RoBattle Signups

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RoBattle Signups

Post by Trihunter » Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:44 am

Who remembers Full Metal Challenge, or Robotica, or the early Robot Wars series? Fancy doing some of that in ARC? Well, this is the tournament for you! Expect a mixture of traditional combat, as well as some more technically challenging events.

<big>Rules:</big><hr />
  • Sixteen teams will feature in the tournament, whose entries will be paired into four groups of four for the events, with points being awarded to each team depending on their success in the events. The two teams in each group with the most points will progress to the next round, being another two groups of four, and this repeats for the final round, another group of four, to crown one champion.
  • Two weight classes will feature in this tournament: Lightweights and Heavyweights. Each entrant enters one bot for each.
  • Clusterbots with asymmetrical movement, flying bots, explosives and untethered projectiles are banned. However, entanglement devices, drone minibots and hovercraft bots are allowed.
  • Entrants I deem inappropriate for the competition, be it for excessive profanity, incredibly low effort, or otherwise, may be denied entry. Apologies.
  • The standard site rules will be used for this tournament, alongside some errata that will be explained in the following bullet points.
  • Soft RP limit of 400 words. Don't make us read through your thesis on how you precisely angle under your opponent's wedge.
  • The deadline for RPs is one week after all results from the previous week are posted, though this may be altered if I'm late.
<hr />
<big>Extra rules:</big><hr />
REDDIT Flamethrower rules: Flamethrowers are mainly intended for entertainment purposes, but under the right circumstances (where they can bypass armour for an extended period), are capable of doing damage. They will be capped at 4 weapon power and will not do damage unless they are applied for an uninterrupted period of time to an area where they can reach the internals of their opponent, such as an opening for a weapon belt, an axe mechanism, or any place where internals are exposed. Their weapon power governs not only how much damage they will do to the internals (obviously, they're bypassing the armour of their opponent), but how much application time is required for them to deal that damage. A four power flamethrower will take fifteen seconds, one with three power will take twenty, with two, twenty-five seconds will be required, and a one point flamethrower will need thirty seconds of application time.

MonkeyWrench Multibot Rules: Your main bot starts with 30 points (or 34 for walkers) and has to give up 1 point to create a minibot/multibot/drone. In return, this new bot will receive 4 stat points. You may have a maximum of 6 bots. Your main bot total stat points must be equal to or greater than any other secondary bot created from those stat points. An example would be having 3 bots: a secondary bot would be (5 main bot points * 4 stat points = 20 usable points), another secondary bot would be (5 * 4 = 20), and the main bot would be (30
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RoBattle Signups

Post by The Monsterworks » Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:53 am

Provisional reserve because this is just a damned cool idea. As long as I'm not super busy when this starts, I'm in&#33;
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RoBattle Signups

Post by The_Angry_Goat » Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:40 am

Lightweight: Endless Clowns

what, you thought I was entering Cuddle Time&#33;? no? that's probably because no one actually pays attention to what I enter, but that's beside the point&#33;

Speed: 7 / Traction: 5 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: [12] / armor: 6


4WD, vertical spinner, twin lifters powered off the same motor. Of note: the lifters can be raised far enough that they'll rest against the main chassis if I need them out of the way, and the robot has 1/2 in. of ground clearance.


or 2 in. of ground clearance if I need to. lifters can't actually be brought down with these wheels on lol. both of the following stat sets can be used with or without the big tires on.

Speed: 7 / Traction: 5 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 11 (spinner) / Weapon: 1 (lifters) / armor: 6
Speed: 7 / Traction: 5 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 8 (spinner) / Weapon: 4 (lifters) / armor: 6


Soccer/other ball events setup. front lower wedge is still titanium, and the upper structure is very thin titanium as well, to keep weight down but hopefully keep it relatively durable. active roller intake is 8.65 in. tall at point of intake, aka the height of the soccer balls in the arena, and is hinged with 5 degrees of freedom up or down to accommodate irregularities in ball size. rear box is UMHW, and is the size of 1 soccer ball. catapult is powered by an electric motor, limited to 55 degrees of motion. obviously no spinner in this config, and the lifter is replaced by the whole intake deal, which is where I'm getting all this weight from. Welcome to what happens when you let a former FRC kid have a chance to design in the FRC vein :V

