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Cephalon HQ

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:25 pm
by Trihunter
<big>Name: Cephalon HQ
Location: ???
Layout: Circular
Size: 1638 square feet, 22 ft 10 inches radius
Intended Use: LW-SHW Singles and Doubles
Floor Materials: Reinforced transparent plastic, steel
House Robots: Octowhirl, which moves as specified in its bio.
  • Rotating floor: The floor begins static, but the rings of the arena begin to spin at equivalent 2 speed when the central button, starting hidden beneath Octowhirl, is pressed. The first press activates the outermost ring, with each consecutive press turning on the next outermost ring, to turn in the opposite direction to the previous one. Octowhirl cannot press the button at all, and a competitor can only press the button once every 30 seconds.
  • Arena walls: OotAs are possible in the arena, though very difficult to pull off in lower weight classes due to the sheer height.


Arena containing Octowhirl in the centre, and two MW Boring Brown Wedges in the magenta and green squares.

Speed: 4
Traction: 15
Torque: 2
Armour: 15
Weapon: 10


Octowhirl is a trackball driven full body spinner, though its shell is set up to do less direct damage, and more fling the robots that touch it around the arena a bit. It utilises a unique movement pattern, preset to it for every match. For the first minute of the match, it sits tight over the central button, moving off to the outside wall, in whichever cardinal direction would put it furthest from the competitors, after that. It then spends the rest of the match moving 270 degrees around the edge of the arena, before doing a charge straight down the middle of the arena, then repeating this endlessly. The trackballs work in conjunction with the arena, altering their speed to allow Octowhirl to maintain a constant speed of 2, even across the moving floor.