OTSC vs Floppy Teeth

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OTSC vs Floppy Teeth

Post by Archangel » Mon Sep 14, 2020 8:21 pm

OTSC: Speed: 7 / Traction: 6 / Torque: 4 / Weapon: 0 / Armor: 13
FT: // Speed: 7 / Traction: 7 / Torque: 4 / Armor: 12 //


have fun writing a mirror match lmao. I have the better drivetrain, which is actually quite notable for one reason: if he doesn't use the forks I win instantly (reach + single point of wedge always wins). if he does use the forks I win by angling in. not around the outside of his body like a moron, but by turning my bot just slightly as we collide head-to-head so that my fork goes under the side of one of his inner forks.

- my fork is a significantly better shape for wedging: that tapered end design can be filed significantly thinner than the fully invertable design he has.

- I have a significantly better wheel location for quick turns than he does, and my fork being hinged equivilent (with static balancers to prevent major wheelies) means that I will never lose out on wedge-ability when accelerating like he will

-if I'm inverted, my fork sticks out far enough away from my body that ramming into the screws with it facing them should flip me upright. or at least do something amusing.

-dont take engagements with my ass facing the screws - or if I do have a plan to make sure he doesn't shove me into them. I'm actually a literal rectangle so actually getting them to bite on me might be a challenge but I'd rather not risk it with the one thing in this match that could flip me.

-spin really fast in place like a thwack if frightened


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Re: OTSC vs Floppy Teeth

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Sep 19, 2020 11:36 pm


OTSC: 7/6/4/0/13
Normal flat wedge plz
Floppy Teeth: 7/7/4/0/12
middle fork shock mounts have enough wiggle to act as hinged, and is removable
That right there is the entirety of Floppy Teeth's description. Explicitly mentions the middle fork being effectively hinged and removable but says nothing about the rest, meaning that they are static and not removable. Also the middle fork being shock mounted makes it's effective hinge only move a few degrees and even if it had an actual hinge it would only have room to move up like 5 degrees. What i am trying to get to is that if i get under the middle fork Floppy Teeth will get high centered immediately and wont fall to either side and be able to hook off because of the side forks.

If the middle fork is removed or it just approaches with the rear side getting under will still end up with those chunky wheels above the floor. If we go head on i am probably wide enough to reach them both and i can push like normal. If not or they go for a big angle approach then i have a solid shot of getting under and then i can turn while approaching to start pushing in a more straight way that won't make Floppy Teeth fall off to the side. If I am the one doing the big angle the edge of my wedge is guaranteed to get under the flat rectangle and then it's more of the same pushing.

If they get under me instead first try the old hook thing as i will very likely fall to the side, or just back off if that works. If all of that fails go for the awkward pushing match that will probably go nowhere useful.

Once i get under i should be able to easily push the thing where i want as explained before. If i push it to the spinner hazard at an angle those WILL hit the wheels, dealing 3 damage, which is enough to one shot them. My 1 extra armor makes it so i can tank a few hits of those (i also have wheel guards btw).
If i pull that off once i win, if not just push around and avoid getting pushed.

If i somehow get flipped approach head on to the middle fork if applicable, if not go for the angling on the middle. If that fails take the two damage from the spinner and hopefully land upright.
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