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Re: Blooperheroes!

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 5:30 pm
by The Monsterworks
Liberty Mountain

Between the chaos and trauma of the opening mission and the serious stakes of what comes next, Anders decides that this business is not for him. With a few shaken hands and vague well wishes, he walks out the door and is escorted from the premises. For seven other people, however, this is the start of a dangerous, exciting, and life-changing journey. April, Elisabeth, Henrika, Jackson, Nick, Robyn, and Tony join Hank, Sandra, Jenna, Francis, Devan, and Amber in a toast. Promises of new equipment, cashflow, surgical procedures, and room assignments follow. Everyone gets their own apartment because the Liberty Corps has more money than it knows what to do with thanks to licensing and merchandising.

Words are exchanged, both deep and shallow, between old members and new. More drinks are poured, and something like a party ensues. While Tony proceeds to spend far more time eating than drinking, and later becomes lost in game after game of foosball with Francis, Jenna and, occasionally Devan, Robyn's drinking problem gets the better of her and she finds herself tossing back shots in an unhealthy way before staggering back to her room in a drunken stupor of self-loathing. Ted, the guy who seems to do nearly every job around Liberty Mountain, eventually lets his scruples down after Hank, before disappearing, orders him to loosen up. The mechanic/pilot/cybersecurity expert/bartender proceeds to get uproariously drunk and take on all comers in a game of darts which he wins with surprising ease, aided by an unknown superpower. Jackson is one of those he plays against, but he's also responsible enough not to approach pass-out levels of drinking. He has a few with his new teammates, is a good sport at darts, and makes his way back to his room.

No such restraint can be found among some of the team's younger members. Nick makes a bottle of Maker's Mark his own as he joins the game of darts. The night reaches its peak of absurdity as he swings his baseball bat into Elisabeth's invincible knees. For her part, Force is generally an affable menace, smashing bottles, laughing uncontrollably, and hurling darts into walls before finding a couch and passing out. Amber doesn't come off much better. The teenager goes hard, slamming back mixer drinks as if there's no tomorrow. One might wonder if she were trying not to think about something, but she never slips over into being antisocial, just into a warm haze of alcohol-induced sleep on one of the reclining massage couches beside the gramophone. Her reluctant partner-in-crime, April, doesn't end the night on such a high note. Finding her way back to her room in a state of drunkenness, she lies awake in bed for an uncomfortably long time, wracked with fear and doubt about virtually everything.

What Happened Last Night
MODS Yesterday at 7:24 PM
IC Begins
Ted isn't one to drink when he's tending the bar. That's unprofessional.
Ted isn't one to say 'no' to his boss. That's unprofessional.
So, when Hank asks him to drink, he has a dilemma.

((OOC Poll: What should Ted do?)) - 3 say drink, 1 says keep it classy

MODS Yesterday at 7:35 PM
Ted decides to listen to his boss' instructions.
He hammers one back, and then another
and then another
He steps up to the line to play darts. "Who'm I facing?" he slurs.

Nick Yesterday at 7:37 PM
"Guess I'll step up to the plate," Nick says, still not as drunk as he'd like

John Cena Yesterday at 7:38 PM
(is this the part where ted gets perfect shots over and over again?)

MODS Yesterday at 7:39 PM
"Place your wagers!" says Devan, staggering in with a bottle in each hand. "I've got ten on the big guy!"
((You'll see what Ted can do. It's related to his powers.))
"Oh!" says Devan, "do we have another player?" He looks at April expectantly.

John Cena Yesterday at 7:41 PM

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 7:41 PM
Force has managed to steal an entire bottle of Vodka
it is not the good type
it also wasn't theft
she took it while staring at Ted and he didn't say anything

MODS Yesterday at 7:42 PM
Ted is totally cool with that.
This is just his part-time gig.

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 7:42 PM
(also force will totally play darts but I have other shit going on so feel free to make her do whatever)

Nick Yesterday at 7:43 PM
"This is gonna be fun!" Nick takes a swig

MODS Yesterday at 7:43 PM
"We got three!" Devan cries, his face almost disturbingly happy. This guy does not know how to hold his liquor. "Any more?"
((You in or not, April?))

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 7:44 PM
Force has already finished the vodka
she just barely restrains herself from throwing it into something


MODS Yesterday at 7:45 PM
Ted glances at her uneasily.

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 7:45 PM
and will now have to roll above a 17 to throw the dart anywhere near the dartboard

MODS Yesterday at 7:45 PM
"Okay, that's four!" Devan shouts.
((looking up the rules of darts))

John Cena Yesterday at 7:46 PM
((yes, im in, just quietly :V))

MODS Yesterday at 7:46 PM
Amber rolls up too. "Let's fookin' do this!" she says in an incongruous and frankly terrible English accent.
Devan is quietly disappointed at the lack of betting.

John Cena Yesterday at 7:47 PM
((you are not allowed to do puns like that Alex :HYPERKINGCRIMSON~2: ))

MODS Yesterday at 7:47 PM
They decide to go in order of age, so that makes April first.
((roll in the dice room.))

Nick Yesterday at 7:48 PM
((Does that mean Nick is last?))

MODS Yesterday at 7:48 PM
((Ted is last))
April throws three darts and discovers a hidden talent.
unless she was playing everyone all along.

Nick Yesterday at 7:49 PM
"Damn we need to beat that?"

MODS Yesterday at 7:49 PM
Bullseye, bullseye, and a 60.
Amber's jaw drops. She looks at Nick. "Dayum, inorite?" Wearing a duckface of focus, she tosses her darts.
20, 16, outer bullseye (25)
"Could be worse. I blame being a cripple." She snatches a mickey of rum and takes a drink.
Next up is....Elisabeth @HMS Lesbian
((We're not gonna play every damned round of the game, BTW))
((Gabe has until 7:55 EST to roll))
Force staggers up to the line, absolutely shitfaced, and hurls three darts at once. 60, 60, 60.
"wwwwwwwhatthefuck?" Amber breathes. "I knew ya'll were superheroes, but srsly?"

((Whats the full order))

MODS Yesterday at 7:56 PM
Devan is already off playing foosball somewhere, resigned to the loss of his money.
Seeing as Nick is the next oldest, it's his turn.
((then Jackson, then Ted))

Nick Yesterday at 7:56 PM
"I can beat it" Nick says with the confidence of a king "Just you watch... the master"


MODS Yesterday at 7:58 PM
Amber watches expectantly. Nick hits a 1, a 3, and... in a bit of a redemption arc, one of the doubles for a triple 10 (30)

Nick Yesterday at 7:59 PM
"Who juiced these things?"
Nick kind of just shrugs

MODS Yesterday at 7:59 PM
"I totally blame Force," Amber adds, sipping some girly mixer drink. It's Jackson's turn now.


MODS Yesterday at 8:00 PM
Jackson manages a 12, a triple 4 (12), and then another twelve.
"Well, at least you know how to hit that one!" adds Devan, popping in from the other side of the room.
Ted steps up to the line, his shirt partially unbuttoned and a glass of Cognac in one hand.
He casually flings three darts in rapid succession, not even looking at the board.
Ted shrugs.

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:03 PM
Force is drunkly making a mixed drink that’s just 4 different types of alcohol and a maraschino cherry

MODS Yesterday at 8:04 PM
"Well, it's official," says Amber, "you just have to not give a shit to be good at this." Seeing what Force is doing, she leans toward Elisabeth and peers over, boosting herself up on her hands. "Hey, what is that? Can I have one?"
And, with that, April is up.

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:04 PM
(I dont know alcohols)
(So idk whats good)
(She rolled high though)

Nick Yesterday at 8:04 PM
"Probably death in a bottle"

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:04 PM
Force points at various hard alcohols

Nick Yesterday at 8:05 PM
"Call it a suicide"

MODS Yesterday at 8:05 PM
"Buck up, big guy," says Amber, making herself a vaguely similar mixer drink.

John Cena Yesterday at 8:05 PM
guess i am doing this again

MODS Yesterday at 8:06 PM
You are!
April doesn't have nearly the same luck as the time before. She hits a bullseye, then a four, and then - embarrassingly - misses the board entirely.

John Cena Yesterday at 8:08 PM
im just letting you get a chance

MODS Yesterday at 8:08 PM
Meanwhile, Amber decides to go bottoms up with her drink. She tries to do some countdown thing with Elisabeth because she's desperate for some kind of replacement older sister figure, but Force is already chugging. Amber takes a decent swig of her concoction and then gags, making a sour face. "Ugh, I think I got it wrong." She grabs three darts and throws three times.

Nick Yesterday at 8:09 PM
((I mean they're legit making suicides at this rate))

MODS Yesterday at 8:09 PM
The first misses cleanly. The second hits a 16, and the third misses. Amber pouts. "These drinks are definitely funky."
"I blame the idiot who mixed them."

John Cena Yesterday at 8:10 PM
and may or may not be drunk

MODS Yesterday at 8:10 PM
"Yooo shsould mix them!" Amber encourages April.
Force steps up and readies her darts.

Nick Yesterday at 8:10 PM
"Man why've you two got me beat? Shouldn't evven be drinking!"

