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Blooperheroes Signups and OOC Discussion

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We live in a world of superheroes. From the big screen, to Netflix, to cable TV, books, comics, cereal commercials, and goddamned lunchboxes, they surround us. Shame none of them are real, eh? Shame most of them are so derivative too. We all know the archetypes: dark and gritty, principled to a fault, hilariously irreverent, quirky. You know where else you can find a million and one superhero-related things? On any RPG forum as...RPGs. So here’s an idea: Blooperheroes. Yeah, they’re not the best at their jobs. In many cases, being super isn’t even their job. Well, at least it wasn’t until very recently...

Set in a world where supers are common, our story will follow a cobbled-together team of superpowered losers, misfits, oldtimers, and D-listers forced to take over the defense of the metropolis of New Ivansburg after all of the Liberty Corps, other A-listers, B-listers, and just about anyone useful go missing under mysterious circumstances. Nobody genuinely expects them to succeed - the odds are certainly against them - but they're supposed to take a crack at solving the mystery so that the powers-that-be can at least say that they tried. Yep, everything here is completely on the level.

So, who are these 'losers, misfits, and D-listers'? Well, I'd like to be a bit tongue-in-cheek and maybe a touch politically incorrect at times, but I also want this to have heart. This is a story about people who have been dismissed by their peers overcoming whatever's held them back to this point in life and succeeding, sometimes despite themselves or, alternatively, people who have made a choice not to step up and be the heroes that they could be giving it a second chance. Tonally, we're going for something that aims to be funny but has a degree of seriousness and a fairly deep plot and character development at its heart.

When it comes to powers, Blooperheroes don’t automatically have to be super-low on the scale, though that’s definitely acceptable. Think of the really situational or absurd, powers that your character can't reasonably use or can't use to their full potential for whatever reason, or just former powerhouses who are way over the hill. Want some examples? Check out the sample mini-profiles below.


Name: Serena Kim

Age: 33

Gender: Female

Occupation: market analyst

Powers: Can direct powerful psychic smacks at targets that she curses and swears at. The louder and viler the curse, the more powerful the smack.

Appearance: A relatively petite Asian woman in her early thirties, Serena looks and dresses the definition of professionally domestic. Her straight black hair is worn slightly past shoulder-length, her makeup is usually flawless but never overwhelming, and her clothing usually tends towards business casual.


Name: Daniel Werner

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Occupation: university student – pre-med

Powers: When using a slingshot, will always strike his target and will strike it with the necessary force to achieve his goal. However, his goal must be selfless and he must remain pure of heart and intention.

Appearance: a lanky but handsome Caucasian man in his early twenties, Daniel has wavy dirty blonde hair worn just on the respectable side of ‘shaggy’. He dresses like either a bit of a hipster, though there’s nothing over the top, or like he’s going to the gym. He can often be found rollerblading, usually with his wireless headphones on.


Name: Shawn Martins-Wellman

Age: 44

Gender: Male

Occupation: garbage collector

Powers: Can commune with and control birds within a radius of ten kilometers. Can send and receive messages through birds.

Appearance: Scruffy-looking middle-aged African-American man. He’s a bit above average height and in good shape. His hair is usually worn in a short afro, shot through with a handful of grey streaks. His usual attire consists of either work boots or worn-out sneakers, cargo pants or sweat pants, and some sort of t-shirt, with an army green jacket thrown over it in the winter.


Name: Maryanne Sharma

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Occupation: Pharmaceutical laboratory assistant

Powers: has indestructible fingernails that can only be cut or manipulated through her own voluntary actions.

Appearance: Maryanne looks like your average, reasonably attractive young South Asian woman, with long wavy black hair, bright makeup and, unfortunately, a bit of a ‘resting bitchface’. Her fingernails are always interestingly painted, and her attire varies between clinical when at work and faux-bohemian/free-spirited when outside of it.


Name: Fatima Al-Khatib

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Occupation: mental health center patient (formerly a high-school art and photography teacher and part-time member of the Liberty Corps)

Powers: has a photographic memory and can reproduce a temporary exact copy of anything that she sees from a ‘hammerspace’ inside of her head. Unfortunately, she has shown symptoms of acute schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and dissociative amnesia.

Appearance: Fatima is a tall, slim Arabic woman in her late twenties, with lightly tanned skin, large brown eyes, and long black hair that is sometimes hidden beneath a hijab. She would be considered quite conventionally attractive were it not for her often disheveled appearance and the sometimes-blank look in her eyes.


Name: Francis Takehara

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Occupation: head automotive engineer at [REDACTED]

Powers: can tie his life essence to that of another person, either saving them from death or killing them by dying himself.

Appearance: Francis is the very definition of the modern young corporate executive. An Asian man of average height, his hair is worn styled and peppered with the slightest hint of gray at the temples, with a short, similarly-coloured beard to compliment it. He wears brand name thick-rimmed glasses and a casual fitted suit when at work and a jogging or gym outfit most often when outside.


Name: Rhiannon Grant

Age: 51

Gender: Female

Occupation: Comedian and talk show host

Powers: Can make anybody laugh by looking at them and thinking something funny. The strength and endurance of the laughter depends on just how funny the thought is and how long she looks at them.

Appearance: A somewhat heavyset African-American woman, Rhiannon wears her hair short and loosely curled. She has been said to have a friendly, welcoming face, but this can quickly become stern under the wrong circumstances. Despite her fame and wealth, she can most often be found dressed casually in a pair of blue jeans and a loose off-the-shoulder top.

Orange Marauder

Name: Jenna Herrera-Testaverde

Age: 41

Gender: Female

Occupation: part-time consultant and stay-at-home mom

Powers: Can manipulate all and any fruit or vegetable juice within a ten-kilometer radius. Can also generate different types of juice equal to the total volume of available water within that same radius. Is able to manipulate the properties of orange juice with greater precision.

Appearance: Jenna looks, to all the world, like a completely average early-middle-aged Caucasian (or maybe Hispanic) mom straight out of suburbia, though she’s quite a fitness freak. She even drives a Porsche Cayenne. Her dark brown hair has a slight wave to it and is often worn just over shoulder-length or in a ponytail. She dresses like…a soccer mom. Indeed, her two children are both enrolled in houseleague programs.


Name: Hank O’Meara

Age: 78

Gender: Male

Occupation: Retired (former member of the Liberty Corps)

Powers: When he was younger, Hank could stretch and skew his body in unbelievable ways, using himself as a rope, parachute, slingshot, and shock absorber, as well as decelerating bullets and slipping through incredibly small spaces with ease.

Appearance: An elderly Caucasian man, Hank still has a full head of well-trimmed gray hair and hints of the impressive physique that he boasted in his younger years. Tired blue eyes peer out from beneath slightly droopy lids. Always clean-shaven, he usually dresses in conservative 'old man clothes'. However, he can occasionally be spotted wearing his superhero costume or a black leather jacket, white t-shirt, and blue jeans.

Rolling Thunder (Blue Lightning)

Name: Amber Kovalenko

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Occupation: high school student

Powers: Able to access the speed force, like The Flash, allowing her to move and react at hyper-human speeds and to do so with unrealistic durability. However, as a paraplegic, she is incapable of any movement or feeling below her waist.

Appearance: Imagine that emo girl from high school: the one with over-the-top bangs and dyed black hair with a blue or purple streak in it. Now, put her in a wheelchair and you’ve got the right idea. Amber’s natural hair is blonde and her eyes are blue, but their everyday colours are always changing. While she dresses like an emo girl, she usually avoids anything that draws attention to her legs, which she considers to be ‘gross’ because of atrophy.

Stregha Nona

Name: Sandra Malatesta

Age: 81

Gender: Female

Occupation: retired (former member of the Liberty Corps and the Dread Legion)

Powers: Once an immensely powerful evil sorceress, she turned her back on those dark ways, placing an unbreakable curse on herself so that she would gradually forget offensive magic. While this took years and, reformed, she served in the Liberty Corps for a time, she retains only utility and fairly basic spells nowadays: transmutation, translocation, healing, and very limited telekinesis and heat manipulation.

Appearance: One of the few non-chunky nonnas that you’ll encounter, Sandra looks like your typical old Italian woman, with a thick head of wispy white hair that categorically attempts to resist all and any control not consisting of a hairclip and bun approach. She was once a ravishing beauty known for dressing provocatively, but now she favours relatively conservative dresses in old world patterns.

Wednesday Warrior

Name: Devan Chaudhary

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Occupation: Mail Room worker

Powers: For one hour, every Wednesday at 3:00 PM, Devan gains superpowers roughly analogous to those of Superman himself.

Appearance: Devan is a short, marginally overweight South Asian man in his late twenties. When he actually cares about his appearance, he’s rather handsome. He usually wears a short, neatly trimmed beard and moustache and his hair is dark and loosely curled. He generally dresses down, both at work and outside of it.

Yes Man

Name: Juan Antonio Alvarez-Quintana

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Occupation: Lawyer and card shark

Powers: can tell any lie, verbal or otherwise, and be unequivocally believed by its recipient. The harder to believe that the lie is, the longer it will take for his ability to reset, up to a maximum of a month.

Appearance: Juan is a small, lightly built man with a vigorous and energetic demeanour. His deeply-tanned skin still bears hints of acne, and his jet-black hair is often slicked back. Almost always clean-shaven and respectably dressed, he prefers to wear brightly-coloured business shirts and seems to have a fondness for ostentatious cuff links.

Them's the Rules!

Uno: The usual stuff about not being an ass, not powerplaying, metagaming, asspulling, etc, and just remembering to RP as your character and not as yourself.

Dos: Try to post at least one good paragraph or better. This is intended to be high casual. Try to keep up with the general flow of posts and be active at least once a week. If you disappear for more than this amount of time without notice, your character will be made into an NPC. NPCs can be killed off. Don't let it happen! Conversely, try not to flood the IC with posts without giving others a chance to participate.

