Butche's Circus Round 1: Evaccania DOOM vs Triple 6

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Butche's Circus Round 1: Evaccania DOOM vs Triple 6

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Sep 05, 2020 7:10 pm

Evaccania DOOMTriple 6
Speed: 4Speed: 6
Traction: 2Traction: 5
Torque: 1Torque: 2
Weapon: 16Weapon: 7
Armour: 7Armour: 10
She's 33% faster (6 vs 8), a bit better control and 2 torque instead of one. Not a massive drivetrain difference but it's still noticeable. No box rush tho.
12 weapon armor vs my 16 weapon. I get corner damage on that wedge so it will take 1-3 hits for the wedge to be left useless.
If flipped i can still drive around and even if i can't catch a nice place to hit i should be able to self right by attacking her and i have a good chance at hitting above the part with the armor bonus for 6 damage.
She can get OOTAs from a safe distance, so i will stay in the circle parts of the arena as much as possible, she will need to flank me to flip me towards the OOTA zones. She can't flank reliably but if she goes hard of it she will eventually do it so if i see flanking attempts fall back to the edges of the arena to be extra safe.
If she tries to force gyro and get under thing she runs the risk of getting hit in the top without weapon armor bonus, i should also be able to back off before she gets fully under if this happens.

Start the fight by just spinning up and waiting for her to come at me. Do my best to take all encounters with my front, ideally without gyro. If we are lined up and close drive at her to secure the hits, otherwise keep myself safe. DO NOT GO TO THE MIDDLE OF THE ARENA.
If she gets under and flips me focus on not letting her get the OOTA angle over getting hit in myself. If the floor starts spinning go behind the spinners, this reduces her possible angles of attack to only 3, making it far more predictable and lets me turn beforehand so i don't get gyro exploited.
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Re: Butche's Circus Round 1: Evaccania DOOM vs Triple 6

Post by Shaba117 » Sun Sep 06, 2020 12:11 am

I can outrun/outmaneuver and also out-torque E-DOOM. In turn, E-DOOM has a nasty drum spinner, so I probably should avoid that as much as possible, though the drum will have a tough time getting good bite unless it gets to my sides. The arena also has a nice open OOTA zone and I have more than enough power to send E-DOOM over.

Start out and try to meet E-DOOM head-on. That big drum will need 4 seconds to get to full speed and I can get in there and harass him at first to prevent full weapon power being used against me and I can get a flip in or at the least, make him unstable; large drum spinners when lifted even slightly from a level plane will tend to gyro. If that occurs, get my flipper under him as much as possible and launch 'em. It may not be directed toward the OOTA zone, right away, but I should have the speed + maneuverability advantage where I can keep chaining flips/shoving while guiding E-DOOM towards OOTA range - and with the power of my flipper, is a pretty big range from anywhere around the arena center.

Now, the big spinner on E-DOOM can both cause serious damage as well as launch me, so be aware of where I am in the arena when I'm on the defensive. Try to retreat towards the wall against the high walls and then try to angle around the drum to cause E-DOOM to turn quickly and gyro/oversteer from its -2 traction disparity. Then, turn quickly and get my flipper wedge under and start an offensive.

If I can't get E-DOOM into OOTA range, conserve gas and don't go crazy with chaining flips - flip then use my torque to get him nearer to OOTA range. Watch the spinner hazards...use this as somewhat of a last resort to get E-DOOM disoriented and then attack.

GL, Maxi!

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