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ARC: The Dirty Dozen - Fights

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2020 4:05 pm
by Trihunter
Here's the thread for all of the fights and stuff. Let the wars begin!
The rules document can be found here. Mostly standard fare, a bit of a mix of ROBOT4 and CBC4 rules.

The Dodecagon

Hazards and Features:
  • The Pit: In the centre of the arena sits a raised pit. Flippers with 5 or more Weapon can consistently score an OotA after lining up, although lower power flippers may be able to score one too, with proper positioning...
  • Drumroll, Please: Drum-boxes flank the walls of the ring. Get tossed into one, and expect to go flying, as these drums dish out damage equal to a 15-power spinner 12-power spinner (minimum 1 damage). If a bot's caught on top, they can stop and reverse to help free them. We've plenty of OotA-space in this ring, no need to push it.
  • Spike Strips: The walls of this arena are spiked. A proper ram could impale opponents on them, or just deal a little more visible damage.
  • Funky Fresh Beats!: When RPing, both participants may choose to offer fight music for the duration of the bout. You will be judged if your music is trash, though :P


Arc: The Dirty Dozen - Round Zero

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 4:39 am
by Trihunter
Round Zero

How many shields are there in this fight again?
Super Soldier opens by approaching it's opponent while Tidal Wave being the faster bot decides to just wait. Yes Hii just waits in the starting square, moving a bit to show that his bot can in fact move.
So we fast forward the first few seconds until Super Soldier gets close, it tries to attack at an angle but it ends up being weapon to weapon because Hii saw it coming from several kilometers away as the shield on Super Soldier can only spin in one direction and code didn't think on not yelling out loud in the pits that he plans on doing this. The hit happens and cap bounces and gyros all over the arena for several seconds while Tidal Wave waits patiently at home until it eventually lands upright.
After that first hit Super Soldier takes the initiative again and would you know that the exact same sequence of events happens again? unpredictable. The encounter after that goes down more or less the same way but with Super Soldier landing inverted, that is pretty bad as it can't... code does ????? and Super Soldier is now upright thanks to voodoo magic or something idk.
After that happens both of our masters of surprise and unpredictability go back to waiting in the starting square and trying an angled attack. Big hit and lots of gyro later cap is on its back again, and it seems it ran out of life alert as it isn't doing anything supernatural this time so it starts getting counted out.
While the countdown is going Hii thinks for a while and then finally he actually comes out for once! he goes for the finishing hit but he took too much time deciding and the time runs out before he gets there, anticlimactic ending i know.

Your winner, by knockout in 0:58, is Tidal Wave!


Whee, nobody brought a weapon! I’m starting to like this arena after all!

Both bots head out and very quickly get stuck in, and Floppy Teeth gets its Pinocchio-ass nose under the front wedge of OTSC, which has opted against using its forks. However it is off-center, and when two wide robots try to push each other with such a narrow point of contact, it’s very easy for one to just get spun to the side, which is what happens, and OTSC’s away, but charges back in – oh, and gets wedged again, but it’s a good ram regardless, and Floppy Teeth can’t make too much happen pushing-wise.

OTSC disengages again – uh oh, but gets under Floppy Teeth! The nose is now beached on the wedge, and thanks to Floppy Teeth’s genius anti-wheelie outriggers it’s tipped back and treading thin air! And with no active weapon, it’s basically all up to OTSC to see where it can push the seagull menace. It tries to line it up for the wall drums, but turning it like that tips FT sideways a bit, and the big tires finally catch the floor. It flings itself away, leaving a trail of rubber, and spins madly like a thwackbot.

There’s some more circling, jockeying for position, and… ooh, Floppy Teeth’s under again, pushing it back towards the hazard, but OTSC’s tires squeal, and while it doesn’t overpower Floppy Teeth it does force it to an angle – and there it is away again! It’s pursued, and they slam together, violently bouncing OTSC away – almost faceplanted there, but no joy. Despite having the wider wedge, OTSC gets lucky again, and again Floppy Teeth’s high-centered – and violently slammed into the arena spikes! That could easily have flipped Floppy Teeth if it weren’t for the sort of recurve of OTSC’s scoop. It does still get a pin for its trouble, though.
Uhh, long story short eventually someone finally gets put into the drums, and by someone I mean Floppy Teeth. It goes in ass-first and it looks like the wheels didn’t actually get caught, but there’s a huge impact, and OTSC ends up on its back while Floppy Teeth ends up in deep space. Ahh, there we go, it crashes back down, but it is now inverted, which means its wedge is pretty much useless.