Tres: Characters should be human, believable mutants, or (subject to GM discretion) aliens or tech. The main stipulation is that they should be able to believably inhabit a world not unlike ours except for the presence of beings with superpowers.

Cuatro: I'm looking for a group of five to eight players. You will all be drafted into the Blooperheroes, known officially in-world as the Liberty Corps Reserves. Feel free to give any of the sample characters a full bio and RP as them if you like. Otherwise, they'll be NPCs that may appear. While it isn't likely, there is a possibility of character death here. Later on, if this goes well, there will also be room for characters to evolve, switch sides, etc. Playable Villains will hopefully be introduced. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though.

Cinco: I'll have a CS up by the weekend if there's enough interest to justify it. I imagine it'll also include a bio section, an alignment, and some additional physical details. Pictures are not essential, but strongly preferred.

The World

This section will be expanded and filled in as we near the launch of the RPG.
Liberty Corps Database

Full Members

Atlas: Do you understand the gravity of the situation?

Birth Name: Thiago Gonçalves

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Nationality: Brazilian

Birthplace: Belem, Para, Brazil

City of Residence: Belem, Para, Brazil

Powers: Can manipulate the pull of gravity, reversing, weakening, or intensifying it wherever he wishes within his field of view.

Appearance: A wiry teenager of mixed Hispanic descent, Thiago has dark brown eyes to match his loosely curled black hair and deeply tanned skin. His mouth is unusually large, with a magnificent row of pearly whites. He may be on the small side, but he is phenomenally athletic. In terms of dressing style, he's most comfortable wearing black track pants, running shoes, and a loose, sleeveless white T-shirt.

Fortunate Son: I laugh in the face of danger!

Birth name: (Victor) Hu Gang

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Nationality: Chinese

Birthplace: Wulingyuan, Hunan, China

City of Residence: Xuhui, Shanghai, China

Occupation: Corporate executive

Powers: the indestructible man. He cannot be killed or harmed in any way. Otherwise, he has no superpowers whatsoever, despite being a fabulously wealthy tycoon.

Appearance: Victor is an Asian man with lightly tanned skin, dark brown eyes, and short black hair (peppered with silver around the temples) in his early forties, though most people think that he looks somewhat younger. He’s clean-shaven and usually well-dressed, of average to slightly below average height and, low-key, in excellent shape. He would not stand out one bit in a large crowd.

Fractal: Double or nothing?

Birth Name: Janine Jellicoe

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Nationality: American

Birthplace: San Francisco, USA

City of Residence: New Ivansburg, USA

Occupation: student

Powers: Janine's a terrific space-warper. She can split into multiple clones, all of whom can teleport. Each clone is fully autonomous and can act independently, though they must be within a kilometer of at least one other clone or they will disappear.

Appearance: Honestly trends kind of "basic white girl", but with just enough hint of artsy and bohemian flair to not be boring. Janine's rather petite. While she doesn't stand out much in a crowd with her wavy brown hair and grey-brown eyes, she takes care of herself, so I guess you could say she's not bad looking. When fighting crime, she dresses for comfort and practicality, with just a dash of bright colour, usually in a subtle rainbow pattern, for personal flare.

Genesis: I am whatever you say I am.

Birth name: Ameyo Peprah

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Nationality: Ghanaian

Birthplace: Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana

City of Residence: Accra, Ghana

Occupation: bank teller

Powers: Can change the molecular constitution of objects, both living and non-living, by touching them, essentially transmuting them. She can only transmute them into things that she has touched before. She cannot transmute complex objects made of multiple different substances into a single one.

Appearance: Ameyo is a dark-skinned African woman with long black hair worn in dreadlocks that are often pulled back in a ponytail or a loose bun. While not exceptionally tall, she is somewhat above average height, and reasonably fit, with high, prominent cheekbones, a receded chin, and a heart-shaped face. She prefers long skirts and loose-fitting tops when not at work, where she dresses professionally and conservatively.

Holy Diver: You've been down too long in the midnight sea!

Birth Name: Victor Pangilinan

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Nationality: Filipino

Birthplace: Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines

City of Residence: Valletta, Malta or Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Powers: Can 'purify' any liquid, reverting it back to a state of being clean, uncontaminated water. Can breathe underwater, move through it freely and fluidly and, when focusing and praying with intensity, can endow it with healing properties, heat it to boiling, or create massive storm surges and great waves.

Appearance: A small, stocky man of Filipino ethnicity, Victor is deeply tanned and unremarkable of appearance. He is always clean-shaven and wears his hair short and nearly-trimmed. He favours dressing in fairly conservative clothing, often in light colours, especially white, though he'll be found in board shorts fairly often as well. Victor is rarely seen without a simple wooden cross around his neck, and it's often paired with a wide-brimmed straw hat.

Kingmaker: With great power comes great responsibility.

Birth Name: Peter Ngiraked

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Nationality: Palauan

Birthplace: Olkang, Kayangel, Palau

City of Residence: Olkang, Kayangel, Koror

Powers: Can temporarily grant and borrow powers and abilities from people and animals, redistributing them to others, including himself.

Appearance: Peter is a large, heavyset man of Micronesian Pacific Islander descent with deeply tanned skin and close-cropped black hair. He’s actually not particularly tall, but just seems to appear larger than he really is. He has a large, welcoming, gap-toothed smile and can usually be found wearing board shorts and a couple of bead necklaces. Shirts are only for Sunday church services.

Maven: Truth is in the eye of the beholder...

Birth Name: (April) Hu Hui

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Nationality: Chinese

Birthplace: Xuhui, Shanghai, China

City of Residence: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Powers: Has the ability to learn all that there is to know about any subject or skill of her choosing. Can only have up to seven at a time. Can also learn the absolute truth about people and their intentions. She is otherwise a bog-standard human.

Appearance: A petite teen of Asian extraction, April has long black hair, pale skin, and dark brown eyes. When wearing makeup, she looks startlingly different than when not wearing any. Though far from physically intimidating, she gives off an aura of aggressive competence. While April bears doesn't bear a particularly strong resemblance to her father, she shares his level of fitness and penchant for dressing sharply.

Revenant: The night is dark and full of terrors.

Birth Name: Winona King

Age: 40

Gender: Female

Nationality: American (Lakota)

Birthplace: Rapid City, South Dakota, USA

City of Residence: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Powers: Can manipulate and inhabit shadows, can control people through their shadows. Has limited abilities to control literal darkness and light.

Appearance: Tall and striking, Winona is possessed of sharp features, piercing grey eyes, and high cheekbones. She seemingly does everything that she can to make the least of these, with weathered, leather-coloured skin and long black hair (shot through with a grey streak) pulled back into a simple ponytail. Except when on official Liberty Corps duty, she is almost never found not wearing jeans, work boots, and a simple rust-red sleeveless vest.

Timeline: It could happen, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Birth Name: Hanna Kovalenko

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Nationality: Canadian

Birthplace: Korosten, Zhytomyr, Ukraine

City of Residence: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Occupation: undergraduate university student

Powers: A time manipulator, she can pause time by closing her eyes and thinking the word “stop” in Ukrainian, rewind it by holding her breath, and preview future events by going to the places where they will occur and making physical contact with affected objects.

Appearance: Hannah is a young, fair-skinned Caucasian woman with bright blue eyes and long, straight blonde hair. Her apple-pie appearance belies the fact that she’s actually pretty ‘ethnic’ and speaks fluent Ukrainian. She looks and dresses like a pretty college white girl who knows that she's pretty, with perfectly done makeup and flattering clothes. Her Liberty Corps outfit is designed to emphasize her secondary name: Hourglass.

Volta: Turnabout's fair play!

Birth Name: Ciro Volta

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Nationality: Italian

Birthplace: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

City of Residence: New York, New York, USA

Occupation: Master’s student in Physics, varsity soccer player

Powers: an energy redirector. He can redirect any form or amount of energy, be it magnetic, kinetic, chemical, or thermal in any direction that he chooses. Generally, he can do so without injury, though attacks that bypass his ability can injure him as he is otherwise a regular guy.

Appearance: Ciro is a young Caucasian man with lightly tanned skin, green-brown eyes, and artfully shaggy wavy dark brown hair. He’s clean shaven except for a small, well-trimmed goatee. He’s noticeably taller than average height, with a lean, athletic build. Most people consider him strikingly handsome, and he’s mastered the art of dressing with an effortless style that straddles the line between haute couture and bohemian.

Provisional Members

Blue Max
Leading Light
White Hat

Former Members

Green Banshee
Commander Conrad
Liberty Man
The Witness

Reserve Members

Golden Asp
Jerry Danger
La Machine
The Mexicutioner
Orange Marauder
The Quick and the Dead
BBW (Batman, But a Woman)

Emergency Members

Rolling Thunder
Wednesday Warrior
Yes Man

Others Under Observation

Found: 10 items

The Amazing Black Hole
Captain Chicken
Faust 2
The Magnificent Marvelo
The Narcoleptic
Nick No Knees
Sandy Man
Silent Spring

Evaluation results pending.

The City of New Ivansburg
Known Supervillains

Threat Level Delta

Big Wing

Birth Name: Walter Weissbach

Age: 45

Gender: male

Area of Operations: New Ivansburg

Status: incarcerated in a maximum security state penitentiary.

Known Powers: Can turn into a gigantic pelican with a 100 ft wingspan.

Knuckles Inc.

Birth Names: Clara (Knuckleduster) and Conrad (Knuckle Sandwich) Medvedev

Age: 23

Gender: female (Clara) and male (Conrad)

Area of Operations: Milwaukee, Green Bay, Minneapolis, Upstate Michigan

Status: Currently at large. Possibly separated. Clara sighted last in Fargo, North Dakota.

