ARC: Vexed!

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ARC: Vexed!

Post by Hiicantpk » Mon Mar 30, 2020 6:51 pm

This is Vexed
If the name didn't give it away or you are unfamiliar with the Vex Robotics Competition/FIRST robotics, this will be a 2v2 Lightweight tournament based off the VEX/FIRST tournament style.


1) This will be a 2v2 tournament. Each match consists of 4 bots in the arena with 2 bots per team. This isn't tag team like CBC, but a full 3 minutes of 2v2 action.

2) Each person can enter one robot in the Lightweight division. The maximum number of robots in this tournament will be 20. If there is somehow not enough interest to get 20 different people entering, I will allow trusted ARC members to enter two bots on a case by case basis.

3) Signups are open now, and will last until Saturday April 11th at 11:59pm UTC or Whenever theres 20 entrants. The first round of the seeding matches will begin the week of April 13th.

4) RP Threads and the Fight Card will be posted on Sunday Nights or Monday Mornings, and all RPs for each week will be due at MIDNIGHT UTC on Sunday (When the date changes from Saturday to Sunday). This is different from other tournaments, but to avoid stupidity with potential timezones changing due to DST, I'm basing the RP deadline off UTC which doesn't change. Use wolfram alpha or google to tell you what that time is in your timezone.

I'm planning to write all the matches for this, so each week's results may come out a little later than the weekend.


1) There are no conferences or groups. (In official VEX tournaments there are conferences but that is due to the sheer number of entries for some tournaments)

2) Each match will be between four random bots, and there will be 5 fights each week. It is possible that someone who enters two bots may end up with one on each team or both on the same team.

3) Every bot will fight in these first four weeks, meaning four matches per bot to rack up score and win record.

4) After these 4 weeks are up, Bots will be ranked based off their four matches based off wins, points scored and the point score of the opponent teams from their matches.

5) The top 4 robots will then choose an alliance of 3 bots total (including themselves) to proceed into a single-elimination Bo3 match against the other top 4 seeded alliances.

6) The winner of both Bo3 Eliminator matches will be the winning alliance, which will then face off in a 1v1v1 showdown to determine the true winner.


(I'm still not an artist, so you get the same potato drawing from 2017, and I'm lazy so I didn't get around to CADing the arena, maybe over the next two weeks or something)
Bots listed first for each team start in the upper corners, bots listed second for each team start in the bottom corners.
The arena is approximately the size of the 2019 Battlebots arena.

Each team starts in their coloured squares. There are OOTA zones behind two of the squares (They're equal in size, im just bad at drawing) and Pulverizers (8 damage each) behind the other squares. There are also two sets of killsaws (6 dmg) closer to the middle of the arena, two sets of screws on each side (like the ones that Scorpios? got stuck on in ABC Battlebots S2), and two sets of spike strips along the top and bottom walls. For the sake of consistency in writing, the walls of the box are 3 feet tall around the OOTA zones, meaning its going to take a decently strong flipper to get the opponent OOTA. No 1-power flipper shenanigans OOTAing someone.

Match Format

1) Each match will last 3 minutes. If both robots on a team are knocked out before 3 minutes are up, the match will end early. If the match reaches this 3 minute limit, it will go to a judge's decision.

2) For matches in the Eliminator stage of the tournament, additional rules apply.

A) All three bots of the alliance will fight in at least one match.
B) No one robot can fight in all three matches of the best of three.
C) Due to the above rule, the same two robots can not fight in back to back fights (Bot A and Bot B can fight in match 1, but for match 2 one of A and B has to swap for C. For a third match, whoever was swapped out for the second will fight along side C in the match)

3) For the first 4 weeks, the RP thread will be made by the tournament admin (me) to allow for easy formatting.

4) During the Eliminator stage, each alliance captain will be required to message the tournament admin (me) with the two bots that will be participating in each fight by WEDNESDAY AT 11:59PM UTC. The RP thread will then be made. If an alliance does not inform the tournament admin about who will be fighting in the match, the tourmament admin will decide for them.

Alliance Selection
The top four scoring robots will be the captains for selecting the teams of 3 to continue on into the eliminators. The first place bot gets to pick their first ally first, followed by second place, third place and fourth place. The order then reverses, with the fourth place picking their 3rd teammate, then third, second and finally first.

