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Post by The Monsterworks » Sun Nov 11, 2018 1:04 am

You know what doesn't get enough love nowadays? Crushers. Also shell spinners... and flippers. Flamethrowers too. Hmm, and horizontal clamps and crushers, and drills and chainsaws and pneumatic spikes and chain flails. So, is the point of this tournament to give those a chance to shine?



...Not if you've got ICEwater running through your veins. That's right, the gimmick of this little dealio is ICE-powered bots. It's also been a good long time (Reckoning: Extinction) since we've had a completed Swiss tournament. That's mostly because they're really tough to manage. Well, this is one, and to make it easier to deal with, we're capping the field at ten. It's pretty niche anyways so, while it's first come first serve in terms of reservations, I doubt we'll have anyone left out. In the event of overbooking, there will be a waiting list. If we reach twelve entries, the field will be expanded. Twelve, however is a hard cap.

So, why ICE?

This is why.

Tournament Particulars

1) There will be eight ten twelve entries in the everyweight class, which will be treated as the oft-neglected superheavyweight.

2) All entries will be required to use ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) to power either their drivetrains, their weapons, or both.

3) The group stage will consist of Swiss format rounds, with the top six finishers advancing to a single elimination playoffs. The top two seeds will receive byes, while the third seed will receive the hammer. This means that it'll have the privilege of being allowed to pick which of the other three machines it'd prefer to face in the first round. The two winners will advance to meet the top seeds, and the hammer will then be passed to the first seed.

4) REDDIT Rules with the shell spinner, crusher, shock damage, and other Thunder Underground modifications will be in effect. Clutch-powered secondary weapons will receive half of the main weapon's power. However, they will have the option to increase their power by adding points to the clutch mechanism. They will gain two points for every point invested in the clutch. However, a secondary weapon's power may not exceed that of the primary weapon.

5) I'll be writing two of the matches each week since there are only six, after all. Shaba117, Madman, Rocket, and HFL have joined the writing team, and if anyone else wants to take a fight, one more writer wouldn't hurt. Just remember that we need to be a bit timely because this is Swiss.

6) The list of entries is as follows:
  1. Death's Head Sarsaparilla - The Monsterworks (The Monsterworks)
  2. Taranis - Team British Robotics (British-Robotics)
  3. Shellshock - Square Go Robotics (NoiseyGiraffe)
  4. Steelhead - Team Trihunter (Trihunter)
  5. Labrys - Team Worst Swordsman (Rocket)
  6. Screamroller - Aquatic Robotics (attackfrog)
  7. Hovercrap - Team Design Flaw (YSMQTHYLTH)
  8. IMMA SCATMAN - End of the Line LLC. (V900)
  9. The HMS Bucolic - Angry Goat Robotics (The_Angry_Goat)
  10. Maurdread - Team Obscure (Mystic2000)
  11. Detroit Iron - Tartarus Robotics Group (Madman)
  12. Chernabog - Team Instant Regret (HoorayForLexan)
A preliminary bracket can be found on Challonge by clicking this link

7) ICEcrown will be held at The Noir (thanks to Laz for designing this thing). Further arena details to be released later.

The Noir by FloatingCastleRobotics on Sketchfab

So, how does this arena work? It's your standard, 50 ft x 50 ft lexan-enclosed box. There is a two foot high wall at the base of the lexan, and immediately behind each bot is an OOTA zone. All of the black floor panels are backlit from beneath, with light shining up through the seams. In the middle of the arena is a small hump with the ARC logo. It is not a damaging hazard and will retract to be flush with the floor after thirty seconds have passed. In the corners are this arena's featured hazards: the Fatales. These are four slightly recessed floor spinners, lit up by strips of white LEDs. Once the match begins, each of the hazards' damage will scale up whenever they are driven over in the manner outlined below:
  • White: the first time that a hazard is driven over, it will spin slowly, dealing no damage. Following that contact, it will turn green.
  • Green: the second time that a hazard is driven over, it will spin at moderate RPM, dealing only one point of damage. Following that contact, it will turn yellow.
  • Yellow: the third time that a hazard is driven over, it will spin somewhat quickly, dealing two points of damage. Following that contact, it will turn orange.
  • Orange: the fourth time that a hazard is driven over, it will spin at high RPM, dealing three points of damage and potentially destroying wheels. Following that contact, it will turn red.
  • Red: the fifth time that a hazard is driven over, it will be spinning at a vicious speed and will deal four points of damage, destroying wheels and damaging body panels. Following that contact, it will turn white and will not spin any faster for the remainder of the fight.
8) Signups will run until November 25 and then the tournament will start immediately thereafter. Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome. Sign up below!