((Alright I need to go now srry))

MODS Yesterday at 8:11 PM
((Unless Gabe wants to roll now))

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:11 PM
14 on that

MODS Yesterday at 8:11 PM
((Roll before you go))

MODSY esterday at 8:11 PM
Lightning doesn't strike twice, but Force hits a bullseye, an outer bullseye, and then nearly puts a dart into one of the sconces

John Cena Yesterday at 8:11 PM
youyou suure?
mixes a few of the drinks while pretending to know what she is doing, then drinks the mix

MODS Yesterday at 8:12 PM
"I was born for this drink," Amber replies.

Nick Yesterday at 8:12 PM
"Alright," Nick cracks his knuckles. "First time was a fluke!" He throws

MODS Yesterday at 8:13 PM
"You got this, fam," Amber cheers him on. Lo and behold, it seems to be lucky, because he throws two bullseyes and a triple twenty (60).
Jackson's next. It's a 16, an 18, and a double twelve.

Nick Yesterday at 8:14 PM
"Told yous! Told all a yous!" Nick grabs a second bottle of Maker's Mark

MODS Yesterday at 8:15 PM
"Hey!" says an increasingly drunk and not-quite-legal Amber, "pour some of that in my glass!" She twists back to face April for a second. "Thx BB." She grins stupidly.
It's Ted's turn now. He has a bottle of beer in one hand and a look of concentration on his face.
His mustache bristles wonderfully.
Ted hiccups in the middle of his first throw. It drops precipitously, looking like it'll miss the board entirely. Then, inexplicably, it curves upward and nails the triple twenty.
As does his next shot.
and his next.
"S'perpowers" he mumbles, chugging his beer.

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:17 PM
“Wait we can use our POWERS IN THIS GAME!?”

Nick Yesterday at 8:17 PM
"Is it the bourbon, or did those just do sommin stup'd?"

MODS Yesterday at 8:17 PM
"Wait, Ted has superpowers?"

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:17 PM
Elisabeth begins stabbing herself in the leg repeatedly with a dart

MODS Yesterday at 8:18 PM
"Hey!" Amber calls! "I can do that too!"
((someone should probably stop her.))

Nick Yesterday at 8:18 PM
"Amber don't"
"She can do that"
"Because it can't hurt her"

MODS Yesterday at 8:19 PM
"DOesnt hurrt mee. I swerr."

Nick Yesterday at 8:20 PM
"Nah I'm pretty sure it'll do something, just cuz you can't feel it doesn't mean you di'n't stab youself"

John Cena Yesterday at 8:20 PM
April just silently stares at the drunk idiots about to do really stupid shit

MODS Yesterday at 8:20 PM
"'M not stitchin' you up, kid," says Ted, as he walks over to Devan. "Ten smackers, bitch!"
"Fuuuuuck, you're right," Amber agrees.

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:20 PM
Force throws a dart. It misses the dartboard entirely and is obliterated against the wall

MODS Yesterday at 8:20 PM
"Nonna Sandra can juss heel it tho."

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:20 PM

MODS Yesterday at 8:21 PM
"WTF?" cries Devan. "How'd this chick get so strong?"

Nick Yesterday at 8:21 PM
"Yo Force this bat is trashed you want me to hit you with it?"

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:21 PM
(Oh dear)

MODS Yesterday at 8:22 PM
"Oh shiiiiiiieeet" calls Devan. Lots of eyes turn to watch.

Nick Yesterday at 8:22 PM
"Alright," Nick holds the bat and takes a biig gulp of bourbon. "Ev'body clear back. I don' want you guys hurt"

MODS Yesterday at 8:22 PM
"Wait a sec," Amber announces, "where's April? I don't see her..."

Nick Yesterday at 8:23 PM
"That's her shtick"
"April, you in tha way?"

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:23 PM
Force punches the air in front of her

MODS Yesterday at 8:23 PM
@John Cena are you lol?
"Yoooo, that could like...really mess her up," says Amber. "Hey, you should try to hit me with one of those darts." She zips into the center of the dance floor.

Nick Yesterday at 8:24 PM
(Nick doesn't want to break a bat an on teenager's kneecaps. A responsible adult's kneecaps are free real estate)

MODS Yesterday at 8:25 PM
Hic "If she hasn't said anything, she's out of the way," Devan chimes in.

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:25 PM
“Oh yeah THATS why i punched”

MODS Yesterday at 8:25 PM
"But what if you like, hit her?"

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:26 PM
“Her loss”
Force smiles wickedly

MODS Yesterday at 8:26 PM
Despite herself, Amber giggles. "Fuck ur evull."

Nick Yesterday at 8:26 PM
"If she is, what's left of this bat is goin' down your throat, Devan"
Nick readies his bat, sloppy stance and all, and swings the thing at Force

MODS Yesterday at 8:27 PM
"Step to me on Wednesday, fam!" Devan calls. Jenna places an unamused hand on his shoulder.

John Cena Yesterday at 8:27 PM
(what a moment to go AFK lol)
MODS Yesterday at 8:27 PM
((You can randomly appear))
HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:27 PM
(Hopefully i didnt murder you)
Nick Yesterday at 8:27 PM
((are you in the way))
(Nah she won't die, just crippled)
HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:28 PM
(Oh no she’d die i was aiming for the head)
MODS Yesterday at 8:28 PM
((Amber assures you that it isn't so bad))
((oh, true))
Welp, Nick swings for the fences or, rather, Elisabeth's knees.

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:29 PM
Elisabeth looks down at the bat, which has stopped quite suddenly at her knees
She starts giggling a little
Then they cascade out of her in an avalanche of laughter

MODS Yesterday at 8:29 PM
The already-damaged bat hits with resounding crack. One splinter ends up in the ceiling, one flies past Ted's head. Another would've impaled Devan, but Amber manages to get in the way and catch it in midair.

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:30 PM
“You.... were.... so.... worried”

MODS Yesterday at 8:30 PM
"Nuh-unh!" Amber shouts. "I wasn't!"
Jenna glances over at her with a mother's patience. "She wasn't talking to you, dear."

John Cena Yesterday at 8:31 PM
please don't kill anyone

Nick Yesterday at 8:31 PM
"That went well!" Nick shouts before throwing the obliterated remains of his bat in the trash

MODS Yesterday at 8:32 PM
"You just got powered up more?" Amber observes, "right?"
She also finally tries some of April's mixer. It isn't bad. "You can officially mix my drinks any day," she assures her fellow teenager.

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:33 PM
Force continues giggling on the floor
And finally wheezes out a yes

John Cena Yesterday at 8:33 PM
gives her a slightly awkward smug look like she knows what she's doing

HMS Lesbian Yesterday at 8:34 PM
(And now I actually leave)
John CenaYesterday at 8:34 PM

MODS Yesterday at 8:34 PM
Elisabeth, finally overcome by the alcohol she's had, manages to find a couch and pass out on there.
"Hey," says Amber, finally noticing April's discomfort, "You wanna help me choose some music? It looks like mostly dadrock, which isn't too bad, and like Elvis and old jazz and whatever."

John Cena Yesterday at 8:38 PM
suure thing

MODS Yesterday at 8:39 PM
If Amber could skip, she would skip over to the gramophone. That is how drunkenly jolly she is at present. "Hey you!" she calls Nick, "you know old stuff better. Come help!"

Nick Yesterday at 8:39 PM
Nick retires to a couch after this great feat of being a drunken idiot, spending the rest of the night talking shop with whoever will listen about baseball, and slurring most of it horribly

MODS Yesterday at 8:39 PM
((oops, timing))

Nick Yesterday at 8:39 PM
"Uhh, fuckin... AD/DC"

MODS Yesterday at 8:41 PM
"Thanks, Nick!" Amber calls. "You know, I think I got diagnosed with that as a kid. I mean, it's 2020, amirite? Not having some kind of diagnosis is just unprofessional." They reach the shelf full of records. "You cool with AC/DC?" she asks April. "You should really choose, TBH."
((Does Nick wanna keep going if I can find someone to talk baseball, or are you basically peace-outing?))

Nick Yesterday at 8:43 PM
((Peace-outing because I don't know much about baseball and most of his talk would probably be about the recent MLB news, which doesn't exist yet for obvious reasons))

MODS Yesterday at 8:43 PM
((kek, true))

John Cena Yesterday at 8:44 PM
AC/DC is fine

MODS Yesterday at 8:44 PM
So, as the party is starting to wind down, AC/DC cranks out of the radio.

John Cena Yesterday at 8:45 PM
((did her drunk ass hear AC/DC and simultaneously hear it right and hear ADHD?))

Nick Yesterday at 8:45 PM
Nick said AD/DC

MODS Yesterday at 8:47 PM
((Yup. Amber's had a lot to drink. It's debatable whether she misheard and heard properly at the same time or whether she was trying to make a joke.))

Amber tosses herself onto a couch, snuggling in with a bottle of Bacardi. "OMG, these couches are literally the best." She rolls half over, finds a lever on the side, and makes the recliner...recline. "You should try it. BTW, are you even a lil' but drunk?"

John Cena Yesterday at 8:49 PM
let my try

MODS Yesterday at 8:49 PM
"ahaha, you said 'my'. You're hammered, fam!"

John Cena Yesterday at 8:49 PM
finishes the glass with the mysterious mix before trying the reclining couch

MODS Yesterday at 8:49 PM
"sseee? It's blessed, right?"

John Cena Yesterday at 8:50 PM
yeah, this shit is amazing

MODS Yesterday at 8:51 PM
Amber feels around the side of the couch and finds a couple of buttons. "Is this a massage function!?"
"Holy shit, it is!"
Amber starts to drift off pretty soon. "Hey Nick," she mumbles, hugging her Bacardi.

