Association of Robotic Sons of Bitches: 25 or 6 to 4 vs Blockade

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Association of Robotic Sons of Bitches: 25 or 6 to 4 vs Blockade

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sat Sep 19, 2020 6:09 pm

Hey look another brick :V

Good news is that he lacks any kind of speed advantage to flank, let alone angle in. He's betting all that money on that wedge, when in reality it's not gonna work too well for him. Learn from my past mistake and don't make the farther parts of your wedge the only part truly touching the floor :V. Only the side bits that aren't even wedge are what will be the most effective, which is a shame. I suspect it will wheely actually, contrary to popular belief. And that mystery srimech looks about as reliable as a Fiat 500.

Rush at the start, to possibly cause him to wheely. Exploit his small wheelbase by attacking the very middle of the robot. My forks are more than reliable enough to get under 90% of the time. And that other 10%? Monster truck him (this tactic was sponsored by the enormous wheels gang), and smack him on the booty with the blade. Try striking the sides of his far-in-front wedge if he attempts to angle in, but attempt to focus on that front middle wedge unless tactics are working better on the sides wedges. Did he get knocked upwards from a hit? Punish by charging forward and combo the hit into an even larger hit. Self right by hitting his wedge and using it as a kickstand.

Keep the pressure on him. Ruin his day. Combo hits together until I can create some serious damage to that wedge all while disrupting his self righting.

Good luck

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Re: Association of Robotic Sons of Bitches: 25 or 6 to 4 vs Blockade

Post by hide » Sat Sep 19, 2020 11:59 pm

Wolf will attempt to play up his wedge and downplay my drive, and in both cases he’ll be highly inaccurate. The wedge fight is 2WD vs hinged, a 60/40 fight, aka a slightly weighted coin flip. Problem is, outside of his weapon, he can’t exploit his wedge. I can.

Why can’t he? Well, drive. He has 6/5/1, I have 7/6/6. While it’s not huge on paper, there’s acceleration. I’m going to be constantly hitting him, as I can get to top speed much faster than he can. A constant 7 will be much, much more useful in a fight than a irregular 6. He’ll conveniently leave torque out of his arguments, of course.

So, he’ll hope to compensate with the vert. Damage wise, It only deals 9, and I have 10 armor. It can’t even scratch my wheels. He’s going to rely on flipping me, and unfortunately for him, I can self right and recover fast enough that he won’t be able to chain. Meanwhile, if I flip him, he doesn’t have a consistent self-righting mechanism, leaving him vulnerable to pushing.

So, I outdrive him, can’t get effectively KOd, and his advantages are very small. Good? OK.

Starting out with a box rush, going around the furnace, I’ll ram straight into him at a angle to minimize his wedge. Even if he gets under and flips, he’ll still be disoriented and I can recover quicker and head back in. When under (always going from angles) I’ll push him straight into the central furnace. His wheels are vulnerable to damage, and extended contact with flame will almost certainly disable them.

Keep him in there the full 10 seconds. The flipper in the furnace will throw him out, leaving him vulnerable for me to throw him back in. Rinse, repeat, done.

GL w0lf
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