ROBOTS4 FW Finals: Machina Non Grata vs Cyan Printer Ink

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ROBOTS4 FW Finals: Machina Non Grata vs Cyan Printer Ink

Post by Superbomb122 » Sat Aug 15, 2020 10:50 pm

MNG: Speed:7/Traction:6/Torque:2/Weapon:3/Armor:12(+2 wedge)
CPI: Speed:4/Traction:3/Torque:1/Weapon:15/Armor:7

Anti-HS config, no magenta

A few things:
- MNG takes one damage on the plow only when Cyan Printer Ink is at full speed
- Cyan Printer Ink’s weapon articulates very slowly
- 7 speed is enough to feasibly box rush and generally stuff Cyan Printer Ink’s weapon
- I have just enough power to put Cyan Printer Ink on a wall
- 4WD with so much weight at the front is going to be a relative challenge to turn very quickly
- If Maxi’s gone for the horns, he’ll be going much slower inverted and gyro will screw up his turning, making flanks possible

The plan is to box rush out of the gate to stop the weapon ASAP. If he’s gone for the normal, no-horns attachment OR has started right-side up with the horns, this won’t be a major problem. If he’s got the horns under the bot, however, try to turn around him to exploit the gyro and half-drive thing going on with Cyan Printer Ink until I can flank from the sides or rear.

Once I’ve gotten close to Cyan Printer Ink, keep Maxi from creating space. Focus on which way the disc is spinning (since it can only go one direction, this won’t be hard) and turn into it to take the least damage. Fire the flipper if I have decent purchase, but mostly keep pushing CPI around, slamming it into walls and the arena hazard as a brick tends to do.

If the opportunity presents itself, put Cyan Printer Ink on the wall. This will limit the time I actually have to deal with it. While Maxi may get free time to spin up, the spinner’s momentum will be lost when it hits that hard arena floor while coming down anyway.

If Maxi begins consistently getting away during my pushes/causing serious visible damage to the wedge, just go HAM. Go full speed, full time and up the aggression to max. Rack up as many control and aggression points as possible, disregarding the damage points I’ve lost to win on the other two categories convincingly. It’s not the most intelligent strategy, but if measured aggression and playing the space game like a normal person doesn’t work, maybe ‘unga bunga’ strats will.

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Re: ROBOTS4 FW Finals: Machina Non Grata vs Cyan Printer Ink

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Aug 15, 2020 11:58 pm

Machina Non Grata: 7/6/2/3/12(+2 wedge) Anti-HS config
Cyan Printer Ink: 4/3/1/15/7 A weapon armor point from the spinner goes to tilting device. Normal config

I will start by saying fuck you and your 14 armor wedge.

He is 50% faster at 9 vs 6, we both have -1 control and badish torque.
His plow has fucking 14 armor and is quite steep, hard to get through. If i do tho i can deal up to 5(maybe corner) damage, if it is at full power it will surely disable something.
His flipper is underwhelming and has a very bad shape for flipping.

Start as inverted overhead. Gyro should keep me this way for a while.
Start the fight by spinning up and rushing straight at him. Yes this will help his mediocre box rush but i don't need the full speed yet. The plan is for my spinner to scratch and ride up the flat flipper wedge, once very close to MnG start moving in reverse if he is still driving at me. Once over halfway riding up the thing start tilting down the spinner, once on top i should be able to use the angle to hit his top, probably breaking the flipper's arm.
He probably expects this and will promptly fire the flipper once i am driving up, watch as the shitty flipper pops my front up instead of flipping me, especially if i am driving back. Now his flipper is up and i am able to attack. Try riding up the side wedge to hit either a wheel or the top of the side of the flipping arm. If that fails at least i should get corner damage.
If i do this again mess around with the timing of things like reversing or tilting down.

Another thing to try later is going at him in reverse as overhead. Either i monstertruck him and get an easy shot at anything BUT the wedge or i hit the floor, either directly or after his flipper bumps me a few inches forwards.
Hitting the floor will send me somewhere in his direction, likely still landing overhead. This will probably let me flank him before he can react or maybe even hit his top while in the air. A nat 20 will give me a lucky shot on a wheel or the exposed flipper gears.

If turned into a undercutter do the obvious tombstone bait.
If he completely falls for it then RIP wheel, even with the wheelguard the thing is probably bending in.
If he goes for the spinner try to turn around and hit the other side as i am not that clunky. Even if it doesn't work and he bumps me from my back i get to get distance and spin up and/or set up bait again.
If he goes for my side he is more likely of turning me back into overcutter. If the flip fails i may be able to pull off some hittting under raised flipper arm shenanigans.

If all fails or i don't get time to set up anything plays like a otherwise normal HS in this matchup, use my control to hit the big gap between the wedges. Reverse away to gain spin up time. Use tilting to escape pins or pushing.

Good Luck Have Fun
May the more better one of us get the title.
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