pats cardboard uk tournament discussion thread

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pats cardboard uk tournament discussion thread

Post by patrickrowberry » Sun Oct 16, 2016 2:04 pm

my entire tournament can be found here

as i start the next uk championship lets talk about predictions and fights that just happend...

The Mangle
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pats cardboard uk tournament discussion thread

Post by The Mangle » Mon Oct 17, 2016 12:24 pm

I thought that tournaments go to the Fantasy All Access tab/section. Also, its going to be hard to follow a bunch of pictures...but I'll try.

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pats cardboard uk tournament discussion thread

Post by patrickrowberry » Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:52 pm

heat 1/ 32 in more detail

the line up ... -640484795

summery; Pegasus device was the obvious fav being last years champ and the number 1 seed and this heat looked not very scary for him but who knows anything can happen

the heat competitions

Pegasus device: almost invincible with a record of 24/1 it being a walker lets it to have destructive weaponry and effective lfiter

jagguar: a Cassius esc flipper that got to the heat final last time with a record of 4/2 it lack of speed may be its down full but strong flipper can make up for it

f7: the 2012 uk champion has not a great time after falling from grace but it win record is still 30/9 the strong flipper and 2 wheeled design is slightly out dated now but can it re live the glory days

ramrod: the fastest and 1 of the 3 new robots in this heat it may lack no weapon but has pushing power but when upside down is less effective

horn-dog; a heat semi finalist last year and a record of 2/2 has a wired flipper but with strong armour and good control is hard to beat

redline: a look at the brand new kind of lifter that we will see more of this year and it may look thin but the new robot has speed drive power but lacks armour

beast inside; a new blood semi finalist with a record of 3/1 already but can he use is powerful flipper and armoured front to bully robots

a cut above the rest: the unknown out all the new robots this is least know out of any of them it is untested and has questionable reliability but is inveritible and the disc looks fair for its size

the fights

fight 1: ... -640485835

Pegasus device vs jaguar

jaguar gets high ended and gets counted out (pd gets under and leaves jaguar high centred)

fight 2 ... -640486229

ramrod vs f7

f7 gets out controlled and out pushed to lose a judges decision 29-16
(f7 only get 2 flips as ramrod gets in a total of 15 rams getting under f7's wedge and avoiding the flipper)

fight 3: ... -640486658

horn-dog vs red line

red line takes his competitor to the wall and pins him leaving him stuck and out

(horn-dogs flipper broke and was stuck full open and left it wide open to attack and couldn't self right)

fight 4 ... -640486974
beast inside vs acatr

beast inside gets the outa
(and it took him 30 seconds and only 2 flips)

semi finals now
fight 5: ... -640487240

red line vs Pegasus device

red line get put on its side and counted out

(red line's weapon was to thin and pd took advantage)

fight 6 (fight of the heat) ... -640487532

beast inside vs ramrod

a tight match but as soon as ramrod got flipped he could't control the fight and lost a 25/20 judges decison

(ramrod started on the upper hand getting a lot of rams but as soon he got flipped he was the one begin rammed and getting flipped but it was a entertain one)

fight 7 fianl ... -640488018

Pegasus device vs beast inside

beast inside gets his flipper stuck and gets counted out
(beast inside underestimated the lifter and got taken to the wall and got its flipper stuck)

heat 2 comming soone

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pats cardboard uk tournament discussion thread

Post by Madman » Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:01 pm

Riveting stuff. I can't wait for more.
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pats cardboard uk tournament discussion thread

Post by patrickrowberry » Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:49 pm

heat 2/ 32 in more detail

the line up ... -640613382

summery after losing in first round of the semi final to axe or tip flip wants to prove his high seed but has some new robots in his way and his lack luster performance in the world championship haunts him a bit


to axe or to flip (16 seed): a strong flipper and a axe on the back and a record of 10/3 this hard robot has all round design and good control

Dundee; a flipper esc lifter esc rammer that is new this yearbut it may be to thin and un-controlled

claymore: a flipper and axe but both going to the front a solid design but a record of 2/4 is a bit shoddy

blue: a brand new launcher that has been tested and is stable on its magnetic tracks

raid; a anther nee robot but a invertible spinner with a flimsy design though but can flick robots quite well

hump: a robot that all wary gets into and lose its first round every year 0/6

licker: a heat finalist only losing out to jaws in a split judges decision a strong armoured front and powerful flipper make this a one to watch

tailor: a old robot with a new upgrade blue un-reliable though

fight 1 ... -640672539

to axe or to flip vs Dundee

Dundee gets high centred
(the flipper keeps dundee obbey)

fight 2 ... -640672818

tailor vs licker

licker wins a easy judges decision 30/15

(tailor couldn't put much of fight up agents the experienced licker)

fight 3 ... -640673170

raid vs hump
hump gets destoryed

(batteries get knocked lose )

fight 4 ... -640673397

blue 2 vs claymore

claymore gets chucked out the arena
(blue proves why its a powerful launcher)

fight 5 ... -640673922

raid vs to axe or to flip

raid gets stuck and counted otu
(he was able to use his flipper to control the spinner and outa him)

fight 6 (fight of the heat)
: ... -640674120

licker vs blue 2

after a very tight fight blue gets a shock outa

(licker starts with a few flips but after a bit blue gets to the side and uses his launcher to grate effect)

fight 7 final ... -640674261

to axe or to flip vs blue 2

it takes blue 2 40 seconds to get the outa

(no lie that's relay it)

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pats cardboard uk tournament discussion thread

Post by patrickrowberry » Thu Oct 20, 2016 2:27 pm

heat 3/ 32 in more detail

the line up: ... -640839919

summery: after losing to jaws in the second round of the semi final last year rick the 14th seed wants a easy heat but with a past uk semi fianlist and a robot who came 10th in the world championship this year it will not be easy


block-ohh- after coming 10th in the world championship its its first time in the uk championship and with a record of 7/2 it should do well with a basic ram and self right abilty

have 1-a unknown axe robot that is a newbie

rick- this robot original started in 2013 and came 4th and diapered for a few year to return last year with a complete over hau on the robot and now it is seeded 14 with a record of 15/5

lumpy- a basic flipper with a record of 2/2

hit me- a terrorhurst esc axe a new robot that has not realy bean tested yet

jockey- a heat finalist last year with a record of 6/2 and a very effective flipper but gets stuck o nit side to easy

sir grabs a lot- a semi finalist in the 2014 uk champion with grabbing claws

yellow brick flipper- a new robot that looks quite basic but looks well built and has a effective weapon

fight 1: ... -640842511

hit-me vs jokey

jokey wins a judges decision by getting many flips to hit-mes 3 hits with its axe (29/16)

fight 2 ... -640843831

rick vs yellow brick flipper

ybf pulls a shock and beats the seed by gettign a outa

fight 3; ... -640844277

lumpy vs sir grabs a lot

lumpy gets destroyed by the claws (lump flips it self and leaves it open)

fight 4; never happend

block-ohh vs have 1

have 1 broke something pre fight and we and on reserves Could replace him so block-ohh got a bie

fight 5; ... -640845258

sir grabs a lot vs yellow brick flipper

ybf get a outa (sgal couldn't get a hold of the flipper and lost due to it)

fight 6 ... -640847201

block-ohh vs jockey

after its first round bie block-ohh gets another easy win jockey got stuck o nits side and couldn't recover

fight 7 fight of the week ... -640848109

yellow brick flipper vs block-ohh

ybf gets another outa
a extremely close fight but because ybf made more of a chance of its flips it got a outa

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