with proper renders. In this thread, you'll find those renders in a one-stop guide to the entire set. In particular, each post will feature three essential elements:

1) An arena dossier, with pertinent information about the arena.
2) A link to the arena's Sketchfab page.
3) A description of the arena 'achievement'.

Arena Dossier

Name: (the arena name)

Location: (city and country)

Layout: (description of arena shape)

Size: (dimensions and total area)

Intended Use: (weight classes and formats that the arena is designed for)

Theme: (self-explanatory)

Floor Materials: (what the floor is made of)

House Robots: (the presence and quantity)

Hazards and Features:
  • Hazard One (# of hazard) - Type of hazard, affect, appearance, and damage.
  • Hazard Two (# of hazard) - Type of hazard, affect, appearance, and damage.
  • Hazard Three (# of hazard) - same as above, if applicable

Hazard Damage Scale

The following scale governs how much damage a robot with the given armour values will take from a hazard from the given damage category. As with everything on ARC, these are a rough guide and aren't absolute.

Find the scale here

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