Known Powers: Clara always knows the most offensive and insulting possible thing to say to a person. Conrad can make you vomit violently and uncontrollably by grabbing you. Both have the ability to break any jaw that they punch and are heavyset, extremely resilient by normal human standards, and unusually large, strong, and violent.


Birth Name: Raj Bhattacharya

Age: 20

Gender: male

Area of Operations: New York, New York

Status: Currently at large. Last sighted in the New Ivansburg area

Known Powers: Can generate an extremely slick and pungent substance from his...fingertips that renders any surface it touches frictionless. Depending on conditions, it will take between two minutes to an hour to dry and will become a powerful adhesive.

Susie Biscuits

Birth Name: Susan Berkowitz

Age: 53

Gender: female

Area of Operations: New Ivansburg, USA

Status: At large and ostensibly reformed.

Known Powers: Can make anything taste irresistibly delicious. People will feel strongly compelled to eat it. Regardless of its taste, the item in question will retain all of its other properties.

The Wailer

Birth Name: Martin Garcia Jr.

Age: 36 (often appears aged 1 or younger)

Gender: male

Area of Operations: Washington D.C.

Status: Believed at large. Whereabouts unknown.

Known Powers: can transform into any human being currently alive, so long as that person is under one year of age. Can transform for as long as he wants. Maintains all of his mental and social acumen, memories, and knowledge, but will operate with the motor skills of the person he is mimicking.

Threat Level Gamma

The Bubbler

Birth Name: Louis Wilson

Age: 33

Gender: male

Area of Operations: Chicago, Illinois

Status: Recently released from prison following a six-month sentence.

Known Powers: Can create 'bubbles' of up to eight feet in diameter. These behave like normal bubbles, but can act as either explosives when they burst, or extremely durable physical barriers, which trap/protect their targets inside for up to an hour.

Green Freedom

Birth Name: Miles Hightower

Age: 27

Gender: male

Area of Operations: Denver, Colorado

Status: Doin' hard time in the slammer. Bogus.

Known Powers: Can convince anyone to get high with him if he speaks with them for more than ten seconds. When smoking from a joint, bong, or pipe lit by him, they get high instantly and with extreme potency.


Birth Name: Shauna Ward

Age: 35

Gender: female

Area of Operations: Detroit, Michigan

Status: currently at large. Whereabouts unknown

Known Powers: Can distribute her body mass between as many identical clones as she likes, down to a molecular size. They will eventually start to recombine naturally until only one full-sized Shauna remains. If her clones are destroyed and even one remains, she will eventually return to normal size.

Natural Twenty

Birth Name: Roxy Sanchez-Aranda

Age: 25

Gender: female

Area of Operations: Texas

Status: At large. Last sighted in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Known Powers: Can roll a d20 before taking any action. The number of the roll determines how successful it is, with 20 being spectacular success beyond expectations and 1 being catastrophic failure with serious repercussions. Also has a tricked out prosthetic leg with a pop-out multitool and pistol.

Sour Cherry Blaster

Birth Name: Imogen Donahue

Age: 24

Gender: female

Area of Operations: Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, southern Ohio

Status: Incarcerated in a state penitentiary for grand larceny. Due to be released in seven years.

Known Powers: Launches bright red and green lasers when she punches. The direction that they go in is only somewhat controllable. They gain in power and range when she's punching rhythmically or to some sort of beat.

Threat Level Beta

Glass Canon

Birth Name: Sonia Suleiman

Age: 46

Gender: female

Area of Operations: Seattle, USA

Status: Currently walking free under close observation by the Liberty Corps... at least until they disappeared.

Known Powers: Can subvert the laws of physics and canon, making objects, people, and powers behave in ways that they're not supposed to. Can't outright negate any powers, but can 'tweak' them to make them much more or less useful.

Great and Mighty Leader

Birth Name: unknown

Age: late forties

Gender: believed male

Area of Operations: Wherever freedom exists and must become tyranny

Status: Believed at large in a lair somewhere beneath a volcano in the South Pacific

Known Powers: Genius-level intellect, supreme charisma, a plethora of useful gadgets, basically a Nazi. That's scary enough.


Birth Name: Monica Xu

Age: 20

Gender: female

Area of Operations: Los Angeles, California

Status: Currently incarcerated in a maximum security state penitentiary for multiple homicides.

Known Powers: People who she takes a selfie with explode ten seconds later. It is believed that she possesses other, as-yet unknown abilities.


Birth Name: Donald Chainarong

Age: 37

Gender: male

Area of Operations: San Francisco, California

Status: incarcerated in a state penitentiary for multiple homicides and property destruction totaling over $30 million

Known Powers: is a lumbermancer, able to control and manipulate wood in the same way that a pyromancer or hyrdomancer controls fire or water, respectively, and similar to somebody like Magneto can manipulate materials with magnetic properties.

Threat Level Alpha

Bloody Mary

Birth Name: Mary Palazzo

Age: 28

Gender: female

Area of Operations: Atlantic City, New Jersey

Status: At large. Last seen with Great and Mighty Leader.

Known Powers: Gains superhuman strength, speed, and resilience up to a maximum of 100x human average. The more blood that she loses, the stronger she gets. When she is on the brink of death, her wounds will naturally close unless somehow prevented from doing so, and she will collapse, unconscious.

Dr. Zeuss

Birth Name: Dr. Theodore Zachary Brooks

Age: 42

Gender: male

Area of Operations: Miami, Florida

Status: At large. Whereabouts unknown. Last sighted in the Florida Keys.

Known Powers: Extreme physical strength and resilience. Can launch lightning bolts from his hands as long as he continues speaking in rhymes. Can deflect most attacks effortlessly with his biceps and triceps simply by flexing.

F Major

Birth Name: Carl Wellman

Age: 51

Gender: male

Area of Operations: Salt Lake City, Utah

Status: Currently on the run after escaping from prison. Last sighted near Denver, Colorado

Known Powers: Can 'bring songs to life' by singing them, making their events, or the closest approximation to them physically possible take place. Can compel people to take instruction or direction from songs that he sings, effectively mind-controlling them.


Birth Name: Hayden Huang

Age: 7

Gender: male

Area of Operations: Boston, Massachusetts

Status: Currently under supervision ( effectively house arrest) pending investigation

Known Powers: Can turn into a gigantic ten-story tall booger. While in gigantic booger form, can turn any solid object that he touches into a booger and incorporate it into himself, growing even larger in the process.

Threat Level Omega

H.I.M. (Her Infernal Majesty)

Birth Name: Emily de Montmartre

Age: 407 (appears about 30)

Gender: female

Area of Operations: Continental Europe

Status: At large. Last sighted in Southeastern Romania.

Known Powers: Pyromancy, telekinesis, temperature control to extreme levels, semi-invisibility (can hide in and emerge from shadows), resilience, flight, complete resistance to mind control and psychic attacks.

Titanus Omega

Birth Name: Clay Kemp

Age: 32

Gender: male

Area of Operations: International

Status: At large. Whereabouts unknown.

Known Powers: Colossal physical strength, lightning speed, virtually indestructible, flight, x-ray vision, supersonic shockwave punches, Poisonous breath. Basically Superman but evil.

The Liberty Register

The Liberty Corps maintains a core membership of nine individuals with exceptional abilities who are tasked with protecting Life, Liberty, and Equality whenever and wherever these cherished ideals may find themselves threatened. As a result, eight replacement members will be selected to join the (soon to be revealed) emergency corps leader, while the other applicants (if there even enough of you crazy enough to sign up for this job) will be placed in reserve. That means that the eight characters who best represent the vision for Blooperheroes that I have presented above will be accepted for this RP. Try to consider interesting and offbeat powers that seem weak or absurd but have real potential if used well. Take team synergy, comedic potential, and dramatic potential into account. Uniqueness is generally a plus. Pandering isn't.

If your character doesn't end up being selected by the Liberty Corps (hey, I'm just their spokesman, so don't shoot the messenger), it doesn't mean that they're not a good character. It likely just means that there were others who were a better fit this time around. Anyways, without further ado, have a Character Sheet:
Character Sheet
Superhero Alias

A character quote or motto

Birth Name | Age | Gender | Sexuality | Hometown


So, I know that your conception of the character(s) can change as the story moves along or even as you write your CS and get a feel for her. The purpose of this is to try to think of five (or possibly more) essential traits, followed by a brief paragraph below the bullet points to summarize what your character is like and how we can expect her to interact with others.

C H A R A C T E R _ A P P E A R A N C E
What does your character look like? How does he dress? How old is he? What are his defining features? Does he have any particularly noteworthy markings, birthmarks, tattoos, or scars?

P O W E R S _&_ A B I L I T I E S
Just what can your character do? What makes her more than normal but less than reliably 'super'? Please provide a clear description of powers, including ancillary effects, limits, and weaknesses, as well as anything needed to facilitate them. Remember, this is Blooperheroes, so let's keep these on the lower end of the power ladder. The goal here isn't to be the strongest; it's to use what you have well.

Every cape needs an origin story, right? This is where you tell us where your character came from. Where was he born? How did he get his powers or was he born with them? What led him to this point in his life? Please try to keep this below two or three meaty paragraphs.

What gets your character up every morning and, more particularly, why is she doing this? What does she want out of this opportunity (if she views it as one) and what does she want out of life in general? What are her goals?

What sort of personal items, tools, cash, or weapons (!) does your character usually carry, and what might we find stashed in his home or hideout?

S T R E N G T H S _&_ S K I L L S

There's more to a character than her superpower! What other skills has she acquired outside of her 'superpower'? What are some of her personal strengths?

W E A K N E S S E S _&_ F L A W S

Nobody's perfect. What are some things that your character just tends to struggle with? What are some personality traits that may be problematic?

Anything not covered above goes here. You can leave this blank if you like.

