The Weathered Isle

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The Weathered Isle

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The first person sounded friendly enough, but the second person seemed more threatening, and was brandishing a stick looking thing. Leonidas swung his shield in front of himself. These people looked to be from a completely different time from him, much like the last group, and he had no idea what forms of magic they might have, so better safe than sorry? He also kneeled down, but kept advancing, to get better cover. He shouted

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The Weathered Isle

Post by MadBull » Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:51 am

Albert Camus to Theodore Roosevelt, before the unexpected guest arrived.

"Monsieur, I know who you are and I am from your future indeed, what an 'onor to meet you."

Then the guest did arrive. Camus sees Roosevelt take his gun. He wrote about senseless shooting in The Stranger, he sure as hell doesn't wanna witness it for real.

"Please monsieur Roosevelt, no shooting. Who are you stranger?"

Bodhidharma resorted to sitting down again, staring into the sky. He is aware of what happens around him but sees no need to intervene yet. He is weighing the situation. Those directly around him do not pose a threat at this time. As much as his meditation is supposed to cut him off from the outside world, he follows what is going on near him closely.

The fact that this whole situation influences his meditation so much doesn't sit well at all.

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