Speed: 7 / Traction: 5 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 7 (catapult) / Weapon: 5 (intake) / armor: 6

HW: Neuromancer


Triangle nose:


Speed: 7 / Traction: 5 / Torque: 4 / Weapon: 5 / armor: 9

Collector Config:

the side walls are hollow and thin, which allows me to make weight. upper collector arm is run off the motor that lifts the entire assembly - so it'll move out of the way as i lift it up, and move down to collection height when the assembly is lowered. I can still shoot when lowered, mind you, since the collector intake is reversible.

Speed: 7 / Traction: 5 / Torque: 4 / Weapon: 5 (3/3/3 lifting/intake/pison) / armor: 9

Boat config:
(top isn't actually open, just to show what it looks like inside). hinged both vertically, and with some side-to-side freedom as well

This is my 28 point config, mostly because I may as well put those useless weapon points into an armor bonus, and also because it means I can technically pull this out in some combat situations if I want to for shits and giggles

Speed: 7 / Traction: 5 / Torque: 4 / Weapon: 0 / armor: 12 (+3 front - the entirety of the angled front should be about 1/3 of the bot, but pretty much just goes from the tip of the wedge as far back as is legal :V )
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RoBattle Signups

Post by attackfrog » Thu Apr 12, 2018 1:27 pm

This sounds like it could be fun&#33;

<big><big>Lightweight: The Gourmet</big></big>



It's The Maw's little cousin. A 360 dustpan lifter with optional front wheelguards (see album.) The two drive pods are linked together and don't move independently (as with Razorback in Battlebots.)
As for the water challenge... I waterproofed the electronics? :V

Stats: 7 Speed / 7 Traction / 3 Torque / 10 Armor / 3 Weapon

<hr />

<big><big>Heavyweight: Hercules</big></big>



Ground clearance? Hercules has got it. A rotating lifter/grabber? Got that too. A resemblance to a giant beetle? Apparently so&#33;
The weapon has three actuation points: the arm lifts and lowers 360 degrees around the Y axis of the robot, the clamping head rotates 360 degrees along the X axis of the robot, and the yellow parts of the jaws/clamps/mandibles raise and lower (not 360 degrees, obviously.) Essentially, it can grab, lift, and twist.
The wheels are made out of a squishy but resilient foam. (They've still got 8 armor though so pls no slice)

Stats: 7 Speed / 7 Traction / 3 Torque / 8 Armor / 5 Weapon (3/3/3 split)

Late update to fix The Gourmet's Imgur album link (it previously linked to Hercules's gallery, whoops.)
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RoBattle Signups

Post by patrickrowberry » Thu Apr 12, 2018 2:59 pm

lw: ramshock... very powerful lifter pictures this is a tray/wedge lifter if its on the black side it act like a wedge lifter it on its blue isde it act like a tray lifter and has a 200 degree rotating motion 4 wheeled drive (foam filled duh)(edited) ... 1501103241

cad made by monster ( )

speed 7
traction 7
toque 3
weapon 5
armour 8

hw: arms of the law (weird grab lifter) ... -653707426

a dule arm lfiter that can use ehter arm during battle and ueses the other arm for stablilty 2 wheeled foam filled tyres

foot note each arm can rotoate the full 180 deggres (this can self right from any postion)

speed 8
traction 8
toque 3
weapon 6 (5/5 spilt)
armour 5
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RoBattle Signups

Post by V900 » Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:38 pm


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RoBattle Signups

Post by NFX » Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:14 pm

Team Mongoose
"The Colour of Awesome"

LW: Override


4WD box with tons of ground clearance and a 360 degree moveable saw arm. Fully invertible, designed to keep on rolling no matter what gets thrown its way.