Floppy Teeth doinks itself into the drums again, which does flip it back over, but the razor-sharp, paper-cutting tip of its wedge is now… not. Also it looks floppier than normal, and I think some of the shock mounts got torn loose. The wedging game is now significantly more in OTSC’s favor, and Floppy Teeth is still just as easy to high-center, but just as awkward to actually push. OTSC does get its left wheel into the hazards late in the match, but it’s a glancing blow and the rear wedge takes the brunt of the abuse. There’s foam on the floor and a big flap of tire is now flopping around, but FT finishes the match still driving. OTSC’s also taken a big hit to the side, which got one of its anti-doing-the-thing hoops torn open and 3 of 4 bolt heads machined off the mounting block. This would be certain doom if FT ever got it to actually faceplant, but it doesn’t.

Judges’ Decision:
Damage: Floppy Teeth 2, OTSC 3
Aggression: Floppy Teeth 2, OTSC 3
Control: Floppy Teeth 2, OTSC 3

Your winner, by a 9-6 Judges’ Decision, is OTSC v2.0!


Both bots rocket out to meet one another head-on, with Speed Bison's central fork sneaking just under Powerdrive's blade, throwing sparks as it gets nudged back up onto two wheels. With some wheelspin, Speed Bison muscles it back into the wall, slamming it hard and tossing it aside. Powerdrive's able to land on its wheels, already spinning at full pelt, as the bots clash head to head once more. This time, Powerdrive's blade makes contact with the bulky central spine of Speed Bison's fork attachment, throwing off yet more sparks, as Speed Bison smashes them into the wall, Powerdrive bouncing dangerously close to the wall drums. A swift shove from Speed Bison gets it into the drums, yeeting Powerdrive skyward, its rear right wheel bent up at an awkward angle.

Hobbling back into the fight, Powerdrive actually manages to sneak a good shot in on Speed Bison, catching Frog off guard as his bot gets popped up and over, bouncing off the edge of the OotA zone. Powerdrive doesn't quite manage to get a chain going, however, Speed Bison managing to get on its wheels and mostly deflect Powerdrive's next attack with the edge of its forks, resulting in plenty of sparks but no momentum. Frog's quick to get back on the offensive, shoving Powerdrive back, causing its battered wheel to shed its tread, bumping them back into the spike strip. However, as Speed Bison guns it, Powerdrive is able to slip out of the side of the wedge. TBR doesn't hesitate, quickly spinning in place and landing a direct shot on one of Speed Bison's front wheels, bouncing it and its partner on the other side up, but not quite breaking anything. Powerdrive keeps up its push, getting clean under Speed Bison, throwing more sparks off of its undercarriage as it slams it side-on into the strip. Speed Bison manages to tear itself free, both of its right wheels showing the internal foam as it escapes to a neutral position, ready for one more tussle.
The two bots rush eachother again, colliding head-on, not dissimilar to the first of this fight, Speed Bison once again winning out. Unfortunately, the one difference about this charge was the angle, the rear of TBR's machine going straight into the drums once more, ripping off the back panel and tossing both motors for its rear drive free. Powerdrive's able to maintain movement for long enough to spar with Speed Bison for a mite longer, before a plume of battery smoke caps off this brawl.

Your winner, by KO in 2:32, is Speed Bison!


Both wedges come out of the gate and rush each other. Crazy stuff, right? Both of these guys have literally 1:1 drivetrains and wedge setups, so it's really a matter of whose wedgelets are able to sneak past the other guy's and hit the chassis. HFL does this "ooh start to the side a little that'll show him" stuff, but it doesn't matter because XP just drifts mid-charge to collide head-on anyway. Defenstrator's wedgelets fit through it's opponent's array and slide under. The clamp tries to avoid the flipper, but no dice. It closes right on top of it and faces resistance when Boto starts mashing the "fire flipper" button on his controller. It works just enough for him to hook outta there.

There's some more tussling about with the two bots going back and forth, but then XP finally gets the slip and pops Defenstrator across the arena and into the drums. That's.... 5 damage. Yeesh. Yeah, Defenstator's torn a structurally superfluous behind and proceeds to only get further beat up from there until the ref finally gives it a mercy 10 count. Flat damage hazards were a mistake.

ARC: The Dirty Dozen - Round One, Part 1

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2020 2:12 pm
by Trihunter
Round One

Coming soon!


Lowering the drum's damage to 12 works fine enough when it's two regular 8-10 armor bots. Not so much when there's 4 total armor between them.