Nick Yesterday at 8:52 PM

MODS Yesterday at 8:52 PM
"D'you have a six pack? I know you so do."
((She has now reached the stage of making an idiot of herself.))
((and will probably pass out within minutes.))
((and not remember much))

Nick Yesterday at 8:53 PM
"Eh, not really anymore"

MODS Yesterday at 8:53 PM
"Taht's a shame. I bet it'd look reewy sexeh on you."
Then, her breathing becomes steady and regular. The recliner continues to vibrate softly. AC/DC continues to play in the background. Francis and Jenna play foosball for another hour or two.
((Good time now to wrap things up for your character.))

And, away from everyone and everything else, Hank and Sandra enjoy a quiet moment between the two of them on the rooftop where they shared their first kiss fifty-five years earlier. Both know what's coming, though one knows more than the other. Words are not needed. They hold each other and watch the city by night. And they can almost remember what it was like, and they can almost forget.


Sunday begins as a day of hangovers and bad news. It turns out that The Bubbler and Sour Cherry Blaster were broken out of police custody by Big Wing and Natural Twenty. The quartet is now at large. Meanwhile, after her tracker went down, teams were sent to search for Flashback, but Maybelle has not turned up. It may be too early to add her to the list of missing supers presumed dead, but the thought can't help but enter people's minds.

After attending Sunday morning mass, Hank and Sandra drag themselves through a series of press conferences and public statements, responding to the same aggressive questions with the same patient answers:
  • There was no way to confirm that the threat to the Aces game at the Tesla Center was legitimate, but the evacuation of the building was necessary given the source. Fifty-thousand lives were at stake. Hank believes that fifty-thousand lives were saved through the heroic actions of the team's newest members, who will be formally introduced to the public on Saturday.
  • The Liberty Corps deeply regrets that it could not prevent the deaths of eighteen innocent bystanders at the hands of The Bubbler, Sour Cherry Blaster, Big Wing, and Photobomb. Hank personally apologizes to the victims' families that the perpetrators could not be brought to justice. As you may know, the Corps is stretched thin at the moment, and stopping an atrocity with a five figure death toll was their highest priority.
  • No, that was not why lethal force was used on Monica Xu, aka. Photobomb. She had been given multiple opportunities to surrender and had responded by killing hostages. Big Wing, with whom she was supposed to collaborate in attacking the Tesla Center, had also arrived on the scene. The Corps regrets that she had to be handled through the use of lethal force, and abhors the use of such, but this was a case of scale of harms. She will never again threaten society.
  • Hank has complete faith in every member of his team. Yes, he is aware of the violent and questionable pasts of some, but he believes in the values that have guided the Corps since its formation. Among those are forgiveness and redemption. Nick Bambino, Henrika Faust, and Elisabeth Harrison are members for the time being. Their continued membership is contingent upon their behaviour and they are fully committed to recovering the missing individuals.
  • No, Hank does not believe that the attack on Liberty Corps HQ was part of a coordinated effort. It was planned and perpetrated by a lone actor who may have been suffering under drug misuse and severe, unmedicated mental illness. They do not know any more about the attacker's identity or intentions, though the investigation is ongoing. Please direct future questions to the NIPD.
He collapses into the back seat of a black Chevy Tahoe and Sandra sits beside him, gently wrapping her hand around his. "God, Sandra, I don't know how much longer I can do this. I really don't."

She kisses him gently on the cheek. "I do," she replies. "You're the strongest man I've ever known, Hank O'Meara. You'll find the strength that you need when you need it most."

He smiles and thanks her noncommittally, but he has doubts - doubts that he keeps to himself.

For a day that began so bleakly, it ends on a higher note. Nick's surgery is immediate and - in the early going - successful. Further, Ted delivers the news that, aside from unrelated taps on the phones of two members (which have since been removed), MODS is uncompromised. It was likely misdirection on the enemy's part, attempting to weaken the Corps by making its members mistrust a vital resource. They should be able to use it again without reservation. Ted also announces over MODS that the unlocking of Photobomb's smartphone is complete and the recovered data is undergoing analysis. A full report should be available tomorrow.

Finally, the security footage from yesterday's attack on HQ has been reviewed, and the suspect has been identified. His name is DeShaun Harmon, of Baltimore, Maryland. No previous convictions. An insurance agent. He is 34 years of age or - and here's where things get really weird - would be were he still alive. He was killed in a freak gas explosion eight months ago. There was virtually nothing left of the body, but there is a death certificate. There was a life insurance payout - apparently he had a policy through his employer. Hank, Francis, Jenna, and the Corps' other senior members decide not to release that information to the public just yet. It needs to be confirmed and, if it is, it holds grave implications. At the end of a lengthy discussion, they decide to share with the junior members the next morning.

The night comes to a close with people settled into their new rooms: April experimenting with her new kitchen and making something herself, Devan playing Hearthstone, Francis videocalling his family in Japan, Elisabeth smoking on her patio, Tony returning from a shopping run to stock up his six refrigerators with some hard-to-find favourites, and Amber studying for her exams with a pair of headphones and some loud heavy metal. People go to sleep.

For each and every member of the Liberty Corps on site, Monday morning begins with this coming from their phones. Some try to sleep through it. It grows in volume until dismissed. Dismissing it leads to an audio clip playing automatically. "Good morning, Corps!" says Hank's voice. "Not all of you may be used to waking up this bright and early, but crime doesn't wait! It is 0600 hours. Your presence is required in Liberty Hall at 0700. I'll see you there. Recoil out."

One way or another, they make their way over. Hank stands there, in full uniform, along with Jenna, Devan, and Sandra. His hands are clasped behind his back. He paces, pivots, and paces the other way. He nods. "Good to see you all looking so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed." There's the hint of a smirk. Then, he stops and his face becomes serious.

"Today's mission is voluntary. I respect that many of you may not be comfortable with it." He grimaces slightly. "Just... remember what the law says, and what you signed up for."

He clears his throat. "We have reason to believe that an individual or individuals with exceptional abilities are going to attack a self-described 'religious congregation' of some fifty people located in Topeka, Kansas this afternoon with intent to kill the entire membership regardless of age, race, gender and...sexual orientation." Hank's mask of professionalism wavers for a moment. "This is the location: 701 SW 12th St, Topeka, Kansas." The TV screens in Liberty Hall display the following picture:
Picture on the Screen (WARNING: sensitive)
"They need to be stopped," he says, somewhat ambiguously. "Who's gonna do it?"

Re: Blooperheroes!

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 7:11 pm
by Archangel
Elisabeth snorts. "I only work for nazis if they pay well. Fuck I'd go help whoever's attacking them fer free if I wasn't "a good guy now."" There is clear snark about being a good guy. She thought it was subtle. she is not smart.

Re: Blooperheroes!

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 7:22 pm
by hide
"I'd normally say fuck them, and walk away. But I signed up to help everybody, even raging, homophobic, cousin-fucking rednecks such as these. Short of actual Nazis or tankies, I'll try to help. I'm pretty tired, so I guess my spirit will come out soon, so yeah."

Re: Blooperheroes!

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 7:44 pm
by Superbomb122
"Yeah these are fuckwads, alright, saw a few of 'em picketing a funeral we attended." Nick chirped. "Frickin... 'God hates gays' yeahh, right buddy..." Nick thought for a second and groaned. "However, if we don't save these assholes and capture the attackers, many more people, innocent people, will get hurt. Many will die. It's better to let these guys live than to let other people get killed for our inaction. Besides, a couple of us are gay anyway," Nick leaned back. "Imagine how pissed they'll be to get saved by wretched, ungodly gays!" He began laughing aloud.

Re: Blooperheroes!

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 10:14 pm
by Archangel
Force has acquired a grappling hook, her shotgun, and a rainbow themed costume. she has also demolished 10 punching bags.

Re: Blooperheroes!

