AW finals: Kirā vs Exarch

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AW finals: Kirā vs Exarch

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sun Sep 06, 2020 12:50 am

Speed: 8Speed: 1
Traction: 7Traction: 1
Torque: 3Torque: 1
Weapon: 1Weapon: 16(all 4 WAB points to turret)
Armour: 11(+2 front)Armour: 13
I deal 8 damage on the thing unless i somehow hit the front wedge, the it's only 4, also maximum shock damage of 5. I basically one shot the thing.
I am invulnerable to all hazards here.
Yes my turret can only move at 60% of the speed he can move if he straight up tries to flank me, but he only can dodge it if he is going for a full flank, and after he has to turn around, which is kinda awkward with his 6wd and narrowish chasis, giving me more time to catch up. And even then if he tries to push(at a rather slow speed mind you) i will still be able to turn the turret and hit him like a second after so he needs to get under me and fire the flipper right away. He also can make a mistake during any part of this btw.
The problem with that is his flipper, it has one power, Exarch is 200% so its ZERO POINT FIVE POWER FLIPPER. That is pretty pathetic and probably wouldn't be able to actually flip me over, that probably goes to for sure when you consider that it's a 4-bar, making it more of pop up action rather than turning me over.
The point is that he gets under me, fires the flipper, bumps me a few inches away and he is probably still in range of my weapon. I can still hit him EZ.
All i need to do is land one hit, he needs to survive 3 minutes without getting hit and then win the JD, which may not happen if he runs away for the entire fight.
Just keep my turret pointing towards kira at all times and fire the hammer when it looks like i can hit him. Keep moving at him for aggresion points in the case he actually decides to run away the entire fight.
The first time he comes at me fire the hammer early to trick him into thinking i am trigger happy. Maybe he will be more likely to try to bait, then don't fall for it. The failed bait will also make it so he has to get away and approach again if he wants to flank the turret.
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Re: AW finals: Kirā vs Exarch

Post by hide » Sun Sep 06, 2020 1:48 am

Exarch is not equipped to handle the mobility of Kira. Even turning, it simply cannot keep up, a fact that he has NO way around whatsoever. There’s no ruleset exploit he can point to and cover up the fact of what his bot is: a slow, lumbering hammer. He’s going to get blitzed from all sides, and with my superior speed, reaction and acceleration, he’ll have to take it. Even if he tries pulling the “weight card”, that doesn’t trump 8 speed and 3 torque. He’s going to get pushed, shoved, and overall dominated, wether he wants, likes or fells like it or not. Understand? Good.

Obviously, rush and flank as quickly as possible, which considering my bot’s mobility (and his, or lack thereof), won’t be hard. Ram as quickly as possible, Again, let me say: 8/7/3 trumps weight “advantages”. He. will. be. moved. This will keep him and his bot off balance, a very important factor. He’ll probably say “but what about my turret?”. Unfortunately for him, I’ll withdraw after the ram. He won’t be able to get back in the right position, leaving himself open for further attacks, and I’ll be safe.

As he’s disoriented, I’ll rush back in, getting under, pushing, all that fun stuff. The formula will be like this: ram >get under>push as safely as I can>withdraw. My mobility advantage allows me to do this easily. He’ll try to spin it as a impossible task that I have to do for 3 minutes straight. This is not so, for mobility reasons mentioned earlier.

TLDR: Speed gang.
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