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[size=150][u]P E R S O N A L I T Y            [/u][/size]

So, I know that your conception of the character(s) can change as the story moves along or even as you write your CS and get a feel for her. The purpose of this is to try to think of five (or possibly more) essential traits, followed by a brief paragraph below the bullet points to summarize what your character is like and how we can expect her to interact with others.

[size=150][u]C H A R A C T E R _ A P P E A R A N C E            [/u][/size]
What does your character look like? How does he dress? How old is he? What are his defining features? Does he have any particularly noteworthy markings, birthmarks, tattoos, or scars?

[size=150][u]P O W E R S _&_ A B I L I T I E S            [/u][/size]
Just what can your character do? What makes her more than normal but less than reliably 'super'? Please provide a clear description of powers, including ancillary effects, limits, and weaknesses, as well as anything needed to facilitate them. Remember, this is Blooperheroes, so let's keep these on the lower end of the power ladder. The goal here isn't to be the strongest; it's to use what you [i]have[/i] well.

[size=150][u]H I S T O R Y            [/u][/size]
Every cape needs an origin story, right? This is where you tell us where your character came from. Where was he born? How did he get his powers or was he born with them? What led him to this point in his life? Please try to keep this below two or three meaty paragraphs.

[size=150][u]M O T I V A T I O N            [/u][/size]
What gets your character up every morning and, more particularly, why is she doing this? What does she want out of this opportunity (if she views it as one) and what does she want out of life in general? What are her goals?

[size=150][u]I N V E N T O R Y            [/u][/size]
What sort of personal items, tools, cash, or weapons (!) does your character usually carry, and what might we find stashed in his home or hideout?

[size=150][u]S T R E N G T H S _&_ S K I L L S           [/u][/size]

There's more to a character than her superpower! What other skills has she acquired outside of her 'superpower'? What are some of her personal strengths? 

[size=150][u]W E A K N E S S E S _&_ F L A W S            [/u][/size]

Nobody's perfect. What are some things that your character just tends to struggle with? What are some personality traits that may be problematic?

[size=150][u]M I S C E L L A N E O U S            [/u][/size]
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Re: Blooperheroes Signups and OOC Discussion

Post by Rocket » Wed Nov 13, 2019 1:15 am

Captain Chicken!

Captain Chicken laughs in the face of villainy! Villains, however, just laugh in the face of Captain Chicken

Robyn Swift | 26 | Cis-Female | Unbefuckinglievably Gay | West Podunk, Flyover County, Iowa

❖ Snarky
❖ Loves puns
❖ Experienced
❖ Used to mockery
❖ Suicidally depressed

Robyn is entirely too used to being bullied. When you grow up a dumpy, nerdy lesbian with British ancestry in the rural US and you aren't some hideous reimagining of Clark Kent, that's what your life is like. She'd love to tell you that it changed when she got her powers, but since her power is to turn someone into a chicken, that obviously didn't happen. She's been laughed at for years by heroes, villains, teenagers, homeless people, and naked meth addicts waving bat'leths at oncoming traffic. Even so, when she puts on the mask, it's the only time she feels like she has any value at all. This is conducive to being a tireless champion of truth, justice, and increasingly shit chicken puns. It is not conducive to being a mentally healthy person who isn't one wrong move away from the end of a noose.

C H A R A C T E R _ A P P E A R A N C E
Robyn looks like the kind of woman who writes and reads erotic crossover fanfiction despite being in her mid twenties. Which she does. Tall and stout of middle with a build that her optimistic Tinder profile describes as voluptuous (she gets messages telling her she's spelled it wrong by people who then proceed to completely fuck it up themselves), Robyn has thick prescription glasses that make her look like she's staring at the world through a couple of old television sets, poor skin, worse hair, cauliflower ears, and a nose that looks like a tomato ran into a wall on account of having been broken more times than she can count. She has nice eyes, though; pale blue, like a summer sky seen through a thin haze of woodsmoke, crinkled at the edges from faraway laughter.

P O W E R S _&_ A B I L I T I E S
After having received the blessing of the God of All Chickens (yeah, me neither), Captain Chicken gained the stupendous, incredible power... to turn someone into a chicken. Specifically, the same chicken. The chicken's name is Gavin. Robyn's long since given up on questioning it. While transformed, a person retains superpowers they might have, but can only do things a chicken can do - so a wizard might be unable to perform the elaborate gestures needed to cast spells or a puppeteer might be unable to use their hypnotic voice, but a blaster with laser eye beams could still use them. Despite having had a pretty long career both in Iowa and New Ivansburg, Robyn doesn't know if repeated exposure to superpowers means Gavin has any of her own; her career has mostly been trying to take down thugs. And failing.

The transformations into Gavin last about twenty minutes when they're not interrupted. Since there's only one Gavin (for all that she's the platonic ideal of chickens according to the God of Same), Robyn can't transform more than one person at a time, and when she uses her power on a new target, the previous one turns back immediately no matter how much time was left on the clock. Robyn also swore an unbreakable oath to never cause direct harm to galliforms of any kind; while injuries might transfer over to the person transformed into Gavin, she's never really had the opportunity to study the phenomenon in any depth.

Unlike a lot of heroes her age, long years of testing in the field has led Robyn to have quite a handle on the ins and outs of her power. She knows it requires direct line of sight to work, but the transition from angry gangster to slightly less dangerous but if anything angrier chicken is instantaneous and the work of a mere thought, as is the transition back. While the transitioned person will retain clothes for some inexplicable reason, it doesn't account for equipment such as bandoliers, held objects, &c. As such, the person will be empty handed when they turn back into a people. Hers might be a power that can only do one very weird thing, but Robyn's taken the John Constantine route (not, it must be said, entirely by choice) and tried to wring every last drop of use out of it over a career that's lasted over a decade. She's extremely dedicated to being a hero; almost as dedicated as the established teams of the world, with their tie-in deals and PR budgets and brand management awareness courses, are to keeping the fucking idiot dressed as a chicken as far away from them as possible.

The big mistake was thinking she was special.

Robyn had wanted to be a superhero her whole life. She followed the news sites and RSS feeds and radio trackers and gossip columns. She loved the cape lifestyle and everything to do with it. She wanted to be part of that world, to fly away from dismal reality in a bumfuck nowhereville like West Podunk. The town was horrendous. It had corn, it had bibles, it had foobaw. That was it. One of the residents had been a sixth-round draft pick for the Cleveland Browns and once threw seventeen pick sixes in a single game. They named Robyn's high school after him. It was the only local pride they had.

For a girl who liked learning, the Iowa public school system is basically a perfectly-crafted hellscape from which the only escape is being completely nondescript. Robyn wasn't. She would have been a shoo-in for the basketball team if they'd operated one for the girls, but they didn't and also basketball is fucking awful. Being hugely tall for her age and not conventionally attractive meant her life was made a living hell by the cheer squad. The knives came when she was thirteen, the first pills a year later, the first brush with a rope a year after that. Her getting a frankly abysmal roll of the dice when it came to superpowers didn't help. It just reinforced the idea that she was a repulsive, pathetic failure. So she put on a shit costume night after night and got beat up most of them, because there's no such thing as therapy in West Podunk. That's what the pastor was for, and even he wasn't interested in touching her. Which suited her just fine, for previously mentioned reasons of lesbicity.

She moved to New Ivansburg to study molecular biology, but couldn't pay her tuition even with three jobs and the occasional bounty from hero work. She tried to join up with the Liberty Corps after being forced to drop out, and she hoped she'd find what she needed. She hoped an prayed that this time it'd be different, that this time she'd find somewhere she belonged, somewhere she could grow and thrive, somewhere she could be the hero she desperately wanted to be.

The big mistake was thinking she was special, they said, as they laughed her out of the building.

When you've been in the Z-list hero game since you were insisting you were twelve and a half, thank you, you realize that there's only one thing that keeps you getting up in the morning and pulling on the mask: spite. Every day is a struggle for Robyn. She works a dreadful shift in a falafel processing plant that barely keeps a roof over her head and hasn't ever paid her health insurance. Her family have long since disowned her. Her only escape is through the bottom of a bottle but that shit's expensive so it's rare for her to get that level of sweet oblivion. That's why she pulls t he mask down over her face night after night after pointless, fruitless, worthless night. It's that or a noose.

Cap keeps a fuckload of zipties she nicked from work about her person when she's out on patrol. They're good at keeping criminals in one place and from trying anything funny, especially since the city is well-stocked with lamp posts to tie them to. She has a cheap, shitty old camera phone, but it's still very useful and it means she can track pictures at the local library when she's got time off. She also carries a multi-tool for anything that needs, er, multitooling. Finally, she has her most prized crimefighting possession, the one thing she's never without on patrol: a collapsible baton, ex-police issue, that she's had since she was sixteen as a present from her old therapist for managing to not die on the job. It lets her hit hard in a fight, and it reminds her of the fact that there are, or at least once were, people in her life who care about her.

S T R E N G T H S _&_ S K I L L S
Experienced: Robyn's been donning the mask of Captain Chicken for close to fifteen years, and while she's got a crap power, she's very experienced with the ancillary cape stuff. Crime scene non-contamination, talking to police without engendering threat responses, City Hall paperwork, the legal stuff, and so on.
Eye for Trouble: Robyn's developed a bit of a sixth sense about when something's going to boil over into violence. It doesn't mean she'll be able to do anything about it, but at least she'll probably know it's coming.
Get Back Up: Robyn might not have super-toughness as a power, but she's good at forcing herself back onto her feet for the next round. She's been knocked around so much that a doctor at the free clinic once asked if she'd been a professional boxer, so she's quite used to it.
Compassion: Robyn's suffered. A lot. Suffering doesn't affect people the same way, but she tries to use what she's been through to help other people, and as a result she's always trying to be kind. Sadly this is not a kindness she extends to herself.
Whip Smart: Robyn didn't get into university on a molecular biology course by thinking medulla oblongata was a metal band from Peru. Despite her ever-increasing history of head injuries, she's pretty damn smart in certain areas and she doesn't think it automatically makes her better than anyone else, unlike her dimensional physics professor Mr. Sanchez.
Economical: Robyn's dirt-poor in her civilian life, so she's very good at counting pennies and budgeting. This can come in handy for teams, as cape shit can get pricey and less experienced capes can get swallowed up into a mountain of debt.