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 3:23 pm
by The Monsterworks
Liberty Mountain

Hank is pleasantly surprised at the number of volunteers that he gets for such an unsavoury mission. Perhaps even more so, he's encouraged by the way this band of young misfits decides to approach this potential PR nightmare.
Battle Plan, Equipment and Outfitting Room, General Shenanigans: Part 1
MODSYesterday at 7:46 PM
IC Begins?
GingerYesterday at 7:47 PM
So I'm thinking this for Nick:
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 7:48 PM
ohh no what are you making his crippled ass do
GingerYesterday at 7:48 PM ... 1451338413
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 7:49 PM
He's crippled
And decidedly not wearing that
MODSYesterday at 7:50 PM
People volunteer hesitantly at first, but then in greater numbers when Jackson hits upon playing "America, Fuck Yeah!" and Amber takes it a step further by suggesting a gay anthem of some sort. Robyn has many to offer.
This quickly spirals to painting the hovercraft rainbow colours.
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 7:50 PM
You know what
MODSYesterday at 7:50 PM
And temporarily renaming themselves the Rainbow Corps.
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 7:50 PM

Tomboy - It's OK to be Gay (lyrics)
All of this
MODSYesterday at 7:51 PM
And possibly or possibly not dressing as flaming as they damned well please.
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 7:52 PM
Nick spends the entire time putting together an extremely gay playlist and cracking jokes about his 'wood'
((the bat you sickos))
GingerYesterday at 7:53 PM ... -Shirt.jpg
This, I think, for Nick
MODSYesterday at 7:53 PM
"Supported!" Says Amber, "and hey, David! We should call him. He would definitely have something to say about this!"
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 7:54 PM
"alright but yous better not ruin my good jerseys for this"
MODSYesterday at 7:55 PM
"You know," Devan suggests, his voice deviously quiet, "If we come in there gaily enough, they might actually refuse our help. Then we'd be off the hook and they'd only have themselves to blame of something... unfortunate were to happen."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 7:57 PM
"Then we can say we aren't associated and were trying to save the community, not the douches," Nick suggests. "Boom, enemies captured, gay rights supported, assholes get what they deserve"
HMS LesbianYesterday at 7:57 PM
Force hears this conversation just barely as she starts walking away
turns back around
"how quick can yous pump out a rainbow version of this costume and hair"
GingerYesterday at 7:58 PM
MODSYesterday at 7:58 PM
"Fuck yiss" Amber grins.
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 7:58 PM
"paint splatters"
MODSYesterday at 7:58 PM
"I have every colour of dye you can imagine."
"Let's get to work, girl."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 7:58 PM
"Aw shit Charleston"
"Fucking Charleston"
GingerYesterday at 7:59 PM
((This is actually a real baseball uniform for the Charleston Rainbows, a franchise from 1983-94.))
HMS LesbianYesterday at 7:59 PM
"Perhaps yous do have my support"
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 7:59 PM
((btw exactly what level is Nick on being crippled: hobbled, crutches, wheelchair?))
MODSYesterday at 7:59 PM
((Given that his knees have just been operated on, he's temporarily Ambered))
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 7:59 PM
"Holy shit, give me a extra large version of that shirt. The spirit needs to wear that."
GingerYesterday at 8:00 PM ... AAO_Dn.jpg
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:00 PM
((He's definitely not coming))
GingerYesterday at 8:00 PM
MODSYesterday at 8:00 PM
Amber is already on Amazon, ordering a half-dozen of the shirts. "Imma need your sizes," she says.
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:01 PM
"Largest one available. I'll flaunt it to the goat-fuckers as much as possible"
MODSYesterday at 8:01 PM
"Hmm, would it be better if they were a little bit tight?"
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:02 PM
"Oh yeah. Probably will be tight either way for me"
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:02 PM
"I don't think they fuck goats, Jackson"
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:03 PM
"WBC is literally as deep south as you can get. It's a possibility"
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:03 PM
"Just because they're asshats doesn't mean we can make broad generalizations. Might as well be the WBC at that rate"
MODSYesterday at 8:03 PM
"I don't think they fuck anything," Devan chimes in. "Dudes need to have some fun."

