Robot Fight Night S1 Discussion Thread

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Robot Fight Night S1 Discussion Thread

Post by British-Robotics » Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:39 pm

And again my overconfidence gets me again, but I'll have to think about my tactics more carefully. I'm sure Dyspro can grab some wins. Still awaiting on PS's match,

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Robot Fight Night S1 Discussion Thread

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:44 pm

All right, folks! We're almost done with the group stage of Robot Fight Night, with the last round of battles coming up. And that means it's time to look out how the bots are doing so far!

First, the Middleweight Class.

In the Biological Warfare Division, there's a clear frontrunner in the form of Nuclear Plague XL. This wedged drum spinner from Team Ignition is currently 4-0 thanks to its agile drivetrain, low feeder wedge, and deadly weapon. It will face its greatest challenge next week from the incredibly durable Boring Brown Wedge, but even if it loses it still has the top seeding clinched. Second place is still up for grabs though, with both Neophyte Redglare and Ikea's Guard Dog tied at 3-1, with their only losses to Nuclear Plague. They'll battle it out for the number 2 seed in their final match against each other, but advancement is guaranteed either way. Incredible Dawg Adventure has gone 2-2 so far, and Boring Brown Wedge, despite being a solid design, has had trouble with its inexperienced driver, only winning one match so far against Valravn. Valravn, Team Stealth's machine, is in dead last with no wins. Its ineffective wedge really hurt it in a division where wedge wars have decided most matches, and with its last battle against IDA, it could very well get the dreaded 0-5.

In The Deliverer Division, it's a similar story: Sekhmet, another vertical spinner, has if anything been even more dominant, winning all four of its matches so far by knockout (although one was a forfeit), but it has a challenging final match against the hammer of Precise Saunter. Glitch, which is supposed to be a swiss-army bot but has ended up using its own vertical spinner all event, has three wins under its belt and is going into a strong matchup against Magica. But the rest of the division has been pretty lackluster. Magica has two wins, but it also has two forfeit losses. That's better than Stingray, which is 2-2 but with its only wins being by forfeit along with one of its loses. Chaotic Insurgency is 1-3, and Precise Saunter is so far winless. Basically what this means is that Sekhmet has the number one spot clinched. Magica could take second place and Glitch third if it beats Glitch; otherwise Glitch will have second, with third going to either Stingray if it beats CI, or still go to Magica otherwise.

Now on to the heavyweights!

Vomit Comet Division is very close right now: FOUR bots have moved into the final round with 2-2 record: Hati & Skoll, Infrared, Doomerang, and Dysprosinator. Tongue of the Fatman is guaranteed to finish with a winning record, and Doomerang 3 almost certainly will as well because its final match is against Tria Prima, which really doesn't have anything it can do against a 360 spinner. This will guarantee advancement for Doomerang. If Tongue of the Fatman beats Infrared, it guarantees its top speed, with Doomerang in third and the winner of Dysprosinator vs. Hati & Skoll in second. If Infrared wins we'll get a messy four-way tiebreaker, but the result will put Doomerang 3 through in the top speed, Infrared in second, and Tongue of the Fatman in third whichever way H&S vs. Dysprosinator goes.

The No Excuses Division is a bit more sane. Team Stealth's middleweight, Valravn, is the lowest-performing bot in its class, but their heavyweight, Death Metal, is the highest. It's devastated the competition with four KO wins, and a fifth is likely against Highland Fling in the last round. The two hammerbots, Trial and Error and America Offline, are tied at 3-1 with their only losses to Death Metal, and will fight over second place. Crosscut looked promising, but a forfeit combined with losses to America Offline and Death Metal have taken it well out of the running, and even a win against Dock Leaf 2 can't redeem it. Dock Leaf 2 basically has a pity victory against Highland Fling, and Highland Fling is on track for a 0-5 finish.

So basically, the first place finishers are Sekhmet, Nuclear Plague XL, Death Metal, and either TotF or Doomerang, and advancing into the preliminaries are Ikea's Guard Dog, Neophyte Redglare, Glitch, either Magica or Stingray, America Offline, Trial and Error, and who the fuck knows in Vomit Comet Division.
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