W E A K N E S S E S _&_ F L A W S
Suicidal: Robyn is actively suicidal. Her depression is extreme, crippling, and unmedicated due to it costing far more than she can afford. She has scars on the insides of her thighs, on her hips, on her upper arms, and across her stomach. It's got to the point that she doesn't let herself keep anything sharper than a butterknife in her apartment, except for her multitool and The One Knife. She only uses it when things get really, horribly bad, though, so that's okay.
Absent-Minded: Maybe it's all the traumatic brain injuries sustained over the years and treated with nought but the occasional Advil, but Robyn's really quite forgetful.
Substance Abuse: If she had the cash for it, Robyn would probably be a raging alcoholic. As things stand, she's functional but uses it as a form of self-medication, which is a dangerous road to go down.
Defeatist: Robyn's not good at staying positive, especially outside of a fight. She gets frustrated and sarcastic, and the guilt she feels afterwards makes it even worse. The baggage she's got doesn't help.
Eye For Girls: Robyn's a sucker for a pretty face, and also keenly aware that those pretty faces are almost never suckers for her. She once had a blind date liken her face to what happens if you put a holiday ham in a cement mixer for twelve hours. It's taken a hell of a toll on her mental state over the years, it really has, and it also means that she's been rather starved of affection. If someone of villainous intent showed her any, well, things would get tricky.
Isolated: Robyn feels alone a lot of the time, and tends to carry her burdens on her own. She's been so often and so badly by so many in her life that she tends to assume that people are just going to hurt her, or that she'll hurt them. This in turn means she tends to stay away from forming intimate relationships; indeed she's not even sure how to have one. Which is... well, it's just sad.

This space left intentionally blank.
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Re: Blooperheroes Signups and OOC Discussion

Post by Trihunter » Wed Nov 13, 2019 9:12 am



Maybelle McLusky | Female | Cody, WY

❖ Reckless
❖ Streetwise
❖ Smug

The embodiment of Chaotic Good, Flashback's personality has thus far proven to be more of a liability than her powers. She prefers using her own methods, and may disobey orders if she thinks they're "doing it wrong". She's reliable to complete any suitable task assigned to her, though it's likely she'll end up picking up a bit more heat than necessary in the process.

P O W E R S _&_ A B I L I T I E S
Time-Shifting: Any item Flashback can get her hands on, up to the size of a vehicle, can be shifted back in time, becoming the rough equivalent of such an item in the past, though it does keep some modern traits. More time is needed to shift the item back further in time. A car becomes a horse, a gun becomes a revolver which in turn becomes a cannon. Control is enough to make something be of a certain period, but not enough to roll it back to specific dates, or even specific years.

Flashback's powers don't have a known origin yet. She acted as something of a vigilante for a good while, working independent of any organization to make the world a better place in her eyes, though this did get her on the wrong end of the Liberty Corps occasionally. Eventually, a particularly benevolent member of the Corps decided that perhaps she'd like to join the crew, instead of being put behind bars again (besides, they were getting tired of having to replace all the paperwork she caused when being detained). As a fairly fresh recruit to the team, she's still learning the ropes of how to operate as part of the team.

❖ Melvin, her currently unidentified species of mount. He's a big baby and refuses to participate in combat, other than running away from danger. Sometimes he just doesn't want to come on missions at all. Vegetarian at the least, though it seems to quite like snacking on junk food.
❖ At least one revolver is somewhere on her person, usually several. She has one preferred revolver, one that's actually not timeshifted, but painstakingly restored from a specimen from home.
❖ She also tends to carry a variety of useful time-shifted kit in her backpack, or on Melvin.

S T R E N G T H S _&_ S K I L L S
❖ Impressive experience using vintage and timeshifted equipment
❖ Strong will to "do good"
❖ Solid initiative and instincts
❖ Fast fingers

W E A K N E S S E S _&_ F L A W S
❖ Absolute refusal to use "modern" or future tech. If she's given something for a while that she needs to use, it'll likely get shifted.
❖ Poor teamwork skills
❖ Melvin
❖ Can be fairly easily swayed through misinformation

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Re: Blooperheroes Signups and OOC Discussion

Post by Wolf51-50 » Wed Nov 13, 2019 9:37 am


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Re: Blooperheroes Signups and OOC Discussion

Post by Tcrrr » Wed Nov 13, 2019 9:42 am

Found myself busy, not gonna enter this unfortunately
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Re: Blooperheroes Signups and OOC Discussion

Post by hide » Wed Nov 13, 2019 11:04 am

My hero will be up soon enough.
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Re: Blooperheroes Signups and OOC Discussion

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Wed Nov 13, 2019 3:49 pm

Silent Spring

(Yes, she is in that picture)

April Miller | 17 | Female | Straight | Port Orchard, WA

❖ Introvert
❖ Passive and Non-confrontational
❖ Slightly under confident
❖ Perceiving
❖ Tends to follow intuition

April has the whole "introvert" package, including shyness, anxiety, you know the deal.
more info soon i guess

C H A R A C T E R _ A P P E A R A N C E
April is an average, rather cute looking, teenage girl, only caveat is that she is coming at the towering height of 151 cm (somewhere bellow 5'0"), combine this with her very skinny body and you might realize that you can probably lift her with one arm.
She will usually let her hair loose instead of keeping it in a ponytail or something, said hair is long, straight and black colored, contrasting with her very white, sunburn prone, skin.
In terms on clothing, although April prefers the loose stuff, you will find her wearing mostly tight fitting stuff (more on that later), tho she will be wearing some kind of over sized hoodie unless the weather is way too hot to do that.
As a superhero you will notice her wearing tighter clothing and her hair will be tied up, sometimes in a bun or something. She doesn't really like to do this but does it anyways because power stuff.

P O W E R S _&_ A B I L I T I E S
TL;DR: April is completely invisible while not moving.

Now for the details:
No, the organs inside her body functioning doesn't mess with the invisibility. The movement has to be something that could possibly be seen from outside.
The movement is relative to her body (mainly it's pose), so she can be invisible while sitting in a moving car for example.
The invisibility takes a few seconds of stillness to activate and a second of movement to deactivate. The activation/deactivation is almost instantaneous and yes, she turns invisible even if she doesn't want too (although she can cancel it by moving a finger or something)
The not moving is actually while minimal movement, she can do minimal movements while invisible like moving her eyes to look around or breathing calmly, and that's about it.
April can also focus her mind on her power to make it more effective. Basically if she focus the motion required for deactivation of invisibility is increased, letting her do minimal, normally noticeable, movements like breathing not so calmly, whispering, VERY SLOWLY walking forwards etc.

You may also ask about her clothing, whether it turns invisible with her or not.
The answer is that April can turn other objects invisible, they are limited in size though. The actual size limit depends on how much of that object's surface is directly touching April.
The hoodies she usually wears can be turn invisible because everything she wears under them has at most short sleeves, so the hoodies have most of her arms surface to touch.
The exact object size to area of contact on her skin is unknown.

Any object inside an invisible object will also be turn invisible, and no she can't exploit this to allow her to move. Any movement from an invisible movement will deactivate her invisibility entirely too.
If any object is touching more of April's skin that it needs to turn invisible, objects touching that object may also be turn invisible even if they aren't directly touching her. This is less efficient than touching April directly of course. The second object's size cap depends on how much of it's area is touching the first object, if this area where 100%, the second object's max size would be lower than the maximum size it would have if it was touching all of the area that the first object is directly touching on April's skin that it didn't need to. (i hope this explanation made sense)
An example of an object indirectly made invisible are April's shoes, they aren't touching her directly, instead they touch her socks. Normally the shoes would remain visible as they are bigger than normal socks. She fixes this by wearing socks that are at least knee high, dramatically increasing their area and capability to turn other things invisible.
Chaining more objects indirectly is theoretically posible, but probably not happening with anything bigger than a pen.
Yes, focusing will also increase the maximum size of the stuff she touches.

The invisibility works with any kind of electromagnetic radiation, not necessarily visible light, meaning that she will also be hidden from stuff like infrared cameras (this includes heat sensing cameras). Her powers will not hide her from stuff like ultrasonic sensors.

The origins of April's powers are unknown, as she always had them as far as she can remember. Most people don't know about her power, at most they noticed not being able to find April at times.
In term of things that have happened to her, not much so far.

April does have the typical stuff like wanting to help, knowing that is the right thing to do, etc.
But really she joined The Liberty Corps because of peer pressure, actually she doesn't even want to do this.
She's also a bit depressed so she doesn't feel much in the motivation department anyways.

She doesn't own a lot of things outside of typical stuff. The only noteworthy stuff you might find at her house are a few musical instruments and a very small collection of knives, she might bring one the knives as a superhero to say that she does have a weapon. Not like she uses them, they are just cool i guess.

S T R E N G T H S _&_ S K I L L S
❖ Smart: She may deny it but truth is, she has a strong intuition and critical thinking skills. Her power is situational and she knows how to use it.
❖ Dexterous: Even if she isn't physically strong, her body isn't totally useless, she is still going to get destroyed in pretty much any kind of combat and has never used any firearm but at least could make good use of something like a knife.
❖ Small body: Not really beneficial but has some advantages like being able to fit in tight spaces, her light weight might also help a teammate get her over a wall or something.
❖ Stealth skills: Even without her power, she is pretty good at sneaking around, not making noises, etc.
❖ Teamwork: She kinda knows how to cooperate and stuff even if she doesn't like interacting with other people, she is also good at following instructions which is sorta related.