Amber turns halfway around. "Also, fuck it. Liz, you coming? We got some dye to apply. And some paint. To the hovercraft. Probably."
"Totally cool with broad generalizations in their case," Devan says.
He takes out his cellphone and dials somebody.
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:05 PM
''Fair enough. Still might be the truth, though."
MODSYesterday at 8:05 PM
"Okay wait." Amber stops dead in her tracks. "Do you guys actually wanna try to get them to refuse our help?"
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:06 PM
"Who cares what they want? We can capture the villains regardless, and it's not like they could stop us anyways"
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:07 PM
"Yeah. We still want to catch the attackers, of course, but 'Liberty Corps. Protects Westboro Baptist Church" doesn't reflect well"
MODSYesterday at 8:07 PM
"Nonononooo," Devan adds. "Fuck these guys. If we offer to evacuate them and they don't come with us willingly, I don't think we're obligated to take them. Then they can just get blown up for all I care."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:07 PM
"Then it's the Corps allowing a massacre"
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:07 PM
"The headlines should be "Liberty Corps captures villains, Westboro Baptist Church rejects them regardless" "
MODSYesterday at 8:08 PM
Amber glances around. "They're still people," she agrees. "even if they're the worst kind of people. There are like... children there. Brainwashed kids."
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:08 PM
"It's the WBC, I don't think anyone besides them will care if we wear that stuff to save them regardless"
MODSYesterday at 8:09 PM
"When did you become such a white knight, wheels?" Devan shoots at her.
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:09 PM
((Everyone besides the WBC WGAF))
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:09 PM
"Like, this is a no win situation if we do what the WBC want us to do."
MODSYesterday at 8:10 PM
"It's called not condoning murder," Amber snaps back at him. "You know, one of the core principles the Corps was built upon."
"And yeah," she agrees.
"It's so 'no-win'. That's why we need to flip the script somehow."
GingerYesterday at 8:11 PM
"Do we have any idea where the attack's coming from?"
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:11 PM
"And I get the feeling this attack has a bigger purpose," Nick begins. "Think about how well-coordinated the attacks were yesterday. This isn't about killing the church. This is about ruining public perception to them."
MODSYesterday at 8:11 PM
"I doubt they'd bat an eyelash if you died," Devan points out. "Fuck, they'd probably celebrate."
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:11 PM
"Listen: the WBC will probably denounce us and hate us regardless of what they do. If they attack us after we save them, it'll hurt their public perception more that it'll hurt ours"
MODSYesterday at 8:11 PM
((The threat was send from a West coast IP address))
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:12 PM
"That's the thing, Devan. Being a hero is saving people who would never save you."
GingerYesterday at 8:12 PM
"If we can head them off before they get there, then the headline is "Liberty Corps Captures The Demented Doctor Whatthecluckever" rather than "Liberty Corps Defends Bigots"."
MODSYesterday at 8:12 PM
"What HE SAID!" Amber agrees, pointing forcefully at Nick.
"and what SHE said!"
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:13 PM
"Focus on where you know they'll be guys. Where they might come from is unreliable"
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:14 PM
"Guys, the WBC will hate us regardless of what we wear to go and save them"
MODSYesterday at 8:14 PM
Amber is busy checking MODS. "Says the threat came from a west coast IP. Somewhere in Cali."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:14 PM
"Besides the church will denounce us anyway if we show up gayer than an Old Kentucky Home"
MODSYesterday at 8:14 PM
"Could be using a VPN, though."
"Oh, we need to be super gay," Amber agrees.
Jenna's been silent the whole time. Finally, she pipes up. "This is a damned if you do, don't, or kinda do situation. We're not escaping that. How we present ourselves makes all the difference here."
"My sister's the most gloriously butch bitch I know. I'm gonna go get some pointers." She turns and starts walking away, pulling out her cell. "Oh yeah, and I like repainting the hover."
GingerYesterday at 8:18 PM
"What about an unofficial counterprotest?"
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:18 PM
"Yeah, exactly. Trust me, the media is a more cruel villain than anyone you'll ever beat the living hell out of. These attackers know this I'd presume."
MODSYesterday at 8:18 PM
Amber grins. "Now you speeka my language," she says. "More pls"
GingerYesterday at 8:19 PM
"Okay, so, we rock up there looking like a Pride parade with placards and junk. When whoever it is attacks, we just, y'know. Happened to be in the neighbourhood."
"It lets us control the narrative a bit more. Lets whoever does the presser control the aftermath a bit more too."
MODSYesterday at 8:20 PM
"You know," says Devan, considering carefully, "you're right about the media. Whoever's perpetrating this, I don't think they're an enemy of the WBC. I think they're an enemy of the Corps. They're purposely setting us up to look bad. That's their endgame."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:20 PM
"If they can ruin-" Nick chokes up for a split second. "If they can ruin a star baseball player in days, they can eventually come after us if we don't play our cahds right."
MODSYesterday at 8:20 PM
"Okay okay!" Amber practically shouts. "You're both so right."
GingerYesterday at 8:20 PM
Robyn goes over and touches Nick's shoulder.
MODSYesterday at 8:21 PM
I like going in super incognito.
Amber, all excited and oblivious, takes a moment to give him a supportive look. "Yeah," she says, "fuck the media. I still have your trading card, Nick."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:22 PM
((Wait a second. In this world the WBC would conceivably also hate superheroes))
GingerYesterday at 8:22 PM
((The WBC hates everyone, we're just being set up for a fall here.))
MODSYesterday at 8:22 PM
((Oh, they would hate them hugely. Also, Liberty Man was gay, though he only came out a few years before his death.))
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:22 PM
"Thanks, thanks. Memories kinda come up now and then"
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:23 PM
"I think the WBC will end up shooting itself in the foot here. Regardless of what we do, they're going to denounce us as "f***", and they're going to be seen as ungrateful fucks by every sane person in the world. We don't even have to say that we were specifically defending the WBC! We could just say that there was a villain that needed to be captured, and we did so. We don't have to mention the WBC at all, just it's attackers."
MODSYesterday at 8:23 PM
((That's why Hank was so uncomfortable with this whole thing.))
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:23 PM
"Anyway, we need more glitter"
MODSYesterday at 8:23 PM
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:24 PM
We need to get water cannons with rainbow dyed water
MODSYesterday at 8:24 PM
"It's not about what people think of the WBC, dude," Devan chimes in.
"It's about what people think of us for saving them."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:24 PM
((btw there is nothing funnier to me than a manly as fuck Italian-American saying this shit))
MODSYesterday at 8:24 PM
((yeah, I love the incongruity of it all))
"I love the counter-protest idea," says Amber.
GingerYesterday at 8:25 PM
"Absolutely more glitter. Also a boombox playing, like, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and stuff."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:25 PM
"Exactly Devan. For now, there is no reason to give two shits about the WBC beyond that their church is where we fight the bad guys."
MODSYesterday at 8:26 PM
((should we see if April's joining in?))
((especially since Nick can't actually do anything for now?))
GingerYesterday at 8:26 PM
((I love the image of April standing still at the protest so there's just a disembodied pride flag hanging in mid air))
MODSYesterday at 8:27 PM
((current team is Amber, Robyn, Devan, and Jackson, it looks like.))
((fucking love it too))
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:27 PM
Nick spins his wheelchair and does a small wheelie. "Damnit you were right Amber this is fun."
MODSYesterday at 8:27 PM
((oh wait, Elisabeth is coming too))
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 8:29 PM
I am joining in?
MODSYesterday at 8:29 PM
"Totally is," she agrees, "As long as it's not a life sentence like mine." She smiles and does a little spin wheely, but her voice seems to fall almost imperceptibly with the second bit. "Hey, try a spin one," she chirps, "It took me like months to master it!"
Then, April just kind of appears out of thin air.
and is joining
GingerYesterday at 8:30 PM
AHH JESUS I am never getting used to that
MODSYesterday at 8:30 PM
"You're totally joining!" Amber says.
"I mean... if you wanna, buddy ol' pal."
"Me either," Devan agrees with Robyn.
((Okay, so we have a team of Amber, April, Devan, Elisabeth, Jackson, and Robyn, right?))
((I assume Nick's kind of sidelined for now))
GingerYesterday at 8:31 PM
"Also, uh, I... need a new costume anyway. Last one got burnt and it was getting kinda beat up anyway. I was gonna get a double-headed axe for this too, but one of the little robots ran off with it."
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:31 PM
MODSYesterday at 8:32 PM
"Those robots are evil," Amber assures her.
GingerYesterday at 8:32 PM
((had to work in a reference to ARC somewhere))
MODSYesterday at 8:32 PM
"I swear Ray Billings programmed them all."
"Who's that?" Devan asks.
Amber sighs, "NVM."
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 8:33 PM
((of course we put robot combat in))
MODSYesterday at 8:34 PM
The teenager works at her cellphone. "Also, according to MODS, you guys all have a date with the outfitting room."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:34 PM
"I guess it does kind of... wear the longer you're in a wheelchair..." He tries to spin and do a wheelie. He fails. "Damn..."
MODSYesterday at 8:35 PM
"You have much to learn, padawan."
"and one week to learn it."
"Also, guysss, you should probably follow me. We all get new clothes! For free!"
GingerYesterday at 8:36 PM
"Yeah, just, y'know... nothing super stripperriffic. Please. I don't wanna put anyone off their food."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:36 PM
"Not the first time I couldn't really walk, so I guess I could feel worse about it," Nick adds
GingerYesterday at 8:36 PM
"Was that an intentional or an unintentional walk, Nick?"
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:37 PM
Jackson yawned. He actually felt tired. He got some anti-insomnia pills when he went to the pharmacy, and alcohol certainly tired him a bit.
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:37 PM
"Nah they never walked me. Lotta people payed for it"
((btw that was literal reference to his injury, not a baseball reference, shut up))
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:38 PM
Jackson felt himself nodding off. This time, he didn't try to stop it. His eyes slowly closed.....
MODSYesterday at 8:38 PM
Devan chuckles at the pun. He appreciates a good pun. Then he goes quiet at the response and looks around guiltily.
"Oh GAWD," says Amber, zipping ahead of the others and glancing back at Robyn. "Stripperific. Have you even seen my sister's costume?"
"Oh hey," Devan points out, "sleepy guy is getting tired. Looks like we get purple guy."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:39 PM
Nick rolls up noticeably less quickly. "If it's the Charleston Rainbows suit I'm walking- shit"
MODSYesterday at 8:40 PM
The cohort heads to the elevator. When it opens, Amber presses a button. "Prepare to have your minds...pshwww" She mimics exploding something around her head.
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:40 PM
As Jackson fell asleep, he felt as if he was fading. He didn't worry, because he had a decent idea of what came next, as his spirit came into existence
"Well, I'm back"
