Sea Song

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Sea Song

Post by The Monsterworks » Wed Oct 12, 2016 4:21 pm

Alrights, so all characters are approved, and I'm writing up the RPG thread as of right now. If anyone wants to join later, they're welcome to.

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Sea Song

Post by sapp2013 » Wed Oct 12, 2016 8:46 pm

Here we go. 3 siblings, Mathias (26, M), Mychal (19, M, twin), and Maria (19, F, twin), have been roaming the savage lands the past 4 years staying alive and collecting information just for the sake of doing it. They lived a semi-normal life near waters edge before, but had to kill their mother after she became diseased and crazed, and had accidentally killed their father in the process while he was trying to protect her. Before the incident, these 3 siblings have been training with their father in the art of killing and incapacitating others. Yes, this is weird for a family to do, but that's why it was kept secret from the public and their mother. The three siblings have grown to understand each others movements, conduct, thoughts, etc. and work extremely proficient as a team, kind of like a raptor pack. by themselves, they are still functional human beings, but not to the extent as they are as a team.

Since the incident 4 years ago, they have ventured further inland because of the increasing threat of the water rising and did not want to take any chances. They have done commissions for many people, whether it was to assassinate a single person, exterminate a whole clan, or to simply gain intel, and have used that as their main source of income and gaining contacts. Because of their dealings, they have learned that they should not trust anyone except for the 3 of them, and will do what they have to do to keep all 3 of them alive.

all of them speak English and Spanish, and have come up with a small language between themselves to communicate in public through clicks and hand signs.

**Name:** Mathias Tibrus
**Age:** 26
**Gender:** Male
**Nationality:** American
**Description:** 6'4", 235 lbs, very athletic, strong build, medium length(for a guy) wavy black hair, olive-white skin color. A decent looking man with a prominent, short, chinstrap beard. He likes to carry his two swords around, but also carries a variety of weapons that are needed for whatever mission he is on. but always the swords. likes to keep to close combat. Has always been seen as a protector type person.

Strength: 16
Athleticism: 12
Toughness: 16
Intelligence: 5
Perceptiveness: 8
Charisma: 3


**Name:** Mycal Tibrus
**Age:** 19
**Gender:** Male
**Nationality:** American
**Description:** 5'8" 160 lbs, somewhat athletic, dexterous build, very short black hair, olive-white skin color. an average looking person, but looks younger than he actually is (16 ish). He would shave everyday, if he could actually grow facial hair. He is and always has been fascinated with traps, and that's what he likes to work with whenever he has time. he carries a large backpack to hold everything he might need, and may be considered a hoarder by nomad standards. He also has an incredible knack for learning languages very fast and very easily and has already fully learned French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Italian.

Strength: 6
Athleticism: 14
Toughness: 6
Intelligence: 18
Perceptiveness: 14
Charisma: 2


**Name:** Maria Tibrus
**Age:** 19
**Gender:** Female
**Nationality:** American
**Description:** 5'6" 135 lbs, athletic, dexterous build, long black hair, olive-white skin color. A very beautiful woman who looks older and more mature than she actually is (23 ish). She took a liking to long range artillery and has thrived at using different weaponry without any prior practice. she could hit a target 99/100 times from near maximum range if it weren't for her getting distracted easily. She carries a fold up sniper and a fold up bow, as well as many different poisons and likes to keep organized and compact at all times. She sometimes gains unwanted attention, but she easily deals with it in her own manner.

Strength: 5
Athleticism: 10
Toughness: 5
Intelligence: 16
Perceptiveness: 16
Charisma: 8
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Sea Song

Post by MadBull » Thu Oct 13, 2016 10:37 am

saw this started! man this got very active very quickly!