W E A K N E S S E S _&_ F L A W S
❖ Anxiety: She actually suffers from anxiety disorder. Does this also mean that she can get an anxiety attack at random for no reason? yes. Does an stressing situation increase the likelihood of it happening? yes. Can focusing her mind on the invisibility for prolonged periods of time increase this too? also yes.
❖ Unfit: April doesn't really do exercises and doesn't have much in strength or resistance, somehow she is very skinny anyways. Combine her unfitness with the size of her body and you will realize that her physical strength is basically nonexistent.
❖ Complete lack of experience: Remember, teenager. Hasn't done much and is new here.
❖ Terrible communication skills: She is an introvert, what did you expect? Anxiety doesn't help. This doesn't fully stop her from working as a team member but still.
❖ Harmless: She hates to inflict harm on anything, even if she knows that they deserve it. Not exactly what you are looking for when fighting crime.
❖ Mildly depressed: It's not as bad as the anxiety but its still there. Probably explains why the lack of motivation, lower self stem and why she doesn't even want to be here.

With the sleep related heroes here i might as well mention her being a light sleeper.
In a sorta related note, as one might guess she doesn't eat a lot and is more of a picky eater.
April is prone to mysteriously disappearing from social events when no one is looking.
She likes to receive friendly head pats, even if she says otherwise.

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Re: Blooperheroes Signups and OOC Discussion

Post by Superbomb122 » Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:07 pm

Nick No Knees

Nick.jpg (1.12 MiB) Viewed 3604 times
Nick in his late teens/early 20s

“I’d call that a ‘home run’... if you were able to run home after that”

Nick Bambino | 31 | Male | Straight | New York, NY

❖ Sarcastic
❖ Cocky
❖ Cheap
❖ Street-smart
❖ Team Player

Nick is, for all intents and purposes, a prick to most people. He has a way of turning most conversations into either mutual respect or lifelong grudges. He enters most conflicts with verbal jabs and ends a good few of them with his bat. At heart, he acts this way not out of hatred, but rather a will to survive. While he is typically a loner after being thrown out of the MLB, any team or crew he does find himself with becomes his number one priority: to live for, to fight for, to die for. If he is on your side, he has the ultimate trust in you and your cause. If you betray him, 54 ounces of pure maple will gladly greet your soon-to-be-nonexistent kneecaps.

C H A R A C T E R _ A P P E A R A N C E
Nick is a 31 year-old man of Italian background. He is 6'3" with an athletic build and weighs 215 pounds. He has jet black hair and brown eyes. He wears street clothes, occasionally choosing to wear a souvenir baseball jersey with his name on the back on special occasions. He has no distinguishing tattoos, scars, or anything of the sort, but he does, for the most part, lack kneecaps, a feature he’s had for years, though the reason why is unknown to anyone but himself. He keeps his bat near him at all times, sometimes walking down the street with it slung over his shoulder.

P O W E R S _&_ A B I L I T I E S
Nick has the ability to hit knees, and only knees, when wielding a maple baseball bat. If someone does not have knees, he will still somehow hit them in the knees. He will hit himself in the knees if no one is within 15 feet (approx. 5 meters) of him.

Nick grew up in a tough part of the Bronx, where the skies were often gray and the alleys were often painted with splotches of blood. His home was no different. His father was murdered when he was 8. His mother met the same fate 3 years later. His older brother became his only family, and truthfully, his only friend. Three days after his mother’s murder, his brother turned to him and said, “Take up baseball. I can’t lose you to this bullshit too”

So he did. He bought some old videos of some of the greats: Joe DiMaggio, Jackie Robinson, Joe Gordon, etc. He spent hours on end watching these tapes, perfecting his form, mastering every trick he knew of, until he finally made the local Little League team. He worked his way through the ranks in high school and college. He entered the MLB Draft as one of the top prospects in the class. The Dodgers selected him in the first round. ‘Perfect,’ he thought. ‘I’ll be as far away from the bullshit as possible.’ Two years after the draft, he trotted onto the field with a brand new maple bat. He swung for the fences, but the bat never touched the ball. Instead, the bat connected directly with the knees of Manuel Vasquez, the opposing catcher. Vasquez would never walk onto the diamond again.

He was arrested and sent to trial. Even in a world with superpowers, no one believed his could be so specific, so situational, and as the prosecutor put it, “so, so useless”. He was told to demonstrate the ability in front of the jury. After much reluctance, he obliged. The great maple bat swung onto the judge’s podium, breaking it and the judge’s kneecaps behind it. He was later convicted and sent to prison.

He served his time and planned to reenter society as a free man. However, society would not let him be free. Try as he might to live normally, Nick could never escape what had happened that fateful May. Tabloids talked much of his release, how the sentence was too lenient, how his defense was ‘fraudulent’, how he was among the biggest busts in MLB history. When the Liberty Corps disappeared, he was among the first replacements to sign up. Being a hero, to him, was the only way the world would forget what he did to Manuel Vasquez.

All Nick wants anymore is to live life on the good side of the public. His drastic (and nationally televised) fall from grace deeply haunts him to this day. He believes that if he becomes a hero again, if he doesn’t let this team down, if he uses the thing that ruined him to save others, he might just become what he’s always wanted to be: accepted.

Nick usually carries with him his wallet (ID, cash, etc.) and baseball bat. Being a former professional baseball player, he still has just over $500K to his name wrapped up in bank accounts in several countries, but he rarely sees a use for the money.

S T R E N G T H S _&_ S K I L L S
❖ Athletic build, meaning he does most physical feats a decent amount better than your average Joe
❖ Can talk himself out of sticky situations just as well as he talks himself into said situations
❖ Has a small fanbase from his baseball days (the people that think the Vasquez Incident wasn’t his fault)
❖ Has a couple of connections ‘on the inside’
❖ Has basic stealth skills from his upbringing in the Bronx

W E A K N E S S E S _&_ F L A W S
❖ Near lack of kneecaps, making him especially vulnerable to leg injuries
❖ Can talk himself into sticky situations just as well as he talks himself out of said situations
❖ Scared of the only people in America that don’t hate him turning against him when another incident occurs
❖ Made quite a few enemies in prison
❖ Has a criminal record
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Re: Blooperheroes Signups and OOC Discussion

Post by Wolf51-50 » Thu Nov 14, 2019 12:22 am


(Picture coming soon!)

Antonio "Tony" Bacon | 27 | Male | Bisexual | Hometown San Francisco, California

❖ Kind-hearted
❖ Steadfast
❖ Quick thinking (when not thinking about food)
❖ Hungry
❖ And uhhh….Hungry

The Black Hole is known for being a guy that you can share a good laugh with, maybe share a beer and stay awhile or some shit. When he's not thinking about his stomach (which is rare) he's actually amazingly intelligent and always wants to be a bit of a counselor figure to the rest of his team. And when he's not, he's probably gnawing on the nearby ATM. He will usually stay calm in most non food related situations and will think before he leaps. He likes to make the occasional prank in the office but will never hurt his loved ones or teammates. Well, except for maybe Captain Chicken on one of his bad days.

C H A R A C T E R _ A P P E A R A N C E

Black Hole is a 27 year old freelancer with a skintight basic superhero style outfit (no c a p e s). He has jet black medium length hair, a chubby belly, and thick arm and neck muscles. In other words looks a bit like Bro Thor in appearance and has a tattoo of a chicken leg on his shoulder. His costume consists of a helmet that covers most of his head and the top of his face, leaving the entire mouth section exposed. The back of his costume also has a sheath for one of his "sizzlers" (described below). His mouth is much larger than the rest of his face proportions, in which he is very self conscious about. Said helmet has an extension for his mouth to make things easier to bite. And btw yes, his jawline is fucking amazing

P O W E R S _&_ A B I L I T I E S

Black Hole is essentially what his name describes. His powers consist of his indestructible jaw and mouth area, and the fact that he will never be full. While it has never been disclosed to the public, it is said that the x-rays of his digestive system caused one of the doctors to go into therapy for the traumatizing images in which he witnessed. While he does enjoy food based items more, he will not hesitate to eat items that us normies wouldn't usually consume, although according to him anything that's not wood or metal based won't taste very good. Through his own self testing it was found that he could chew through aircraft grade aluminum and at least be able to bend ¼" titanium with his jaw. If he were to take a hard punch to the jaw, it would not phase him. And despite never being full, he will still get the full nutrients of whatever he eats before it mysteriously leaves his body. This has caused him to be very strong, though it isn't to say that this would be super power level. However, he has proven to have very strong neck muscles, as he once picked up one end of a pickup truck with his mouth and was able to flip it over. His signature move is the jawbreaker, where he grabs an enemy with his teeth and suplexes them


Antonio was born as a normal child and had a happy childhood. However, when he was 15 his appetite grew. His parents thought it was just a growth spurt until they realized that he ate all the food in the fridge and a piece of the fridge door with it about a year later. They were able to get him scheduled with a doctor to watch his weight and eating habits, which explains while he'll also be seen exercising now and then. The reasoning behind why he is never full has yet to be discovered, and he will refuse to tell you even today. He was eventually kicked out of the house and disowned at the age of 18 when he chewed the furniture on 9 different occasions. He became depressed for a very long time until he started winning pizza and pie eating contests. He later became a 5 time national champion. He soon realized that he wanted to use this "power" he had for good. He trained hard and started eating a bit healthier than he used to.


He was promised FREE FOOD. But in all seriousness he wants to make the world a safer place and wants prove to society and to himself that he is more than a cast iron pig. He wishes to use his need for food as a way to save the planet somehow, and will protect his team at all costs even if it means sacrificing himself. His team is the only family he has left and he will stop at nothing to protect them along with the rest of the world.