GingerYesterday at 8:40 PM
"Is this you telling us you secretly love to drink real ale and listen to Canadian folk music?"
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:40 PM
((Bold is spirit BTW))
GingerYesterday at 8:41 PM
"Hey there Purple Dude!"
MODSYesterday at 8:41 PM
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:41 PM
"Oh crap I knew they put something in me besides prosthetics"
MODSYesterday at 8:41 PM
"Hey, big purple!" Amber can't really turn in the stuffed elevator, but she twists to face Robyn. "You have like no idea what a loser I am. Srsly."
The elevator reaches the bottom, and Ted is there waiting for them.
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:42 PM
((Nick thinking he's going to end up like that one dude in Suicide Squad))
MODSYesterday at 8:42 PM
"Nice t'see you. Follow me," says the barkeep/mechanic/pilot/cybersecurity expert/outfitter.
GingerYesterday at 8:43 PM
"I guarantee you're not, Amber. I guarantee it. Not to me."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:43 PM
"If my head gets Gallaghered I'm suing..."
MODSYesterday at 8:43 PM
"Don't worry," Devan jokes, "you don't get the bombs until you fail a mission."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:43 PM
"Oh nice. Already more forgiving than Isotopes fans"
((Isotopes are/were a minor league team btw))
MODSYesterday at 8:44 PM
"Hehe, I know!" says the teenager to Robyn. "GAWD you're so nice."
Ted leads them to a large room. It has a quadruple irising door.
Inside, all of the walls are completely bare. The room is large and empty. There are lights, some switches, and harsh metallic benches.
GingerYesterday at 8:46 PM
((I keep thinking that whenever you mention Isotopes you mean as in Springfield))
MODSYesterday at 8:46 PM
It is decidedly underwhelming. Ted brings up the rear and the door shuts behind him. "Now," he says flatly, "you all die."
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:46 PM
"Well, that's not what I was expecting."
GingerYesterday at 8:47 PM
"Uhhhh... do you mean dye?"
MODSYesterday at 8:47 PM
He blinks.
GingerYesterday at 8:47 PM
"I really hope you mean dye."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:47 PM
((Isotopes are Albuquerque))
MODSYesterday at 8:47 PM
"Dude, not funny," says Devan.
Ted grins. "Gotcha."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:47 PM
"Hell yea- awww"
Nick feigns disappointment
GingerYesterday at 8:48 PM
Robyn looks at Nick, and something in her eyes is just very, very sad
MODSYesterday at 8:48 PM
He presses something on a remote. Suddenly, large stretched octagonal plates on the walls slide away. Behind is a veritable smorgasbord of weapons, gadgets, and goodies.
Other panels reveal entire separate rooms.
Full of the most advanced 3D printing equipment that money can buy.
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:49 PM
((Nick has no idea she's suicidally depressed right?))
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:49 PM
"That's pretty damn cool, I'll say."
MODSYesterday at 8:49 PM
((I don't think he would unless he was really perceptive))
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:49 PM
((Though he definitely knows he just struck a nerve))
MODSYesterday at 8:50 PM
"Room to the left creates weapons." Ted says.
"Room in the middle creates other gear."
GingerYesterday at 8:50 PM
((She's not mentioned it to anyone but, well, IDK how much he remembers from last night but it's a bit easier to fill in the gaps.))
MODSYesterday at 8:50 PM
"Room on the right is the suit maker."
"Amber. Go to the suit maker. Get a suit."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:50 PM
((He remembers breaking his bat and falling asleep. Possibly getting hit on))
MODSYesterday at 8:51 PM
"Dude, I'm not wearing some like... glorified swimwear into combat."
GingerYesterday at 8:51 PM
"Oh... oh, wow. I can get a real costume? One that isn't sold as surplus mascot stock from a tiny university?"
MODSYesterday at 8:51 PM
"You c'n get a real costume," Ted confirms.
GingerYesterday at 8:51 PM
"It's not held together with duct tape on the inside? You promise?"
MODSYesterday at 8:51 PM
"You'd wear it well," Devan says.
"Only if you want," Ted tells Robyn.
"3D printed. State of the art. Designed it m'self."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:52 PM
"I'll pass on a costume for now, might need it later though"
GingerYesterday at 8:52 PM
MODSYesterday at 8:53 PM
"High density, heat-resistant, watertight, tempature regulating breathable kevlar composite. Cushions blows and and can deflect low-grade impacts from slashing weapons and firearms."
Ted taps one of his temples. "Time t'use that mem'ry of yers, I s'pose."
GingerYesterday at 8:54 PM
((I don't have to, like, draw it or anything, do I?))
MODSYesterday at 8:54 PM
Amber looks at Nick. "Costume not for you either?"
((no, you don't))
GingerYesterday at 8:54 PM
((oh thank fuck))
MODSYesterday at 8:54 PM
((we can montage this))
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:54 PM
"You guys have a lathe? Might need one for a good bat"
MODSYesterday at 8:55 PM
"What does this look like, some two bit operation?" Ted points to the equipment room. "In there."
"You, purple, and you, invisible girl wherever you are," says Ted. "You doing this?"
(( @Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap @Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAA ))
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 8:56 PM
Nick turns to Amber. "It's not that I don't want a costume. More that I've got one on the way as we speak."
"OH NICE! Time to finally get something quality going"
MODSYesterday at 8:57 PM
"Feel free to make w'ever you need," Ted says.
GingerYesterday at 8:57 PM
"Okay. Okay. Breathe. Sorry, I'm... I'm poor. And I don't get donations, or crowdfunding, or villain bounties. This is just..."
It's at this point Robyn just starts crying.
MODSYesterday at 8:58 PM
Amber grins. She reaches up about as high as she can and squeezes Robyn's shoulder.
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 8:58 PM
oh shit
i am doing this
no clue of what i want
MODSYesterday at 8:58 PM
"A whole new woooooorld," she croons softly, grinning like a little shit.
Devan looks at April. "Stun baton?"
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 8:58 PM
MODSYesterday at 8:58 PM
Amber leans in, "Taser!"
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:59 PM
MODSYesterday at 8:59 PM
"switchblade?" Ted suggests.
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 8:59 PM
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 8:59 PM
((Im helping my mom to put up christmas light right now, srry))
MODSYesterday at 8:59 PM
"Skintight catsuit," Devan adds.
GingerYesterday at 8:59 PM
Robyn giggled. "Thanks, Amber. I'm just a little overwhelmed. Feels like I finally made it, y'know?"
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 8:59 PM
MODSYesterday at 9:00 PM
"You're gross," says Amber.
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 9:00 PM
"Any RPGs I can use?"
MODSYesterday at 9:00 PM
"Not you, Robby. This guy." She jerks a thumb at Devan.
Ted's eyes light the fuck up.
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:00 PM
here we gooooo
MODSYesterday at 9:00 PM
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 9:01 PM
"I'll take one of those"
MODSYesterday at 9:01 PM
"Hey," says Devan to April, "I wear one."
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 9:01 PM
((I'll be back in a bit))
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:01 PM
you what
MODSYesterday at 9:01 PM
"Why Just one?" Ted says.
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:01 PM
you guys are crazy
MODSYesterday at 9:01 PM
"Yep," says Devan. "Skintight."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:01 PM
"I'll just need to CNC some brass knuckles and get a special bat made, then"
GingerYesterday at 9:02 PM
"Okay. Okay. Breathe. I can do this. Silent Spring... how good of a shot are you? Because I'm thinking maybe a crossbow with tranq darts and a taser as a holdout or close-range weapon."
MODSYesterday at 9:02 PM
"Just him," Amber chirps.
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:02 PM
"Yoo you guys better not be wearin' catsuits without me"
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:02 PM
I like the crossbow idea
MODSYesterday at 9:02 PM
"Oh, I like that!" says Amber. "Seconded...or thirded."
"Meow!" Amber calls
Devan burps.
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:03 PM
I also need to have some kind of grappling hook launching device, preferably the hook is attached to the suit or something
it would be fun
MODSYesterday at 9:03 PM
"Sounds like fun." Ted considers.
"I think we can do that."
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:03 PM
MODSYesterday at 9:04 PM
"Follow me," Ted grunts. "Got any colour or style preferences?"
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:04 PM
it needs to NOT bring attention
MODSYesterday at 9:04 PM
"That goes for all a' you," he continues, " 'cept you, boring Amber."
"Hmm...." Ted considers again
"Active Camo?"
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:05 PM
"Fuckit. Make me look like a Yankee"
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:05 PM
do we actually have something like that?
MODSYesterday at 9:05 PM
Amber visibly winces. "Damn," she says.
"and here I was fangirling at you."
"Definitely do" says Ted.
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:06 PM
"Why Amber? You a Sox fan?"
MODSYesterday at 9:06 PM
"Think of this as a James Bond movie," he says, "just with you instead of some English guy."
Amber gulps.
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:07 PM
It would be cooler if we were some English guy like that one tho
MODSYesterday at 9:07 PM
"Maybe Mariners?" I mean, I'm northwest, so I feel obligated."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:07 PM
Nick gasps a little mockingly "And I let you teach me this!" He tries, and fails yet again, to spin and wheelie.
MODSYesterday at 9:07 PM
"Everything would be cooler if we were some English guy," Amber tells April.
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:08 PM
MODSYesterday at 9:08 PM
on MODS, her handle changes to "Austin Powers lel"
"It's all in your center of gravity," Amber says. "Think of yourself like a V-shape when you're tipped up."
GingerYesterday at 9:09 PM
"Uh, Ted, when you're free... I think I've got a look. I don't have the physique or powers for, like, Timeline's Super-Duper Battle Bikini or anything like that. I want something loose fitting. Like, y'know, harem pants and a loose billowy shirt over some tighter armour layers. And a full-head mask with a comb on the top, but with additional armouring. Steel-toed combat boots, utility belt with pouches for stuff like flashbangs, zipties, cuffs, and my baton. Sap gloves too. Nick, you should get some as well, they're like brass knuckles but with way less potential finger breakage."
MODSYesterday at 9:09 PM
"A V-shape you are," she says in a Yoda voice. "Your center of gravity you must find."
Ted pretty much pukes rainbows.
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:10 PM
"A Mariner you are," Nick says back. "A better team, you must find."
GingerYesterday at 9:10 PM
Robyn's also changed her name to wait shit "AMBER WHY ARE YOU USING MODS."
MODSYesterday at 9:10 PM
"That sounds amazing!" His eyes light up.
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:10 PM
"Robyn it wasn't compromised we went over this"
MODSYesterday at 9:10 PM
"They said it was safe, remember?"
((They cleared it as of last night))
Also, Amber blushes fiercely at Nick's use of Yoda-speak on her.
GingerYesterday at 9:11 PM
"... oh yeah. i, uh... yeah. kinda missed a lot last night. downtime's when i struggle, y'know?"
MODSYesterday at 9:11 PM
"You can come play GTA or Battlefield in my room anytime, you know. I'm just two doors down."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:11 PM
((Yes Nick's dickish wit is going exactly how I want it to go))
MODSYesterday at 9:12 PM
"Or like, whatever people your guys' age play."
Amber grins again.
Ted begins making suits.
Man, does Ted make suits
Robots emerge from charging alcoves on the walls.
They help him make suits
and equips.
GingerYesterday at 9:13 PM
"I haven't played anything like that since I left West Podunk, Amber. You'd have to teach me." Robyn smiles.
MODSYesterday at 9:13 PM
"Instruct, I shall. Learn, you will. Lose, you will too."

