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Association of Rejected Cfreations: Fight Cards and Results

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2020 1:22 pm
by Madman


Ever made a bot that just didn't get used? Maybe it was an iteration of something else that was quickly iterated on again, maybe it had some fatal flaw, maybe it dared too much or you were just 'meh' on it, or maybe it was a crusher or a full body spinner. Whatever. IDC about the reason. What I do care about is that special lil' fella's feelings. He was born to fight and, because of your prejudice or reticence, he hasn't had the chance to do so yet and probably get obliterated back into his component pieces faster than you can say 'Association of Rejected Cfreations'. Come to think of it, it might be kind of hard to say 'cfreations'. The 's' is not silent, so you best give it its due.


1) RPs will always be due at Midnight on Saturdays, as is customary.

2) There will be a field of only eight bots. This event will be run using Swiss format.

3) ARC is an anyweight event but will be treated as heavyweight for the purpose of scaling and stuff like that.

4) Your word limit is 300 since I don't wanna read all your shit about why the other dude's wedge sucks, okay?

5) We'll be using Noah's rules, I guess. Those are good. You can find them in the Butcher's Circus signups. I'm too lazy to repost them here. Deal with it.

Edit: No u ... htJvk/edit -attackfrog

6) For the first week, we'll be holding a playoff to see who gets into the event. After that, we'll do some preliminary rankings and kick things off in Swiss style.

The Arena

We'll be fighting in Hall of Steel and Flame, which is a bomb-ass looking arena that, fittingly, has never been used before.
Hey-o, lookie here! This is it!

Automatic Entry
  1. Hadean
  2. V-TEC
  3. Flip and Grab
  4. Exitium
  5. Miasma
Entry Playoffs
  1. Cardinal vs Dunkleosteus
  2. Blockade vs 25 or 6 to 4
  3. Grey Squirrel vs Zwischenzug

Week One Matches: Prelims

Cardinal vs Dunkleosteus

Match report coming soon

Blockade vs 25 or 6 to 4

Match report coming soon

Grey Squirrel vs Zwischenzug

Match report coming soon

Re: Association of Rejected Cfreations: Fight Cards and Results

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 1:35 am
by Madman
so ya its ded.