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Sea Song

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Oct 15, 2016 1:41 am

The Seasong Counter

Number of people killed: 1 (Stabby the Clown, by Crazy Zane)

Number of crimes committed: 15 (murder and resisting arrest, by Crazy Zane; accessory to assault, by Emma Ashevak; carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, by Maria Tibrus, Crazy Zane, Molly Rivers, and Emma Ashevak; assault with a weapon, by Crazy Zane, Emma Ashevak, and Molly Rivers; grand larceny, by Kayla Flanagan; accessory to grand larceny, by Emma Ashevak; drunk and disorderly conduct, by Ulysses Walk; squatting and mischief causing bodily harm, by Adahy)

Number of people injured: 32 (Crazy Zane, by falling through the ventilation system and getting shot with rubber bullets; Ulysses Walk, by being hit in the head with a wine bottle; two unnamed would-be rapists, by the mob that Emma Ashevak incited; 27 people in the Meancat, by Molly Rivers' sound gun; Emma Ashevak, by Adahy's snare)

Hearts broken: 2 (Larry Walker's mom, when he left town without saying goodbye; Rebecca Rose, when Ulysses Walk was hauled away by the police)

Money made: $7530 ($3000 by Emma Ashevak in the cannery heist; $4000 by Kayla Flanagan in the cannery heist; $530 by Larry Walker hustling cards)

Gunfights: 1 (Emma and Ronnie against the cannery guards)

Difficult moral choices made by Larry Walker: 2 (leaving New Chicago, not saying goodbye to his mom)

People hurt my Molly's crazy inventions: 27 (patrons of the Meancat, suffering minor hearing damage when she fired her sound gun)

People caught in Adahy's traps: 1 (Emma Ashevak)

People assaulted by Crazy Zane: 2 (Stabby the Clown, Tarein)

Touching moments with Kayla Flanagan and her mom: 1 (conversation after the heist)

Emma Ashevak showing a conscience: 2 (inciting a mob to save the woman from sexual assault, putting away money to look for her parents)

Dance battles won by Ulysses Walk: 1 (against Paolo Pioli)

Tarein misunderstanding technology: 1 (the elevator as a defensive room)

Contracts offered to the Tibrus siblings: 1 (by Rex)

Erring on the side of caution by Jack: 1 (getting the hell away from that army)

Ships sunk: 1 (the Charles S...)

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Sea Song

Post by The_Angry_Goat » Sat Oct 15, 2016 7:09 pm

Name: Annalise Morgan

Age: 74

Gender: Female

Nationality: Spanish/English

Description: Annalise is an old leader of a group of peoples of the earth originally located in the Pyrenees Mountains. While not an absolute dictator, her word is highly respected, and the Council de Morgana comes to her with all major decisions, giving her the final choice she also sees most ambassadors and envoys, unless the business is quite mundane or unimportant. Intelligent, highly moral and a quick thinker, Annalise has kept Morgana safe, well fed and organized, even in the face of the waters rising once more.

Annalise is a 5'4 woman of great grace despite her age. While not necessarily what one would call beautiful, her thin-faced with whispy white hair and striking green eyes seem to see right through lies, and she can go from a welcoming and generous host to a stern leader in the blink of an eye. She is not one to be tricked or trifled with, but she lives by her word - once she has made a promise, she will take herself to the end of the world if needed to achieve it. Refuses to act unfairly to her people, and is disgusted by those violent and depraved enough to do so. she's usually dressed in an elegant dress, often green or purple.

History: The Tribe Morgan had its beginnings in a group of disparate Spanish, English and French people left behind by the evacuations to The Wall, be it by choice or by force. Continuously forced to retreat higher and higher into the mountains, they developed their tendencies towards rugged survivalism and group dependence. Choosing a more nomadic lifestyle built upon the availability of whatever land game was left, fishing and foraging, they survived, if only just. and got really fucking good at making boats in the process! As the seas receded and the flatter lands were re-gained, they re-settled, finally somewhat permanently, in the area known to us as San Sebastian. as a precaution, they chose to settle mostly on the hills up by the coast, as compared to the river flatlands where the city is now (which turned out to be a brilliant idea, even if they are pretty much an island city now :P ), naming this city El Basti
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