The captain can pick any bot ranked lower than themselves to offer an alliance. When a bot receives an alliance request, they can either accept and be a part of said captain's team, or they can decline. If they decline, they cannot be offered to join another alliance. In the case that the first ranked bot asks someone in a captain position (EG. The third ranked bot) to make an alliance and they accept, the fourth ranked bot moves up to third and 5th to 4th.

If your bot is outside the top 8 teams, it is impossible to be an alliance captain, so I do recommend accepting the offer if you get it.

Once the 4 teams of 3 bots each are chosen, the tournament progresses to the elimination rounds, where each match is Best of 3.


We will be using the ruleset from CBC4 with a few changes.

CBC4 Ruleset

Declare your configuration - Since there will be no configs that can change stat/weapon types and a limit on wedge types, there will be no need for declarations. The limit on Wedge types is 2, so you can have a regular wedge and one with something like a hammer blocker for example. Or you can have 1 wedge and the option to not run the wedge (but nothing that changes stats).

3.1d: Flippers and Other Flipping Weapons
Flippers will flip robots 0.75ft high per weapon point invested. With the OOTA walls being 3 ft, you will require a flipper with greater than 5-6 power to reliably OOTA, although those with 5 power exactly may get lucky.

3.5f: Flails
Flails are not a legal weapon for this tournament, due to risk of unintentionally hitting your ally and/or because I don't like them.

4.5: Slithering

no snakes
5.3: Multiple Configurations
There will be no configs allowed that can change stat/weapon types.

1Blue MaxThe MonsterworksX-Axis Spinner321168
2Trilobite 2RocketSpeed Wedge99309 (+2 Front Plate)
3Fork the WindpatrickrowberryVertical Control Spinner88185
5Taskmaster V5hideBrick873012
6VortexNoiseyGiraffeDrum spinner551145 (+1 Drum)
7ClusternameYSMQTHLQYHCluster VS/Brick7/86/71/57/03/4
8M A S H E E NV900Drum spinner421167
9This Side DownTrihunterFH Flipper763212
10Caffeine MachineCodeSilver23Brick764013
11Moby KlickSylandropholShell spinner531129
12Chimera VIThe_Angry_Goat4-bar Flipper77259 (+2 Forks/Wedge)
13AyameGF93RH Flipper872112
14Omicron32attackfrog360 Lifter764211 (+1 Plow/Front of lifter)
15MoltenBritish-RoboticsShell Spinner421167
16TiamatBadnik96Vertical Control Spinner751510 (+2 Wedge)
17Precision EngineSuperbomb122Grappler8734 (3/3)8
19CoulrogenesisHooray For LexanHorizontal Spinner431157
20ThundercallerMadmanRH/FH Flipper762510 (+1 Plow)
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Re: ARC: Vexed!

Post by The Monsterworks » Mon Mar 30, 2020 6:52 pm

I like Great War and 1920s aviation. Aesthetically, it's just cool. I also have a penchant, which I've put on the back burner for a while, of designing very...questionable robots. Paying homage to each of those tendencies is...

Blue Max II

BLITZ by FloatingCastleRobotics on Sketchfab

What is it? Well, it's a radial ICE-powered x-axis spinner. No, it's not going to stall when you inevitably flip it. Just like the airplanes that it's based on, it has a dry sump, pump, etc. setup that allows it to run inverted. If you look carefully, you'll see that the blade sweeps very low to the ground at the front.

Stats: 3 speed / 2 traction / 1 torque / 16 weapon / 8 armour

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Abyss... ROBOTS 3 (MW)

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Magnolia Grande: 6-1
Glacier III: 7-0
ROBOTS 3: 21-6
Sixpounder: 3-4
MADSCIENCE: 9-1 Champion!
Abyss: 9-1 Champion!

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Re: ARC: Vexed!

Post by hide » Mon Mar 30, 2020 6:53 pm

Taskmaster V5's anti spinner plow is up:
and the anti wedge forks
(Note: Taskmaster V5's stats remain constant across wedge options)
8/7/3/0/12, +2 wedge (or the sides in the fork config)
Anti wedge forks coming soon
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Re: ARC: Vexed!

Post by Rinzler » Mon Mar 30, 2020 6:54 pm


Normal drivetrain? Whaaaaaat

It's about time I retired Golden MADD. Taking it's place is a 4wd swiss army shell. The teeth can be mixed and matched (and even mounted upside down) all different sort of ways.

