CBC 2 Format: Side Competitions

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CBC 2 Format: Side Competitions

Post by The Monsterworks » Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:45 am

The inaugural Cherry Bomb Classic featured a number of side events that proved to be various degrees of interesting. For this year, I'm considering bringing some of them back and perhaps introducing some new ones. There will be four types: ongoing title events will be continuing series that will crown a winner; ongoing non-title events will be held for a number of weeks, but results will not be connected to a larger championship; miniseries are title events that last for no more than three weeks; standalone events are one-offs that last for a single week, where they crown their winner. as with last year, none of these are mandatory entry. They're all in good fun. Below is a breakdown of what each event is about, and above is a poll. You can vote for up to eight, but only vote for an event if you think you'd actually be interested in entering.

Tag Team Championship: find a partner and battle in any of the five main weight classes in a single-elimination format to see who will become the champion. We'll be retaining last year's rules and format, since they seemed to work well. Will any of our championship-winning teams be making a return as well?

Type-Based Rumbles: who's got the best axe? How about the best flipper? Spinners? Clamps and Crushers? Saws? Melty-brains? How about good old-fashioned bricks? The winners of each rumble will square off in a final rumble, where we'll crown the One Robot to Rule them All.

House Robot Rebellion: Sick of the house robots pushing you around and lording their extra size and stat points over you? Each week, as we move to a different arena, a pair of superheavyweights will have the chance to get some revenge on those bullies!

Gigaweight Rally: Everyone knows that the only good part of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, was the podrace. Of course, we don't have repulsor technology, so we'll have to make do with wheels, tracks, and hovercraft. You'll design a 5000 lb human-driven monster machine armed to the teeth and race it along a dirt course through canyons and gulches, over hills and through obstacles, winning by any means necessary, even if it entails eliminating the competition.

Pinball: you and your middleweight partner are a pair of pinballs in a purpose-built pinball arena. Score as many points as you can by hitting switches and triggers, and score bonus points by hitting them when they're lit or by going for combos. Whatever you do, though, avoid the house robots!

King of the Mountain: Remember that game where one kid stood on top of a hill, playground structure, or bed and did everything they could to keep the other kids off? We're doing that, just with fighting robots. King of the Mountain features a raised platform surrounded by a series of shallow ramps and hazards that can be triggered. Every ten seconds spent on top scores you a point. Whichever of the four Heavyweights in each heat that manages to stay on top the longest, wins. At the end, the winners will face off for the title.

Robotic Soccer: Footie fan? Form a three robot team (don't forget to name it) in the lightweight division and compete against other teams in a custom-built arena over the course of the season. The top two teams will square off for the title when all is said and done. On each team, two robots act as players and are not allowed to use weapons in a damaging capacity, while the third acts as goalkeeper and is allowed to use its weapon but remains confined to its own half of the pitch.

Sumo: Are you a pushy sort of person? Prove it&#33; <del>Everyone vs Gabe. I figure he's the only one stubborn enough to resist.</del> Take your featherweight and fight on a tiny sumo arena with no hazards, no house robots, and no walls, in homage to the hallowed Lumina Cloth, and try to shove your opponent off. Weapons are allowed, but not in a damaging capacity. That means spinners, axes, and crushers run at no more than six weapon power. Winners progress in single-elimination.

Capture the Flag: eight tiny robots (four on each team), two bases, two flags (actually just a pair of spotlights). Form a team in the featherweight division and face off against other teams by stealing their flag and getting it back to your base for a point. Your flag carrier can transfer the flag by tagging another teammate at any time. If your flag carrier is touched by a robot from the other team at any time, the flag returns to their base. The first team to score three points, or the team with the most points at the end of five minutes wins.

Survival: Normally, The Hive is an annoying arena, but for this event, it's dialed up to eleven: the Queen spits out increasing numbers of vicious minibots that come at you and your heavyweight partner in waves. If they can't kill you, they corral you to where she waits, with her stinger that will always do 3 corner damage regardless of your armour. How long can you last? There is no timer and the winner is the team that can keep from being KOed the longest.