Have some Theme Music!


And some more theme music!

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Re: ICEcrown

Post by The Monsterworks » Sun Nov 11, 2018 1:12 am

Death's Head Sarsaparilla

Death's Head Sarsaparilla by FloatingCastleRobotics on Sketchfab

What would happen if a battlebot met a late nineteenth century locomotive boiler met East Kentucky moonshine? I honestly don't know how many people would even think to ask that question, but here's the answer anyway! I swear I wasn't drinkin' any of the stuff when I made this.

Barrel aged to perfection and supreme potency is Death's Head Sarsaparilla. A diesel-powered shell spinner (I'd have liked to do steam, but that's just not even close to viable), it uses its functional smokestack as a self-righting pole. The engine itself is a lightweight marvel of engineering, with a dry sump system, flop tube, and fuel injection to enable upside-down running. A close examination of the exterior reveals the filigree work on the teeth and parts of the shell, as well as spoked chrome wheels supporting whitewall tires, loosely based off of the 1930s-era Auburn Boattail Speedster. But dontcha go thinking this diabolical contraption is all show and no go. Step up and take a shot at your own peril.

Oh, and because certain people had to spoil this spinner's paradise by tossing a brick into the mix, have a hammer alternate configuration:

Death's Head Sarsaparilla(1) by FloatingCastleRobotics on Sketchfab

Spinner configuration stats: 2 speed / 1 traction / 1 torque / 17 weapon / 8 armour (+1 teeth)

Hammer configuration stats: 2 speed / 1 traction / 1 torque / 18 weapon (+4 turret) / 7 armour

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Re: ICEcrown

Post by British-Robotics » Sun Nov 11, 2018 1:43 am



Taranis is a Vert weapon bot and is 2WD. the robot itself can run inverted when flipped. the top of the robot also features roller wheels to help prevent the disc making contact to the arena floor and allow the weapon to carry on spinning, the weapon is poweered by a combustion engine whilst the drive for movement is powered by electronic motors.

5 speed / 4 traction / 1 torque / 14 weapon / 6 armour
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Re: ICEcrown

Post by NoiseyGiraffe » Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:49 am

Shellshock - A deadly shell spinner powered by a 1.8l 2-rotor wankel engine, estimated to produce 108bhp and a lot of noise. Drive is provided by 4 A28 motors powering a mecanum wheel each, allowing it to move in all directions. The shell has 4 teeth and is made of 15mm titanium. There is also a self righting chimney should it be flipped.

Speed: 3 / Weapon: 15 / Armour: 10 / Traction: 1 / Torque: 1

Shellshock (ICE version) by Noisy on Sketchfab


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Re: ICEcrown

Post by Trihunter » Sun Nov 11, 2018 4:02 am

I'll have a crack at it.

SHW: Steelhead



The Salmonids are restless. Oh, I see why...

Speed: 6
Traction: 5
Torque: 2
Weapon: 5
Armour: 12

Fun fact: ICEs hate being upside down. Let's play with that a little... I've linked two flipping tusks up to a toothless drum via a clutch, allowing for some hefty flips once up to speed. The tail is loosely articulated to swing around with movement, unpowered.
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Re: ICEcrown

Post by Rocket » Sun Nov 11, 2018 5:42 am

Speed: 4 | Traction: 2 | Torque: 1 | Weapon: 16 (13 spinner / 11 axe / 3 clutch) | Armour: 7 | 4WD | Hinged Wedgelets

With a thumping great petrol engine as her beating heart, ARC's first lesbian robot enters the fray and looks to deliver an almighty hammer blow as well as heavy hits from her vertical spinner. An accelerometer built into the front wedge allows the machine to register when the disc has stopped, engaging the (massively overengineered) clutch plate to drop the axe down on the opponent as they're flung skywards. The result should hopefully be a brace of big hits from two sources that propels Labrys to the top of the league and her opponents around the arena like angry metal ragdolls. Lez get ready to rumble!

Walkout Music:-
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