Spd: 7
Tra: 5
Tor: 2
Wep: 5 (4 saw, 1 arm)
Arm: 11



Golden 6WD machine with twin lifting arms that operate as one, and a rapid-fire axe for clamping stuff and causing damage. Rounded ends to keep wheels on the ground at all times, can self-right with the axe and/or lifters with a bit of drivetrain-ing. Side skirts can be removed as needed, and the two lifters can be replaced with a wider plow, mainly for defending against spinners.


Bonus setup with ENORMOUS WHEELS in case a Wetropolis happens.

Spd: 7
Tra: 7
Tor: 3
Wep: 5 (3 lifter, 3 axe)
Arm: 8
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RoBattle Signups

Post by British-Robotics » Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:01 am

LW: Solstice


Speed: 7

Traction: 5

Armour: 11

Torque: 2

Weapon: 5

Solstice has six sawblades at the back as defensive weapon whislt the shovel in front is the attacking weapon and is also hinged, it's a 4WD robot and can run inverted. The bottom left shows an interchanable weapon only used for the Soccer, they're both lexan plates in order to get posession of the ball.

HW: Gigatron


Speed: 5

Traction: 5

Armour: 8

Weapon: 11

Torque: 1

Gigatron is a robot built to do trials. The height of the wheel base was made tall enough. Some part of the machine such as the trolley wheels from the back of the bot can be unattached in case of a dirt track trial. The robot features some attachments.

Pinball/Gauntlet - Rubber Mallet Attachement: is used to go for a swing and spin method to knock down obstacles that block it's path or to score points on pinballl.

Spinning Axe attachement: The attachment is only used for destrcutive purposes for example, a caravan trial or a battle trial.

Sumo Plow Attachment: Cover the front of the bot forged in light material to prevent the weight from stopping the robot moving dead slow or struggling for movement.

Soccer polycarb flat plates attachment: Used for soccer use only.
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RoBattle Signups

Post by Sylandrophol » Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:49 pm

possible reserve

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RoBattle Signups

Post by GF93 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:36 pm

Let's do this.

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RoBattle Signups

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:13 pm

Only doing one for this tournament.

LW: Traposphere


"Damnit Drew"
Hey it's not perfect, but considering that I made this in less than an hour is pretty fucking good. Also it's a prototype anyway :V.

2WD wedge shape. Twin 360
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RoBattle Signups

Post by playzooki » Sat Apr 14, 2018 3:31 pm

LIGHTWEIGHT: barry stanton tribute bot
4wd spinner
speed 5
traction 3
armour 7
torque 1
weapon 14

speed 7 traction 6
armour 13 torque 4
weapon 0
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RoBattle Signups

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:21 pm

Reserving, will post bots once my computer's out of the shop and I can use Sketchup.

Heavyweight: Compound Fracture
Alternate Configs:
Anti-Horizontal Plow
Anti-Vertical Scoop
Extended Forks
Water Config

Speed: 7
Traction: 6
Torque: 3
Armor: 11 (+1 front weapon setup)
Weapon: 3

Compound Fracture is back again&#33; The basic design is the same as always: a compact, agile four-wheel-drive bot with a hinged lifting wedge, outriggers to prevent overbalancing, and lots and lots of ground clearance.

For this event, Compound Fracture has the following configurations to deal with the diverse variety of opponents and challenges this arena offers. In all configurations the electronics are waterproofed to deal with challenging arena conditions.

Symmetrical Wedgelets: Used for opponents with non-destructive weaponry. It has three independently hinged wedgelets, with the wider central one lifting (+/-90 degrees) and the outer pair helping the robot to balance as it does so (range of motion is a few degrees more than needed to contact the ground either upright or inverted). This configuration functions identically right-side-up and inverted.

Anti-Horizontal Plow: A thick plow with generous angular coverage to deflect horizontal spinners. The outriggers are kept safe underneath the plow, and are hinged to allow for limited depression of the plow - range of motion is +75/-30 degrees. Can self-right by depressing lifter, driving into wall, and raising lifter while continuing to push.