Re: Blooperheroes!

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 10:24 pm
by The Monsterworks
Battle Plan, Equipment and Outfitting Room, General Shenanigans: Part 2
Robyn changes her name on MODS.
((Y'all get that right?))
MODSYesterday at 9:14 PM
((I did and didn't. Who's Ginger again?))
((derp derp))
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 9:14 PM
((aight Im back))
MODSYesterday at 9:14 PM
GingerYesterday at 9:14 PM
"Been a loser for twenty-six years, why stop now?"
(( ... 0701120944))
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 9:15 PM
((oh my god))
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:15 PM
((no, don't))
((just, no))
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:16 PM
Nick has also changed his name
MODSYesterday at 9:16 PM
Amber presses a couple of buttons on her phone. Some metalcore/hardcore song starts playing that she must think is inspirational or whatever.
Hatebreed - This Is Now
GingerYesterday at 9:16 PM
((vid not available))
MODSYesterday at 9:16 PM
Amber pretty much has a giggle fit, and then she starts headbanging.
This Is Now - Hatebreed
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:17 PM
((Nick has gone boomer humor god help us))
MODSYesterday at 9:17 PM
She changes her name to "Dadrock" and changes the song too:
Aerosmith - Walk This Way (Audio)
Meanwhile, Ted keeps working away.
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:18 PM
Changes name in MODS
MODSYesterday at 9:18 PM
"You," he says,"tiny girl."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:18 PM
((Crip Squad let's gooo))
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:18 PM
Invisible angry stare
MODSYesterday at 9:19 PM
"You getting an active camo suit with inegrated grapple/tranq dart launching crossbow and a taser, right?"
GingerYesterday at 9:19 PM
[Hey, Amber, got a song for you if you wanna check it out.] Robyn sends over MODS, along with this link:
Parasite Inc. - Topic
Back for War
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:20 PM
not sure about how easy is the crossbow is going to be to aim if it is integrated
MODSYesterday at 9:20 PM
Amber is busy trying to dance sexy and failing miserably. She stops and drops her wheely. [TY famm, checking it now.]
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:20 PM
but it makes sense
MODSYesterday at 9:20 PM
"No nono," Ted assures her. "It's detachable."
HMS LesbianYesterday at 9:20 PM
"Ha! you actually fuckin made the shotgun"
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:20 PM
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:20 PM
((I love pretending to have issues, great break from pretending to not have issues))
MODSYesterday at 9:20 PM
"We're not amateurs like that."
HMS LesbianYesterday at 9:20 PM
"this will be so funny at least once"
MODSYesterday at 9:21 PM
"Use it!" Devan practically shouts.
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:21 PM
MODSYesterday at 9:21 PM
((it's their ship name, but that ship will never sail))
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:21 PM
That shotgun is the stupidest shit and i love it
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:21 PM
((Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Adevan))
HMS LesbianYesterday at 9:21 PM
Force snorts and looks at him funny "why would I want to shoot myself," and wanders off towards the suitmakers
MODSYesterday at 9:21 PM
"Me three," Amber agrees.
GingerYesterday at 9:21 PM
((Adevan sounds like one of those horrible patent medicines on during a commercial break on BB that will cure your acne at the cost of make your shit your own spine out.))
MODSYesterday at 9:22 PM
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 9:22 PM
MODSYesterday at 9:22 PM
Force finds her super suit nearly ready to go. "Colours?" asks Ted.
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:22 PM
((Adevan: The shttiest solution to acne))
((buy now))
MODSYesterday at 9:23 PM
((Only 10.99, and if you order within the next ten minutes, we'll throw in a second one at no extra cost!))
HMS LesbianYesterday at 9:23 PM
"this one rainbow, next one same as what I got on. we's doin' a special edition sorta costume party"
MODSYesterday at 9:24 PM
[OMG, my people] Amber sends over MODS. [Wait does it have breakd00000wns?]
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:24 PM
internally facepalms or something at that choice of colors
GingerYesterday at 9:24 PM
"Yo, Ted, when you're done with the suits, can you knock up some placards? Heroes Against Hate, that kinda thing?"
MODSYesterday at 9:25 PM
"Oh shit, right," says Amber. "I guess you can make me some rainbow battle bikini or whatever."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:25 PM
"HAH!" Nick begins laughing hysterically
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:25 PM
We actually doing that?
MODSYesterday at 9:25 PM
She rolls her eyes and rolls up to Ted, whispering something in his ear and hastily retreating.
"Rainbow catsuit!" Devan shouts. "Usual design, just rainbow."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:25 PM
"God damnit the anesthesia ain't quite worn off yet it's a fucking acronym"
"Damnit Devan we don't want to be catgirls"
MODSYesterday at 9:26 PM
"Mewwwww" Amber leans in.
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:26 PM
"Ok she does"
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 9:26 PM
"Give me some rainbow plate armor."
GingerYesterday at 9:26 PM
"I'm too busy being the chicken girl."
MODSYesterday at 9:26 PM
"Dude, you totally stole my thunder," Devan accuses, shoving a hand in her face and making her roll backwards.
The robots set to work on both placards and rainbow plate armour
"OMG, Gay Knight!!"
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 9:27 PM
MODSYesterday at 9:27 PM
((is Cap's suit done?))
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 9:27 PM
"I can change it later, right?"
MODSYesterday at 9:27 PM
Ted nods.
"Y' can"
GingerYesterday at 9:28 PM
" ... o1_400.jpg
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 9:28 PM
((The Rainbow Crusade))
GingerYesterday at 9:28 PM
"Oh yeah, Ted, can you get me another one in rainbow for today? Please? If it's not too much trouble."
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:28 PM
((Medieval power rangers or something))
MODSYesterday at 9:28 PM
((love it. He should suggest that IC and someone should find that pic IC and post it on MODS))
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:28 PM
Nick pulls out his phone looking for references to his needs
GingerYesterday at 9:29 PM
((That was Mystic Knights Of Tir Na Nog, Ys))
MODSYesterday at 9:29 PM
((You would know))
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:29 PM
((close enough i guess))
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 9:29 PM
((Oh my god I just opened up NS and got a issue about the legality of homosexuality lol))
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:29 PM
((I'd prefer Grailknights tbh))
GingerYesterday at 9:29 PM
((Shit was TIGHT growing up))
MODSYesterday at 9:29 PM
Ted nods. "Basic template's done. Colour variations should be easy 'nuff"
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:29 PM
((You will not taint the Grailknights))
MODSYesterday at 9:30 PM
((It's that sacred to you, eh?))
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 9:30 PM
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:31 PM
((Literally a metal band spoofing superheroes))
MODSYesterday at 9:31 PM
"So, kiddo," says Ted, glancing in Amber's direction. "How literally are we taking 'Rainbow Battle Bikini'?"
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:31 PM
((Why would I not love it))
MODSYesterday at 9:31 PM
((Amazing. Also, Amber would probably know that.))
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:31 PM
((Yeah but Nick doesn't))
MODSYesterday at 9:32 PM
Amber sends a message over MODS. [Hey guysss:
[/hr] ]
Grailknights Official
Grailknights - Pumping Iron Power (feat. Joakim Brodén from Sabaton)
[This is so us]
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:32 PM
MODSYesterday at 9:32 PM
Suits and weapons are finished up pretty soon.
GingerYesterday at 9:32 PM
[Amber, maybe this is some motivation if you're serious about the battle bikini thing? ... 9_jja2.jpg]
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:33 PM
"I'm scared of Germany now"
MODSYesterday at 9:33 PM
"You weren't already?"
[OMG I so should, right? Just... my legs are seriously gross. Would rather not show them off or w.e]
GingerYesterday at 9:34 PM
[I completely get that, Amber. Just the top? Oooh, that's a point.]
HMS LesbianYesterday at 9:34 PM
Force wanders by, looks over someone's shoulder as they watch this, and raises an eyebrow seriously high. She elects against engaging, and wanders over to the grappeling hook selection
MODSYesterday at 9:35 PM
"Hey, they hate other religions too..." Amber remembers. "What if I wear like hijab or something? Would that be racist?"
Ted eagerly follows Force over to the grappling hook section.
GingerYesterday at 9:35 PM
"Ted? Weird question, but I know there's that super-strong polyurethane paint that's hard to crush or something. Would you be able to make, like, a bulletproof version of that?"
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 9:35 PM
"Nah if anything the SJW types will call you racist if you didn't"
MODSYesterday at 9:36 PM
" 'll see what I c'n do," Ted grunts.
"You know what?" Amber decides, "Fuck it, going full battle bikini. Someone's gotta fly that flag til Hannah's back."
GingerYesterday at 9:37 PM
"In rainbow colours? Because body painting is a hugetacular thing at every Pride march I've ever been on."
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapYesterday at 9:37 PM
"That gave me a idea..can you put a pentagram on my plate armor?"
HMS LesbianYesterday at 9:38 PM
Force looks around one particular grappeling hook that grabs her eye. "Ted, how do I shoot it?"
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 9:38 PM
gets out of the way just in case
MODSYesterday at 9:38 PM
Ted approves of pentagrams.
He pulls that hook off of the rack.
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:29 PM
Don't give me ideas, specially stupid once
MODSYesterday at 10:29 PM
((She can see that April's kind of shy and awkward and she's kind of protective of her.))
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:29 PM
because then i will have to accept them
MODSYesterday at 10:29 PM
"I'm all about stupid ideas, tho" :stuck_out_tongue:
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:30 PM
ok lets do it
MODSYesterday at 10:30 PM
"Fuck YAS"
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:30 PM
just don't kill me
MODSYesterday at 10:30 PM
"Pls sign the waiver first, haha"
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:30 PM
(internally)what the fuck am i doing?
MODSYesterday at 10:31 PM
Welp, they get there in less than a second. April could swear that she hadn't moved at all. The problem is, however, that 'there' is an elevator.
So they just wait at the elevator. "Sorry, it's on another floor," says Amber.
"Fuckin' stairs, man."
And, elevator music plays.
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:32 PM
((does she feel like she moved really fast))
MODSYesterday at 10:32 PM
The elevator descends two floors.
The doors open.
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:32 PM
heavily breathes
MODSYesterday at 10:32 PM
"You ready, BB?"
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:33 PM
wait what
MODSYesterday at 10:33 PM
"Well, now we go down one more hallway!"
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:33 PM
MODSYesterday at 10:33 PM
"Then we're there!"
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:33 PM
((gets cut off by moving fast))
MODSYesterday at 10:33 PM
They arrive at the medical room. Waiting for them is Ted.
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:34 PM
Thank god we are in the medical room
i really
MODSYesterday at 10:34 PM
"Looks like y'need some patching up." Ted says.
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:34 PM
MODSYesterday at 10:34 PM
"Got her here nice 'n quick!" Amber chirps.
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:35 PM
this was
a terrible
MODSYesterday at 10:35 PM
"Come on," Ted says, "Sit on the bed. Antidote time."
"Hey, you okay?" says Amber with concern.
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:35 PM
plummets on the bed
not sure if the elevator break made it better or worse
MODSYesterday at 10:36 PM
Ted occupies April with smalltalk about Amber's reckless speed and she doesn't even notice that she's been given a needle until it's already in.
And then out.
and the weird wooziness is gone.
He gives her a band-aid with a cotton swab. "That should do it," says Dr. Ted.
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:37 PM
You are also a doctor?
MODSYesterday at 10:37 PM
"Now you young ladies best get down to the ready room. and then the hangar."
"Ted is lots of things," Amber assures April.
"Oh hey, where's Nick?" she observes.
"Did we just leave him there on his own?"
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 10:38 PM
"Got left behind"
He walks in
Not walks but err
MODSYesterday at 10:38 PM
"Oh my God!"
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 10:38 PM
You know
MODSYesterday at 10:39 PM
"I should've pushed you."
"How you're painkiller regimen?" asks Dr. Ted.
"You need a boost?"
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 10:40 PM
"Doin' alright. Can't put pressure on it of course, but it isn't hurting right now"
MODSYesterday at 10:40 PM
"That's about where you should be at," Dr. Ted assures him.
He looks over at the two girls. "What are you two still doing here? Shoo! Go save bad people."
Amber turns and huffs. "Yeah, yeah, on my way." She twists around as she leaves. "Stay safe, Nick. Get stuff done. Heal up nicely."
She disappears through the doorway.
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 10:42 PM
"You too"
He turns to Ted. "Hey, I just remembered I never got to say what specifically I needed as far as weaponry. Kinda important the specifics are there"
MODSYesterday at 10:42 PM
"Yeah, shoot," says Ted. "I'll make it happen."
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:44 PM
wait, how did you get here before us Ted?
MODSYesterday at 10:44 PM
Ted shrugs. "Guess 'm just faster."
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 10:44 PM
Nick lists out what he needs in full. A maple bat with aluminum core to give it structural integrity with 'Bambino' branded into the side, brass knuckles... for... brass knuckles reasons, and a super suit reminiscent of an old Yankees jersey. "Take your time if you need ta. I haven't got anywhere to be until I've recovered."
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:45 PM
what do you mean you are faster?
MODSYesterday at 10:46 PM
Ted maneuvers Nick under an imaging machine, taking a look at his knees while also writing notes about Nick's weapon and suit needs in his phone. "Recovery's coming along quicker than expected. I give it five days and we can let Sandra do her thing. Your gear'll be ready by tonight."
Ted just shrugs at April's question. "I get by with a lil help from my friends."
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:48 PM
[this ted guy is up to something for sure]
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 10:49 PM
"Thanks, Ted"
MODSYesterday at 10:49 PM
"No problem."
[You know, I'm on MODS too] says Ted.
[Ted's just Ted,] Amber messages April. [Don't worry. I know his power. He's totally cool.]
((square brackets = talking over MODS))
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:51 PM
((i know))
[sure, whatever]
Currently Not Walking this WayYesterday at 10:52 PM
Nick lets out a small chuckle. "Ahh, I'm gonna head back up to the lounge. Send me something over MODS if you need me, I guess"
MODSYesterday at 10:52 PM
"Will do, pardner."
Ted neatly arranges his medical supplies.
Meanwhile, April finds Amber right up in her face again, out of nowhere.
"Hey," she says softly, "You alright? You seem kinda... I dunno. I just wanna make sure you're okay."
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:54 PM
Im ok now
thanks for asking
MODSYesterday at 10:55 PM
Amber doesn't buy it for a second. She raises an eyebrow. "Well, if you're ever not, you know we can talk and stuff, and that's not just some 'being nice 'cause I feel obligated' or whatever."
Stop changing names AAAAAAAAAAAAYesterday at 10:58 PM
i just need to keep breathing
my heartbeat is still high
MODSYesterday at 11:01 PM
Amber blinks. "Okee." She turns and rolls away, glancing back over he shoulder for a second. "See you at the hangar in half an hour!" A notice flashes through MODS for everyone involved with the mission. [Hangar at 1100 for briefing and transport. Meals will be served en route.] For those not, a separate message says [Operations Room at 1200 for briefing and research methods training. Meals can be brought up to you.]
IC Ends
After a lengthy bout of training montages, banter, and general shenanigans, the team that emerges into the hangar is magnificent in its rainbow splendour.