Black Hole currently holds the guinness world record for the world's largest fridge. I mean he kinda has to, considering how much this guy eats in one sitting. Same reason why his basement is full of wood planks and steel girders next to his workout space if he ever runs out. You'll find a lot of food items and non food items in the fridge. As for his weapons, he has a decent sized arsenal of unusually large kitchen utensils that he calls "sizzlers", the main ones being a large 3ft long fork or spoon, a staff that can be disconnected at the middle to turn into 2 long reaching nonstick pans, a paraglider shaped like a cutting board, and a drone that was crafted out of a small wok. He can only carry one of these items into battle at a time. Also note that most of these "weapons" will probably be made of stainless steel. He carries a phone with a hardox case on it, and will only keep his wallet in his zipper pockets. He doesn't carry cash

S T R E N G T H S _&_ S K I L L S
❖ Immense natural strength
❖ Hand to mouth combat
❖ Level headed tactician (when he is not eating)
❖ Knows certain types of first aid along with CPR
❖ Constant Positivity

As explained above, the food he eats will still hit the spot and he'll still gain the proper nutrients from them (of course, he'll also gain a decent amount of the fst content from fattier foods so he has to be careful). This is a long process for the nutrients to reach his body, but after nearly 10 years of overeating while being watched by his doctor, it has been found that he has quite the upper body strength. He has also learned tae kwon do, which has given him an advantage in some combat situations, and won't be afraid to add his mouth into the mix as well. Whenever the situation looks bleak and Black Hole is more concerned about the problem at hand than he is of his stomach, he can be a great tactician, which can come as a surprise to many. He's also one that would continue fighting on even with high stakes and will not stand for any negativity unless it has to do with a food shortage. After biting off more than he can chew and once getting electrocuted in a power line chewing accident, he has been taught different types of first aid, and will sometimes incorporate food in his remedies for cuts, sickness, etc.

W E A K N E S S E S _&_ F L A W S
❖ Constant love for food
❖ Can be accidentally selfish
❖ Physical endurance
❖ Fear of abandonment
❖ Strict Diet
You saw this one coming. This guy is gonna eat. And eat. And eat. In fact, he has to eat something nearby every 10 minutes otherwise he will go insane and possibly resort to cannibalism. He also does not like sharing his food and might accidentally forget about his own thoughts and actions when he is enjoying whatever his next meal is, and might not hear things right the first time when he's not in his right state of mind. And even though he's been shown to be physically strong, he doesn't have much in the way of endurance. He'd rather hitch a ride with one of the other heroes or bite his way into a vehicle to borrow it. He's definitely not a runner. Because of his team really being his one true family, he can get lonely rather easily when he is by himself and will struggle to stay positive when he is fighting on his own. Finally, he has a very strict diet. He is allergic to dairy which will give him hives, and is also Jewish, which means that he will only eat certain types of meats, the main ones being pork and shellfish. However, he has gotten over the fact that the food needs to be kosher, as his love for food is put over this anyways.

Anything not covered above goes here. You can leave this blank if you like.

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Re: Blooperheroes Signups and OOC Discussion

Post by MadBull » Thu Nov 14, 2019 3:30 pm

Faust 2

A character quote or motto

Henrika Faust | 44 | Female | None of your damn business | Somewhere German

❖ Intellectual
❖ Greedy
❖ Vain
❖ Elitist
❖ Pragmatic
❖ Annoyed

I mean, we all want to live comfortably. Most people are just too dumb to work out how. When you are as talented as Henrika, you can teach yourself magic. When you are as intelligent as Henrika, you can figure out that black magic gives you more than boring white magic does.
She isn't NATURALLY annoyed... she is just surrounded by incompetent demons all the time, how'd you feel?

C H A R A C T E R _ A P P E A R A N C E
Like the image really. Dresses in pompous dark clothes because, well, that's how you do dark magic.

P O W E R S _&_ A B I L I T I E S
Self-taught demon summoner. As fiction tells us though, demons come in many, many shapes. She summons shit ones, go figure.

She's from Germany, like the great Faust of legend that she claims to be a descendant from, God knows if that's right. She was smart, a succesful and rated doctor, like the great Faust of legend, and disatisfied with life, like the great Faust of legend. And like any good Christian, like the great Faust of legend, knows, demons know how to have fun! Off to her local library she went to get her copy of Demon Summoning for Dummies.
Now, what ACTUALLY happens next is totally ambigious and may be a plot point later! Maybe she wasn't just very good at demon summoning, it is harder than it looks. Maybe the book's just shit. Or maybe, just maybe, this is all a plot of the demons themselves and they just wanna play a trick with someone trying to mess with them.
EITHER WAY, she summons shit demons. Sometimes their claws or horns break like belong to an old lady, sometimes their fire is barely more impressive than that of a broken lucifer... and none of them has come close to giving Henrika anything ressembling power and wealth. And don't get me started about their personalities...
Annoying as this seems, she's also pragmatic though. Having a shit demon every so often is more than the average person can claim, and after some failed attempts at villainy she found the carreer path of the antihero may have benefits. So there.

Well, she really wants power and wealth. Yeah, obviously that sounds villainous, being an antihero just seems to be going marginally better, it comes with a payroll and some spotlight and against her nature she's giving it a go.

Errr, a weird spiked club because she thinks it goes with her pompous image!

S T R E N G T H S _&_ S K I L L S
❖ Intelligent
❖ Selfish
❖ Remorseless

W E A K N E S S E S _&_ F L A W S
❖ Selfish
❖ Remorseless
❖ Not heroic at all

... maybe later...

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Re: Blooperheroes Signups and OOC Discussion

Post by attackfrog » Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:37 pm

...all right, I'll give it a shot.
The Narcoleptic

I just need to close my eyes for a minute...

Anders Irving | 53 | Male | Heterosexual | Boston, MA

❖ Grumpy
❖ Condescending
❖ Strict
❖ Perceptive
❖ Thoughtful

Anders is a grouchy old man in the making, and tends to treat people brusquely and without much politeness. He is a firm believer in "following the rules," but respects out of the box thinking as well. Once he gets going on a subject, he tends to ramble on. When he's paying attention, he tends to notice things other people might overlook (but he's not often paying full attention.)

C H A R A C T E R _ A P P E A R A N C E
Somewhat overweight, balding, white, and 5'8", Anders is not a very imposing presence. He is almost always seen wearing a casual button-up shirt, khakis, and often a sweater vest as well. Up close, the dark bags under his eyes give him a very weary appearance.
When working as a hero, he wears a sleep mask on his head and a fluffy green bathrobe with a stylized "N" on the back.

P O W E R S _&_ A B I L I T I E S
The Narcoleptic's power is also his curse. He can cause anyone he's looking at to become very tired and fall asleep, but the effects apply to him as well. Since he's used to struggling to stay awake, he can usually resist the sleepiness a little longer than his target; enough time to disarm or handcuff an opponent if he's close enough. He and his target will usually stay asleep for about fifteen minutes, but this time will vary depending on how tired the target was to begin with, and whether someone or something is trying to wake the target up. He and his target tend to reawaken at the same time.
If The Narcoleptic hasn't put somebody to sleep in a while, he'll fall asleep on his own, often at inconvenient times.

The Irving family has a history of narcolepsy. Anders struggled with it from an early age, unable to participate in sports at school due to the risk of falling asleep in the middle of a game. He focused his efforts on academics instead, and eventually went on to earn a PhD in psychology. He slowly worked his way up in academia, and finally earned tenure, despite many complaints from students about his falling asleep in the middle of lectures. He married, but later divorced.
Anders opted to undergo an experimental procedure to cure his narcolepsy, but it instead exacerbated it. By accident, he found he could inflict the symptoms of his condition on others, and decided to use that power to make a positive difference in the world. His ex-wife thinks it's just a late mid-life crisis, but he has assisted in apprehending several criminals so far.

Professor Irving is tired of academia, tired of the disrespect he gets from others due to his condition, and tired of reading about crime in the news. "Why not kill three birds with one stone," he thought, and with his newfound power he feels like he's already starting to make a difference. It's hard for him to act on his own, but he's found that at least in the hero world, he's appreciated and in demand as a teammate or sidekick.

Anders is rarely seen without a cup of coffee, and carries a bottle of caffeine pills at all times. They don't help all that much, though.

S T R E N G T H S _&_ S K I L L S
❖ Can put others to sleep
❖ Intelligent and perceptive
❖ PhD in psychology

W E A K N E S S E S _&_ F L A W S
❖ Falls asleep when he uses his power
❖ Falls asleep randomly at other times
❖ Not physically fit

Anything not covered above goes here. You can leave this blank if you like.

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Re: Blooperheroes Signups and OOC Discussion

Post by hide » Sun Nov 17, 2019 6:31 pm

Sandy Man

A rare photo of SM getting some sleep

Jackson K. Polk| 34 | Male| Asexual (he's too tired to give a fuck) | Chicago, Illinois

❖ Easily irritable
❖ Quick to anger
❖ Tired
❖ Very, very tired. This man doesn't get much sleep
❖ Quick witted

Sleep-deprivation isn't a good thing for anyone, and Jackson is definitely proof of that. Although medical treatment kept him from the worst of insomnia, it still has a noticeable effect on his personality (not helped by his tendency to work late). It's easy to wind up Polk, but neigh-impossible to stop him. He'll snap at the littlest things, whether it be a stubbed toe or a un-
pleasant climate. He's also quick to yell at anyone who inconveniences/annoys him. If he sounds like a dick, he kinda is, but that's the effect of sleep deprivation on a person. If he does get some good sleep, he's much better personality-wise, but that's not very often.

Jackson looks about the same as your average Caucasian-office worker (as you can see in the photo). He has a bit of extra muscle, but not too much, he's not ripped or anything. He isn't usually as clean-shaved as he is in the picture. Typically, he has a bit of stubble, but generally shaves it off. As for clothes, he usually dresses in standard office attire. When he gets out of his job, he sometimes wears Chicago sportswear (Cubs, Bears, etc), but generally throws on whatever's comfortable and matches decently, which usually comprises of the same 4 pairs of navy shirts/pants.