Anti-Vertical Scoop: A scoop split into two prongs, with the middle section a smooth curve, to defeat the skids on vertical spinners and drums and minimize the amount of surface they have to bite into. Outriggers, range of motion and self-righting are the same as with the plow.

Extended Forks: Another symmetrical configuration, but with the lifter as a pair of forks that extend in front of the outriggers to beat pressing lifters, spatulas, or other problematic wedges. These outriggers also have top and bottom "prongs" to prevent monstertrucking.

Water Config: When 2" of ground clearance just isn't enough, Compound Fracture's weapon assembly can be removed entirely and replaced with GIANT 14" wheels. The tires are NPC-PT5306's. They're foam-filled, and have knobby treads which I'm too lazy to model. This config raises the robot's ground clearance to 5 inches. In addition, the receiver is mounted as high in the chassis as possible, which brings the actual antennae more than 8" above the floor. Oh, and the hole in the chassis where the weapon chain would normally go is generously covered with duct tape for actual fights.
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RoBattle Signups

Post by RobotWarsLuver » Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:49 pm

Here is my lightweight honeycomb

Weapon: Axe

Honeycomb is a Axebot painted to look like a bee. She has 2 wheels and wings on her back for decoration.

Speed: 4
Traction: 4
Torque: 1
Weapon: 12
Armor: 9 (+2 for the plow)

And my heavyweight heartbreaker

Weapons: Spinning Discs and Steel Spike

Heartbreaker is a red 2 wheeled heart shaped robot with 2 spinning discs that run on the same motor and a steel spike sticking out the end.

Traction: 4
Torque: 1
Armor: 7
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RoBattle Signups

Post by Rocket_III » Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:38 am

LW: Forged in the fires of a long-ago war, this bot's predecessor had little success save in capturing the imagination of the world. Now, it returns in a new form, with the vision of Team Worst Swordsman guiding it to new glories&#33; All shall know...


<div class='spoiler_toggle'>A large picture</div><div class="spoiler" style="display:none;">Image</div>

Speed: 10
Traction: 9
Torque: 1
Weapon: 0
Armour: 10 (+1 to central sphere)
Method of Locomotion: Ball Transfer Unit

The Revenge Of Psychosprout is a horizontal "sit'n'spin" thwackbot with a unique mono-BTU method of locomotion; a trio of powerful electric motors inside the sphere allows it to move through 360 degrees, and at considerable pace. The motors are gyroscopically stabilized within the robot, so that it can have a constant power output, and its half-ring is essentially a collared arm that rests on the surface of the BTU in such a way that it does not impede lateral motion; when it spins in place, however, the arm magnetizes and locks into place so that it actually picks up kinetic energy. While it may not be the most damaging weapon in the universe, its speed and armour are such that it can do a bang-up job deflecting all but the mightiest weapons and run rings around deathspinners. #SproutsOut&#33;


HW: This robot has yet to see any combat success - so it's trying its hand at a less combat-centric competition instead&#33; With its gleaming bronze-coloured armour and potent grabber-lifter combo, it's time for Team Worst Swordsman to take the arena with...


<div class='spoiler_toggle'>Another large picture</div><div class="spoiler" style="display:none;">Image</div>

Speed: 6
Traction: 4
Torque: 3
Weapon: 7 (5 grabber, 5 lifter)
Armour: 10

Helepolis is a robot styled after Gabriel, but with a non-damaging weapon (and yes, Gabriel's weapon causes damage) in the form of a grabber. Helepolis' body can spin around its axis, and this is what forms the lifter element of the weapon; its huge reach combined with a fast-acting electric grabber means it can deliver almighty suplexes and even potentially dump bots out of the arena&#33; The grab-and-lift is counterweighted by hinged spikes at the back connected to an electromagnet; when the grabber is engaged on an opponent, the spikes are locked in place, allowing it to lift the opponent rather than just spin its wheels when performing a grab. It's a daunting prospect for anyone to face, even powerful spinners; horizontals especially have little ability to damage its main body, just like with Gabriel.
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