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Re: ARC: Vexed!

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Mon Mar 30, 2020 6:56 pm

I should probably pay more attention if i want to get the first post

Sike, you though i was going to enter a drum but i figured this is an unranked event so i will have some fun.
Expect Evac in ROBOT4
Also yes, this was made in the last few hours, post finished like 5 minutes before the deadline


Speed: 78
Traction: 67
Torque: 15
Weapon: 70
Armour: 34
Strafing 4wd control vertical spinner.
Yes, this was made just because i wanted to use the mecanum model i made the other day.
The mecanum torque penalty means nothing as 0.5 torque gets rounded up to 1 anyways.
The spinner flings the opponent 3.5 feet in the air, the OOTA walls are 3 feet tall so you know where i am going.
The front wedges are hinged, the rear wheels come out of the back a bit so it doesn't get high centered.

Vindicator by YSMQTHLQYH on Sketchfab
Boring 4WD wedge with a really strong drivetrain, the wedgelets are clearly hinged and i have different sets of wedges. The default wedge setup has a few wedgelets replaced by "claws" that just make a great shape to push an opponent with and can also work as wedgelets if somehow that were to happen.
All wedges are symmetrical and thus work inverted. The spoiler on the back is made out of thin plastic and is designed to break off the instant any force is applied to it, letting the bot run inverted.(Think of Sharkoprion's fin, kinda like that)(It's also removable)
I have a totally well though out mechanism that stops the wedgelets from getting under the bot with angle-limiting magic i guess.
Another angle
Stupid alt wedge thing
Do i need to explain what this thing is for?
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Re: ARC: Vexed!

Post by GF93 » Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:03 pm

Okay, let's get this going.

She's back again, and about time, too! The plucky kunoichi and acrobat from Capcom's Power Stone returns for another shot at a lightweight title, bringing plenty of speed, agility and extra defence to constantly take the fight to even the most heavy-hitting designs, and introduce them to her tricky low-pressure pneumatic flipper. This time as well, she's also got some extra tricks from her Kunai Wedge attachments and improved armour, ensuring that she's ready for just about anyone. Don't be fooled by her cute demeanour and her cheerfulness; once Ayame's in the arena, she's one seriously tough contender!

Speed: 8
Traction: 7
Torque: 2
Weapon: 1 (Low-Pressure Pneumatic Flipper)
Armour: 12

Notes: Can self-right quickly and effectively. Raised rear wheels give her the ability to easily drive off wedges, and the weight is spaced mostly at the front and where the wheels are; not enough to affect the turning, but enough to prevent her from rearing up and doing wheelies. Has a layer of armour just under the flipper for additional protection, and the rest of the flipper is under the thicker panels at the front (including the corners), so even if the lower panel breaks, it'll still work with the rest of it underneath. The weight is spaced mostly at the front and where the wheels are (not enough to affect the turning, but enough to prevent her from rearing up and doing wheelies), and she can also use the Kunai Wedges from the alternate attachments below as needed.

EDIT: The Tatami Mat will not be used due to config limits.
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Re: ARC: Vexed!

Post by Botomatic1000 » Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:12 pm

Team Riptide: Advanced Robot Combat
Reserving: Avanti!
Underall Wedgelets:
Speed: 8 Traction: 7 Torque: 3 Weapon: 0 Armour: 12
4-wheel driven hinged bricky wedge, as stubborn as an Apennine Wolf! The flag is purely for decoration and will snap off when flipped, the wheels stick out of the back slightly to ensure that (hopefully) one wheel will be on the ground at all times. All of the underall wedges are hinged individually on the same axle [INSERT IRL EXAMPLE HERE]. The ‘horns’ on the Wedgelets stop them from getting stuck up or down at a bad angle.
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Aquatic Robotics in ARC: Vexed!

Post by attackfrog » Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:15 pm

I'm too much of a hipster to enter a VS when that's what everyone is doing, so instead, here's...

Sketchfab Renders
Click on images for full-size versions.
Image Image

This isn't your average 360 lifter: it's also a fully functional 90s game console, featuring beloved games such as "Dangerous Streets" and "Kang Fu". The two drive pods are connected by a solid shaft running through the middle of the lifter axle.