P O W E R S & A B I L I T I E S
Whenever Jackson falls asleep (usually not very often, and for short periods when he can), he summons a "fighting spirit", which displaces his position in the world at that moment (here's the "fighting spirit": Besides above average strength, speed, durability, etc, the "spirit" can summon what I'll dub "insomnia orbs", 3 at a time maximum. They can either be used as physical projectiles, or can be made to burst. What happens then? Well, it projects insomnia onto another person. The power of this "projection" can vary depending on the amount of energy put into it : a low power projection will give you insomnia for a couple of days at most, and a max power projection will give you something akin to this: However, each "projection"/burst will shorten the time Jackson sleeps. A low power burst will lower it by a couple of minutes, while a full power blast wakes up Jackson immediatly. When Jackson wakes up, he takes the "fighting spirit"'s place in the world, waking up in whatever location the "spirit" was in. The "spirit" does typically take care to leave Jackson in a safe situation once he wakes up, though. Before you ask, damage doesn't carry over from the "spirit" to Jackson.

Jackson had a normal childhood, raised by two decently-loving middle-class parents, who were able to send Jackson to a decent college, where he got his degrees and graduated. He landed a decent job, working diligently and getting a couple of promotions. He eventually had to move to another location, much to his dismay, as he decently enjoyed working in Chicago. Nonetheless, he moved, and did a decent job there, though he did start to have problems sleeping, although it was nothing major. Then, he got the call to move to Philadelphia. Jackson had finally got used to New York City, and being booted to yet another city gave him decent amounts of stress. Around this time is when he started having problems sleeping. He tried treatment, but it would only help to a certain degree. When he was forced to move to New Ivansburg, the problem only got worse.

Even when he did get any good measure of sleep, he had a "sleepwalking" problem, to boot (or so he thought). He would frequently wake up at various locations in his apartment: in the kitchen, in the bathroom, etc. Jackson, although annoyed (as most people would be), didn't think much of it. That is, until he woke up in the alley next to his apartment, right next to a thug with two broken arms. As would anyone, he understandably freaked out. Calling in sick that day, he locked himself in his apartment and stayed there, trying to figure out what happened. When he woke up the next day in the stairwell holding a man with a knife in a choke-hold, his fear grew even more. Staying home again, he deliberated more, and eventually reasoned that the two incidents happened when he fell asleep, meaning that the incidents were tied to his rest. After pulling a all-nighter, he finally returned to work, somewhat quiet.

And thus, Jackson's life continued. He tried to get as little sleep as possible, yet enough to keep functioning. When he woke up, he it usually wasn't in his bed, but Jackson knew that it would happen and wasn't surprised/frightened. Every now and then, Jackson would wake up in front of another beaten thug, but not very often. For Jackson, life had returned to "normalcy", as much as it can for someone who beats the shit out of criminals while asleep.

When the Liberty Corps disappeared, Jackson noticed and actually went into deliberation. His "phenomena" seemed to be fairly strong, and operated with decent intent. After all, all the thugs he had attacked seemed to be bad people, and the news usually reported their arrest a few days later. Jackson then pondered: should he actually try to use his "phenomena", or continue to try and shut it away? Eventually he decided: if he was going to have it, why not use it for good? And thus, he joined the new Liberty Corps,
If it wasn't for the Liberty Corps's disappearance, Jackson would be perfectly content with going along with his normal life, letting the "spirit" do...whatever. If the Liberty Corps re-appeared, Jackson would be perfectly content to go back to civilian life. He's a hero not because of duty or honor, but because he feels that he should at least try to use his strange "phenomena" for something good.

Jackson, besides clothes (duh), carries around his wallet, which has his ID, around $120 in cash and keys. Besides that, nothing much.

S T R E N G T H S _&_ S K I L L S
The spirit's versatility:The "spirit" is strong, fast and has ranged potential. It has plenty of uses for different situations.
Ranged potential:Due to the way the "insomnia spheres" work, they can either function as standard projectiles or utilize delayed effects, increasing their potential effectiveness.
Post-fight damage:Although not as strong as a conventional poison, insomnia can still decently disrupt the villain's life, and a full-powered blast will inevitably kill, or at least disable the enemy with 6 months (which is around how real-life FFD works).

W E A K N E S S E S _&_ F L A W S
Ignorance:All Jackson really knows about his "spirit" is that it's strong and activates when he sleeps. He doesn't know about stuff like the insomnia spheres, so the Blooperheros can't really build around the full extent of the "spirit"'s powers,
Time limit:The "spirit" can only be used in combat for a certain amount of time, and the use of some of it's powers limits the time to boot.
When Jackson wakes up:When Jackson wakes up, he's a crankly, slightly strong, sleep deprived person. He's normal, and not really that useful in combat.
Teamwork:Remember when I said Jackson was kinda a dick? Well, that doesn't translate to "work well in teams". Sometimes, he may work decently, but not the majority of the time.

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Re: Blooperheroes Signups and OOC Discussion

Post by NWOWWE » Sun Nov 24, 2019 12:07 pm

The Magnificent Marvelo


Joseph Riley / Age: 34 / Male / Straight / Derry, Maine

A huge flair for showmanship. Enjoys showing off his magical ability at any available opportunity.

When performing as the Magnificent Marvelo he wears a tuxedo with a red satin cape and a top hot with a red band. As Joseph Riley he prefers sweater vests worn over long sleeve shirts and khaki pants.

Has magical powers limited to what you would commonly see party/stage magicians perform.

Joseph lived a normal life until he found he found a strange book hidden in a cave when he was 12. Contact with the book transferred the power to perform common magic tricks for real and within the book itself were the instructions on how to learn to harness this power. He has kept the book well hidden since then so that it never falls into the wrong hands.

Apart from a normal job as a teacher, he carves out a nice side career as a party magician. His secret ability to do the tricks for real makes him much more popular than others that must rely on trickery.

Almost always has an old fashioned valise with him that contains all the props and tools his uses to perform his magic (magic wand, metal rings, handcuffs, etc.)

-Works well with children
-Can hide small objects easily by making them vanish
-Exceptional reflexes

-Has no special resistance to any form of damage as he is otherwise a normal human
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Re: Blooperheroes Signups and OOC Discussion

Post by Archangel » Sun Nov 24, 2019 4:01 pm


Elisabeth Harrison | 28 | Pittsburgh

❖ Vain
❖ Brash
❖ Overconfident

Ya know when you're playing a video game and there's that one dude on a tank hero that always charges directly into the enemy team and then dies immediately and rages at the healer classes? yeah that's her.

C H A R A C T E R _ A P P E A R A N C E
See image, add in a small backpack with a teddy bear in it. she's Maori if the picture makes it unclear, people only draw white people with futurepunk colored hair.

P O W E R S _&_ A B I L I T I E S
Force is invincible to any physical damage when within 10 feet of a demon possessed teddy bear she keeps on her back. any damage she takes while invincible makes her stronger, directly proportionate to the damage taken. if I was smart and shit there'd be some fancy kinetic to potential energy equation I'd put here to show exactly how strong she'd get off of getting punched by superman or whatever, but I'm not smart so fuck you it's approximate.

Elisabeth is entirely unaware of the true nature of the teddy bear (which is also invincible), but is completely obsessed with it. the demon inside of the teddy bear is extraordinarily powerful under usual circumstances, but was discorporated and permanently bound to the bear by a very powerful wizard about 30 years ago. as it stands its aura of pure evil is enough to keep it completely safe from harm, and pass on said protections to the person it is currently controlling.

Think of the relationship between Elisabeth and the demon of that between Warlock and Patron. Elisabeth gets urges in her head to do things. if she does them, she feels great - the demon is able to get her brain to release endorphins equivalent to like, getting really high or having an orgasm. If she doesn't do them, she'll get angrier and more depressed until she does whatever it is her brain is trying to get her to do out of a desperation to get the high back. The demon is heroin and she's an addict, hardcore.

If you ask Elisabeth any questions about her past, she'll grunt at you moodily. if you continue to pester, she raises an eyebrow and crosses her arms. ask a third time, and she'll break your nose.

She's had Snuffles (the teddy bear) since about the time she was born - her parents found it at a thrift store. Her parents found her continued reliance on the bear into adolescence to be... worrying, but found her reaction to them trying to get rid of it... extremely worrying. they don't talk much these days.

Force may or may not have been on the run from the law until recently and also may or may not have been forced onto this superhero team as a way to get out of going to jail for a VERY long time on charges of tax fraud, theft, racketeering, and resisting arrest. They threatened to take away the bear while she was already thoroughly chained to a wall. she had no choice.

Has a shitty apartment in whatever city this is and a VERY nice motorcycle that suitably matches the aesthetic she already has going. also has the appropriate prepaid card for whatever the public transportation situation is around here. has no source of steady income, and is definitely not planning on robbing something again pretty soon because fuck

S T R E N G T H S _&_ S K I L L S
❖ Invincible
❖ Theoretically infinite power level
❖ Good at driving a motorcycle
❖ Extremely intimidating

W E A K N E S S E S _&_ F L A W S
❖ The constant demon meddling in her head leaves Force extremely vulnerable to mind control. as in, The Narcoleptic could look at her for about 2 seconds and she'd pass out. He scares her immensely.
❖ Not a good listener
❖ Only really convinced to do things if she wants to do them or is show superior force.
❖ Rather well known on the bad guy circuit - most of the smart ones already know everything about her powers (OTHER than them being connected to the bear, since even she is unaware of this), and have some sort of plan for neutralizing her.
❖ Has to ramp up power level - if she takes no damage, she deals little damage (other than that which you would expect from a quite fit 28 year-old)

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