- Captain Chicken is basically a post-apocalyptic gladiator with loose flowing rainbow garments and a chicken mask over serious tactical gear.
- The Spirit has been temporarily transformed into the Rainbow Crusader, complete with rainbow armour, sword and shield with a gigantic pentagram in the middle.
- Wednesday Warrior is decked out in a technicolor spandex onesie, packing serious heat and ready to rock despite it being... Monday.
- Force's outfit would be low key - it's basically what she always wears, were it not for the fact that she too is repping gay pride.
- Finally, Amber is dressed in the finest tradition of feminine 'armour'. She's wearing a bikini: a metallic rainbow fishscale bikini that clinks and jingles slightly as she moves. "Fuckin' chafes like hell," she complains.

And each and every one of them is armed to the teeth - with signs and placards (and deadly weapons): "Heroes against Hate", "God Hates Figs", "Liberty Man was Gay." They gather in the Liberty Mountain hangar, all six - "Wait a second," Devan observes, "Where's April?" Briefing is delayed. She is thoroughly lost and they have to locate her through MODS. They spend the next ten minutes retrieving the pint-sized teen and bringing her to the hangar. And, after a brief pep talk from Hank and Jenna, they're into the hovercraft and lifting off, except for Amber, who's already on her way.

The Liberty Corps Instagram page lights up with her posing in her Rainbow Battle Bikini™ beside various American landmarks every minute or two. Each post is marked with the hashtag #HeroesAgainstHate and some kind of description alluding to their upcoming visit to the Westboro Baptist Church. Meanwhile the others learn that the threat is a single individual, so far as they know, but almost certainly working with others. Identity unconfirmed but not local to the area. Based upon analysis of the threat message, likely male with ranged powers. Then, they're there. The team receives a message from Amber through MODS: [Hey, I'm in the rainbow house across the street, painting signs. You guys should drop in. No sign of danger yet.]

The hovercraft lands. The exit ramp opens. There they are in Topeka, Kansas. The sun shines, birds chirp, cicadas buzz in the tall grass. Then, THIS blares out of its souped-up sound system at full volume, and five unlikely figures march out. What to do? Where to go?

Meanwhile, back at Liberty Mountain, the others who were unable to participate in the mission or uncomfortable with it have a job of their own. The data from Photobomb's phone and Big Wing's tablet has been decrypted. Information about yesterday's attack, including raw security footage, police records, and all available information on the attacker and his identity have also been made available. The team receives training on the Corps system and will be expected to do some serious sleuthing and generate leads. The question is, where should they start?

Re: Blooperheroes!

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 11:30 pm
by Archangel
"so we declarin ourselves to these Westboro dudes and letting us know we're helpin or are we just gonna sit here and use 'em as bait. Actually can we use them as bait? Where's the smart person who waves around a scanner and says 'we got company' when we uh, got company, anyway. Sure as fuck ain't my job to be smart."

Re: Blooperheroes!

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 12:54 am
by The Monsterworks
Devan shrugs, glancing around and taking in his surroundings. April has shifted her active camo outfit to display a rippling rainbow pattern. "It's usually one of the big guns," he tells Elisabeth, "But they're not here right now, so it should probably be me. Not like I can do much of anything if shit goes down today."

[We can't really detect superpowers, exactly] Amber chimes in through MODS, [but the hover's gear can definitely track heat signatures and energy buildup so, if someone's coming and planning some bad shit, we'll have at least a few seconds' warning.]

Then, a moment later, she's outside. A handful of signs rest on her lap. "You guys brought yours too, right?" She glances back towards the Rainbow House ((OOC: it's a real thing)). "People in there are pretty excited at us joining and showing our support." She turns to Robyn. "You being here means a lot too."

"Much as I'd like to go in," Devan replies, "we should probably stay out here in case anything happens. If anyone wants to meet us, I'm happy to do it, just..."

"Yeah, true, right." Amber agrees. She looks to the others for signs of approval, but she's the senior member on this mission, which is just slightly absurd considering that she's also the second-youngest and not legal drinking age. "I'll invite people out!" she chirps, turning in place and zipping into the house.

"I'll stay on the monitors," Devan assures the others.

Village People and the Frankie Goes to Hollywood soundtrack alternate for the next half-hour. People staying in the Rainbow House come out to join the Liberty Corps in their protest. From the 'church', however, nothing yet. Music plays, the sun shines, a fresh breeze blows. Devan has nothing to report as the clock ticks towards 2:00 PM.

The other Rainbow House people come and go, but a few stick around pretty consistently, whether out of a sense of moral conviction or just because it's damned cool to be around superheroes, the Corps members can't say. Among them are a lesbian couple fresh out of university: Gina and Mackenzie, stopping over for a couple of days during their cross-country honeymoon in an old camper van. Jean-Laurent, a fiftysomething Quebecois, his husband, and his film crew have been working on a documentary for the past few weeks. Cameron, a trans boy in his mid teens, hangs around for hours and asks Captain Chicken for an autograph. He confides in her that he's been a fan for years, since long before the Liberty Corps suddenly saw her value. Finally are Xavier, young, angry, and with a painkiller problem but trying to turn things around, and Kirsten, a war veteran who says little and watches that building across the street as if it's a compound in Fallujah. Her eyes say that the ability to trust and relax is something that she lost along the way.

The clock ticks onward. It's nearly 3:00. Nothing seems to be happening. Devan runs off for a moment to take a leak and Amber takes his place at the monitors. Doubt begins to enter the minds of some. Has the deed already been done in stealthy secrecy? Was this whole thing a prank or a ruse? Is the attacker already present? The mystery builds, and somebody is going to have to solve it. Unexpectedly enough, it's not a member of the Corps who takes the first step. "You're not just here to protest," says Kirsten quietly to Captain Chicken and The Spirit. "Somethin's gonna happen. Isn't it?" Her eyes scan their surroundings, on alert. Robyn, The Spirit, and anyone else nearby and looking closely enough can see the muscles in her arms and neck tense up. Yet, nothing is happening yet. When Devan returns, Amber takes charge. [Okay guys, something's not right. Any idea how we should approach this?]

Re: Blooperheroes!

Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2019 12:02 am
by Wolf51-50
Tony's eyes dart around the room trying to figure out what will happen next. He begins gnawing on a broken table leg nervously

Re: Blooperheroes!

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2019 8:13 pm
by Archangel
[btw Force is tackling the kid who pretended to like captain chicken for reasons that are clear based on the Discord IC]