Lifter config: 7 Speed / 7 Traction / 4 Torque / 3 Weapon / 9 Armor
Plow config: 7 Speed / 7 Traction / 4 Torque / 1 Weapon / 11 Armor (+2 Plow)

Stat changing has been banned, so let's just go with 7 Speed / 6 Traction / 4 Torque / 2 Weapon / 11 Armor (+1 Plow or First Couple Inches of Lifter).
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Re: ARC: Vexed!

Post by Rocket » Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:24 pm

Entering with Trilobite! 2!

Speed: 9 | Traction: 9 | Torque: 3 | Weapon: 0 | Armour: 9 (+2 front dark brown wedge plate, inc. forks and spikes) | 2WD | Static Wedge

Forks and anti-MT spikes are removable.

Trilobite! 2! is an evolution rather than a revolution, based as it is on the team's surprisingly successful lightweight entry to CBC4. It's gotten a lot better in some pretty obvious ways - the increased frontal armour, the anti-monstertrucking spikes, the fact that it can drive upside down - but there's been no radical design overhaul that makes it a different machine to the speed wedge it was in mid-January. Nevertheless, it's had some serious work done. The wheels are considerably larger and more powerful, the spikes help it deal with other wedgebots, and the reinforced front armour is now capable of taking hits from deathspinners instead of disintegrating in a shower of wedge fragments. With the speed to box-rush weapon-based opponents and the dexterity to put on driving masterclasses against enemy controlbots, there's room for Trilo 2 to become a serious contender.
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Re: ARC: Vexed!

Post by V900 » Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:31 pm

Didn't feel like rendering something stupid, so you get this old render from about... 2017.



Speed: 4
Torque: 1
Traction: 2
Armor: 7
Weapon: 16

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Re: ARC: Vexed!

Post by Archangel » Mon Mar 30, 2020 8:15 pm

Chimera VI


4-bar flipper. silver wedge/forks hinged, limited 25 degrees up 5 down to prevent weird folding incidents. 2.5 inches tall - accommodates for compact shape by having minimal CO2 storage (air tanks hold enough air for 5 flips), and an onboard compressor. this gives it functional infinite flips, it just can't really do more than 5 in a row.

CONFIGS: Forks or Wedge.

Speed: 7 / Traction: 7 / Torque: 2 / Weapon: 5 / Armor 9 (+2 weapon)

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Re: ARC: Vexed!

Post by Trihunter » Tue Mar 31, 2020 2:35 am

This Side Down


In this inverted castle where everything is overturned,
I'll give you a taste of this earnest frustration!

Honestly it looks like you hid in Ellis' workshop for two weeks, viciously ripped the spinner off of pulsar, shoved a FH flipper on there and painted to make it match, and then gave it a Push to Exit style name --W0lf

Speed: 7 / Traction: 6 / Torque: 3 / Weapon: 2 / Armour: 12

A drive-heavy front-hinged flipper, designed to prove that even the weakest flippers have some strength to them! Comes with optional wedgelets, in two flavours. (Note: The plain wedge will not be used because wedge rules. You get short wedgelets or long ones.)
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Re: ARC: Vexed!

Post by patrickrowberry » Tue Mar 31, 2020 5:41 am

my bot
fork the wind:
4 wheel drive (short wheel base) with forks and 3 prong vert built to do outa;s


speed: 8
traction 8
toque 1
weapon 8
armour 5

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Re: ARC: Vexed!

Post by British-Robotics » Wed Apr 01, 2020 6:18 pm

LW - Molten

Molten is one of the first Shell Spinners ever created in the TBR team and will make it debut, this bot is 4WD.

Speed: 4
Traction: 2
Torque: 1
Weapon: 16
Armour: 7


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Re: ARC: Vexed!

Post by Wolf51-50 » Wed Apr 01, 2020 7:01 pm

Vivace (pronounced Vivache)

(Answer is? She hella thicc 😎)



Vovoka's LW cousin!

2WD bot with doubled wheels and anti wheelie bars/wheel guards (the latter is removed when using the second plow). Starts as a dustpan and becomes a shameless cheese wedge when inverted. Has sprung teeth on top of the cheese wedge that prevent monstertrucking, which fold into the bot when not in use. Comes with a regular dustpan option and a 🅱️ell🅱️ound config for those nasty nasty 16 weapon spinners.

Speed: 7 Traction: 6 Torque: 4 Weapon: ew Armor: 13
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