Maze: Remember that awesome thing from TLC's Robotica (man, I miss the old TLC) where the competitors had to navigate all sorts of crazy obstacles like sand pits, pop-up spikes, a teeter-totter, push box, etc? We're doing that here, in the middleweight division. You, against two other robots and a pair of house nuisance bots. The competitor who scores the most points by completing obstacles wins. The three heat winners square off in the finals.

Speedway: You race your lightweight entry against your opponent in opposite directions on a figure 8 track. Anything goes. Whoever completes the most laps in two minutes wins. Nuisance house bots will attack anyone who remains still for more than five seconds or who deviates from their track.

Gauntlet: navigate your superheavyweight through five barriers of increasing difficulty (glass, sand-filled paint cans, bricks, concrete blocks, and a safe) on a diamond shaped course that your opponent traverses in the opposite direction. Hurry through the wreckage of their obstacles, possibly meeting them along the way as you work your way up to a central platform to break through a final glass pane and collect the win.

For the final three events, check this page for more information: Robotica Wikipedia Page
Mastodon... Extinction (HW)
Osiris... Armageddon! (MW)
Elrathia... ROBOTS (LW)
Magnolia Pico... Ruination 4 (MW)
RipTide... ROBOT2 (FW)
Black Diamond... Cherry Bomb Classic 3 (HW)
Abyss... ROBOTS 3 (MW)

The Monsterworks: 214-57 (.790) ...Probably up to no good.
Cherry Bomb Classic IV: 25-4
Finishing Move: 6-2
Magnolia Pico: 6-1
Magnolia Grande: 6-1
Glacier III: 7-0
ROBOTS 3: 21-6
Sixpounder: 3-4
MADSCIENCE: 9-1 Champion!
Abyss: 9-1 Champion!

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CBC 2 Format: Side Competitions

Post by Madman » Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:35 am

Tag Team: yes pls
Type-based rumbles: Eh, why not.
House Robot Rebellion: ghey
Gigaweight Rally: lit
Pinball: glorious chaos&#33;
King of the Mountain: ehhhh
Robotic Soccer: thanks for not calling it futbol, or some other foreigner shit. I'm in.
Sumo: we shoulda watched this in Japan, not with robots tho.
Capture the Flag: you realize this is gonna be like every BG in WoW, right? Morbid curiousity, tho.
Survival: lame.
Maze: mehz
Gauntlet: fat shit robots pushing blocks.
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CBC4: 26-5
Featherweight: Black Dog III (6-2)
Lightweight: Blood Eagle (7-1)
Middleweight: Hoarfrost (9-0) CHAMPION!
Heavyweight: Santangelo (5-2)
Lightweight: Thundercaller (1-0)
Current Roster: 183-40 (.821)
Black Dog (ROBOTS - MW*, ROBOTS3 - FW, CBC4 - FW): 26-5
Blood Eagle (CBC3 - LW*, CBC4 - LW): 15-2
Detroit Iron (ICEcrown - SHW): 6-2
Hellcat (Thunder Underground - MW): 2-0
Hellhound (R: Extinction - HW, Pressure Drop - HW, RB2 - HW, ROBOTS - HW, New Blood - HW*, ROBOTS 3 - HW*, Thunder Underground - HW): 46-11
Hoarfrost (RB2 - MW, Armageddon! - MW, Ruination 4 - LW, Thunder Underground - LW, CBC4 - MW*): 23-5
Krakatoa (Robo-Con - LW, Ruination 4 - SHW, Thunder Underground - LW): 11-2
Meanstreak (RB2 - LW, Ruination 4 - HW): 10-3
Santangelo (CBC3 - SHW*, CBC4 - HW): 13-3
Sundancer (Ruination 4 - MW, R: Revival - MW, REDDIT - HW, R: Evolution - FW): 21-4
Talons Out (ROBOTS - FW): 10-3
Thundercaller (Vexed!): 1-0
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