The three bots meet near-ish the center of the arena, and things look bad for TBS before it quickly decides on focus-firing at one half of the minibot. It scoops the little blue box up, shoves it to the wall, and... uh...
The damage that a robot does by virtue of sheer impact force is equal to the midway point between its speed and either traction or torque (whichever is higher)
Does ten damage to it. Yeah, that thing's dead immediately. It's persumably plastic armor crunches, wheels come off, magic smoke pours out, all that fun stuff (moreso for the party dealing the damage rather than receiving it). No drum needed. The second one plays things a little more cautiously after seeing it's counterpart get instagibbed, but it's only able to dodge for so long before TBS gets the slip and smashes it into either the wall or the drum, whichever one suits your fancy more.

The Big Spook wins by KO in 0:57.


We begin the countdown, and Skoll is facing backwards. Good start. The match actually kicks off with Skoll getting powered up and camping the inside wall, whilst Black Diamond approaches. BD goes for the aggressive (but strategic) approach of a rushdown, but Skoll counters with the strategic (but aggressive) approach of juking them, carving a nasty gash in the edge of BD's blade as the two are launched apart. Skoll's back up to speed as BD approaches neutrally before HFL can get Skoll back to the wall, resulting in another similar clash, spreading that crack across BD's front just that little bit more. BD's trying its damnedest to get Skoll pinned down, but HFL's able to feint away enough to come out on top in each clash. On another such clash, HFL gets lucky, managing to perfectly smash into one of BD's wheels, tossing tyre chunks across the floor. Left hobbling, it's not too much effort for Skoll to keep away enough to rev up to full power and deliver a knockout blow.

Your winner, by KO in 1:41, is Skoll!


Oh god it’s a ditto. At least they aren’t giving comically precise instruction on how exactly they’re going to angle in to avoid the other one’s angling in plans and oh god if I don’t catch all of them they’ll yell at me for being a bad writer.

So yeah shit gets underway and stuff. Robots do robot things, eventually precision engine gets underneath, but LC’s able to squirrel away eventually, though his ass is awfully close to the drums. PE overextends to try and maintain his control on LC, and ends up really exposing his side to the TBR bot. TBR’s able to get Lethal carriageway well underneath PE and get a grab on him, and we get some fancy parading! A proper good old fashion lift and slam! AND a trip to the drums. they do minimal damage, moreso holding PE there for a while than anything else. Eventually Super’s able to get down and, after a bit more running away, establish neutral. This time he gets under and also gets to establish a nice grab. LC still has a wheel or two on the ground, and super finds it a lot harder to get a lift off because of the point of rotation of his lifter being so much further forwards, but he still gets in a decent wall slam and pin before having to let go.
It’s a running battle from here, with PE having the clear advantage, as he again and again gets under in passing, TBR barely able to keep his opponent from getting even more value. Eventually TBR gets cornered and bamboozled by an angling trick, and PE gets under good and proper. Once again LC’s able to keep a wheel on the ground, and that’s his saving grace: he’s just enough of a menace to make repeatedly slamming him into the wall a more appealing prospect than trying to escort him to the drums.
PE releases LC, and the bot just kinda… sits there. Super looks visibly confused in his control booth, and he moves to get under again – and that’s when TBR strikes, darting at his opponent and getting deep under the side of PE. He’s once again able to get far enough under his opponent to get full control, and it’s off to the drums once more – and this time there’s some damage, PE losing a tire a few seconds before the clock ticks down.

Aggression: 3-2 Precision Engine
Damage: 4-1 Lethal Carriageway
Control: 3-2 Lethal Carriageway
Your winner, in a 9-6 decision, is Lethal Carriageway!


Coming soon!


The dodecahedron’s locked, the lights are on, etc. etc. Project Snafu’s a bit late with the spinup, that’s very dangerous against a fast, agile bot like Swordfish 3, but Swordfish isn’t going straight in for the box rush. It’s circle-strafing, not that there’s much to circle-strafe to on Project Snafu, since the blade goes all the way around. Swordfish has to engage it at some point. It seems like they’re trying to get to the back, but even when strafing they’ve got to cover a much greater distance than PS needs to cover to just turn, so they’ve got their work cut out for them. Oh, but Project Snafu’s looking a little wobbly! It’s tipping back and forth a bit as it maneuvers. The gyroscopic effect on that angled blade could be a problem!

