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Butchers Circus Round 3: Godfather vs Sundancer 2

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2020 7:15 pm
by NickyDustyOwl
I will start off by saying Sundancer is a GOOD ASS looking robot.

Godfather: Stats: Speed: 6, Traction: 5, Torque: 1, Armor: 11, Weapon: 7.
Sundancer: Stats: 5 speed // 4 traction // 1 torque // 11 weapon // 9 armour (+1 flipper)

Ok, this is going to be tough. I'm going to try and get around to the side and get a couple of hits in on the flipper, hopefully disabling it. I need to be cautious when doing that though as I can still be flipped. If that fails, start trying to get under it and push into a wall and start hitting as much as possible. Back up, be aggressive but don't attack them, give them breathing space (totally a good idea lol). Try to push them into the wall again and start delivering more blows. If Sundancer is still alive, just try to start pushing and hit it about two times.

Based of luck Madman :)