ROBOT4 LW Finals: Apeirogon II vs Cross Check

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ROBOT4 LW Finals: Apeirogon II vs Cross Check

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Aug 15, 2020 10:52 pm

Apeirogon II: 5/4/1/12/8 Normal config
Cross Check: 8/7/2/3/10(+1 wedge) Normal config

He is faster(10 vs 7) and his unimpressive 2 torque is higher, we both have -1 control. No flanking happening.
He can't damage me at all.
He didn't say that his main wedge is hinged or anything but i will asume it is.
His wedges are useless when inverted, needs to self right with his weapon to drive.
His weapon is kinda awkward and takes a few seconds to self right.
I may bend his wedge after 10 hits in the same part, his wedgelets do take 3 damage like the rest of the bot tho.
The only thing he can really do is push me at a slow speed, he might get a flip with the lifter somehow but i have multiple ways of self righting quickly.
To start see if he is going with the lifter on top or down in front of the bot. If he has to at the bottom play like a normal vert, i have a very real chance of getting under at that basically guarantees me getting 3 corner damage on the thing and force the lifter open (the mechanism wont like it). It won't be long until the wedges get bent or a rod in the middle breaks.
If he does start in the position shown in the picture start giving him my back and head forwards in reverse quickly. The easiest place for me to land a hit as a overhead chop saw is right in the EXPOSED LIFTER MECHANISM. I may get the corner damage on it so perhaps i can one shot the weapon. Even if you don't buy that i should only take a few direct hits. To help aiming i can be moving away from him while turning to compensate for any angling of his part.
Chances are the lifter has hinges on the corner so the thing wont detach from the rest of the bot. This is important because if he gets flipped with a dead lifter on top he will not be able to self right or move(i win). Otherwise he will be stuck driving without a wedge until i flip him over.
If he tries to block with the lifter itself i will hit the middle rods while they are up, they aren't that armored and will break after some hits and the mechanism will really not like being hit while open.

Cheese aside, exploit his slowish self righting to chain a few hits. If we do go wedge to wedge in a normal way don't bother with angling, he won't be able to get a significant angle either because of geometry. If i get under hit the main wedge or try to hit a wedgelet if posible to bend it almost instantly. If he gets under i should be able to just back off and then try again. Hooking back may work too.
If not directly engaging go to the middle of the arena to avoid walls.
If pinned or clamped fire the pneumatic arm to escape, even if that isn't enough the spinner hitting something should do the trick.

Good Luck Have Fun. May the best FF rider win it all.
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Re: ROBOT4 LW Finals: Apeirogon II vs Cross Check

Post by Superbomb122 » Sat Aug 15, 2020 11:28 pm

Imma be real with you this is false advertising. Apeirogon absolutely has finite sides.

Normal Config

Apeirogon is a really odd machine to face with not a lot of weak spots, but the few it has might just be enough to swing this fight. To start, His drive is obviously a lot worse than mine, and 1 torque on a bot that relies on opponents getting up the wedge is definitely a problem. Also notable is the fact that the disk, even if he turns my lifter to aluminum origami, will struggle to hit the chassis for a couple hits, buying me crucial time. Also, that bot probably suffers some decent gyro. For reference, Sawblaze gyros at speed, and it carries a lot less energy that Apeirogon

Maxi knows I probably outclass his wedge. That’s why he’ll more than likely start backwards and try to bonk the top of my bot. To counter, I’ll approach at an angle and attempt to bait him into firing the disc at the wrong time. This will give me a little time to get under and do as I wish: slam Apeirogon around, flip it over to get it even more exposed, place it ever so harshly on the arena hazard, whatever looks like a good idea at the time.

If/when Apeirogon tries to rock off, quickly use the lifter to at least carry him to my front instead of letting him get to my sides. Its gyro, if Maxi is spinning the weapon, will also cause the bot to move in unexpected ways while it’s being flipped, adding a bit more chaos for Maxi to deal with as Cross Check figuratively breathes down Apeirogon’s neck.

When Apeirogon eventually gets free, try to use my drive advantage and his gyro to be very hard to hit. Get an opening, whether it’s on a missed hit or bad positioning giving me a chance at his front/sides, and bully Apeirogon around for a bit once again.

If he switches to approaching with his front, punish aggressively by slotting my thinner wedgelets under his with superior drive and slam him into a wall at full force. If wedged, back off, naturally, and charge back at him again, possibly angling.

If flipped, self right ASAP. I can’t let him get a meaty follow-up and possibly diable very important parts of my bot. If I end up on the wall, Drive along it at full speed to get away, then jump off and back into the main arena.

TL;DR Force mistakes, be extremely aggressive with every good opportunity, keep that spinner at bay.

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