Project Snafu mentioned this in the pits, though: the new chassis is 4WD and, it’s sort of like TABOR with a spinner where behind the skirts the actual body has higher ground clearance than it looks like, so they said it should cope with gyro-ing better than previous versions. Swordfish is really making it work hard though, and an abrupt turn finally pops it forward and almost makes the bar hit the floor. And that’s the opening Jack was looking for, he guns it in there and slides under! And now Snafu’s bar is just barely too high in the back to actually hit Swordfish. I’m not sure if it has the ground clearance to get free, but it doesn’t matter because Swordfish flips it!
Snafu wobbles dangerously in the air, but doesn’t go over. It does bounce down at an angle, and Swordfish comes in again, but the bar finally clips the floor and sends it twirling away. It strikes the wall, and loses most of its energy, leaving it scrambling to avoid its faster opponent. Uh oh, Swordfish runs afoul of the skirts, though! It was just feeling Snafu out and manages to avoid the blade, but it has to back off, and that buys Snafu enough time where Swordfish has to start going for its back again. There’s more circle-strafing… oh, no, but a last-second turn by Snafu leaves Swordfish darting underneath the side, and the blade isn’t quite high enough! Its left plow is caught near the top, and a massive hit shears it clean off the robot!

Both robots are sent sailing across the box! Swordfish gets a faceful of the wall drums, but its sloped front weathers that attack at least. Snafu hits the spike strip, and hard. The blade’s stopped – now it’s spinning back up but Swordfish goes for broke and just rams it with the surviving plow before it can get to dangerous speed. It bounces away, spins back up to scary rpm again, but again Swordfish manages to get it to gyrodance, slides under the back, and flips.

And we’ve got a mauler… or a Moros really! Snafu flips out in midair, tumbling like a coin, and ends up on its back. Can it self-right? I have no idea… ooh, it’s thrashing violently around! Most overheads are pretty symmetrical so they can spin the chassis pretty smoothly, but Snafu’s so much taller in the back that it throws off the weight distribution, and it’s behaving like a spinner when the blade breaks in half. It comes close to going over but the conical shape makes that really tricky, it keeps falling back – the circular shape is letting it roll around the arena pretty fast, though.
Swordfish doesn’t seem sure what to do with it now. It will get counted out eventually, because that’s not controlled translation, but if it makes it back up the flipperbot’s in danger with its wedge damaged. There’s no way of lining up an OOTA against something that’s thrashing around like this. Going for the drums is risky, that could right him, but it is what Swordfish goes for. And we have a skirt panel torn off, but SNAFU has bounced away. Ref’s asking for motion…

Welp. Just not able to get back up in time. And that’s the end of that I guess.

Your winner, by knockout in 1:41, is Swordfish 3!


Coming soon!


> mfw both rps are a wall of text
The Act of Being Polite starts the fight by spinning up and getting really close to the OOTA warp pipe in the center of the arena while it's famously aggressive yet strategic opponent goes for more of a unsurprising box rush. The undercutter does ride up the wedge quite nicely and while Ethan is trying to maneuver on top of Dreadnought it looks like it fired the flipper and then The bar hit its side in mid air and both bots got thrown quite far away, The landing as undercutter and no real damage seems to be present on Dreadnought MK4.
Alex is quick to rush in again, Act rides up the wedge again, after draining the spinner out of momentum, the flipper is activated and the bot with a proper weapon anticlimactically flops over on its back, it still can drive tho. Ethan is quick to turn around before the follow up does much and Of lands a hit on Dreadnought's side that makes a pretty sizeable hole on the armor and both bots bounce off, buying him time to spin up again a little more.
That extra spin up time comes in handy for basically nothing as Alex makes a good job at making the spinner scrape the flipper panel instead of receiving another big hit. And now Dreadnought starts pushing Being around the entire arena for a while, Alex is wise enough to not fire the flipper again to not have to deal with the undercutter.
At some point somehow Polite hits the top panel of the brit flipper and bounces off all over the arena, landing undercutter. Alex rushes in but is found in Ethan's carefully orchestrated trap and totally not some divine luck. Dreadnought gets hit and recoils into the closest drum hazard, which yeets it far away and deals surprisingly little damage.
More random bullshit later Alex does the flop-opponent-on-its-back-thing again and is pushes TAOBP around for a long while with varying levels of dominance.
It's all a painful boring slog fun and games until Alex rams Politebot 5000's back into the same drum from earlier.
The main advantage of having a compact chasis design is that when you take a good hit it's guaranteed to land in a component like a motor, ESC or, in this case, a battery.

Your winner, by knockout in 2:39, is Dreadnought MK4!