Crazy Diamond vs Lift Device

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Crazy Diamond vs Lift Device

Post by hide » Sat Jul 25, 2020 9:44 pm

Im sure Billy will play up his “”big drive advantage””, but in all honesty it isn’t big. He’s only slightly faster and only slightly better controlled. His only big advantage is torque, and that’s kind of a given. His “advantage” is further watered down since I have mecanums and thus can strafe around him.

So given that he’s playing up a pretty small drive advantage, he’s going to try to get up close and personal. Which is where I want him: coming after me.

I outrange him, and can strafe at a comfortable distance while peppering him with shots. Now, he’s gonna say “but he only does 3 damage”. But with repeated hits, what does that mean? Well, it means I break through in only 6 hits. If I were a spinner, that’d be a different matter, but Im a quick hammer, and he has long, juicy sides, a perfect target...

So obviously, strafe out of my square at the start. I’ll be unpredictable in my driving, but I’ll stay within range of hitting him but outside of the range of his weapons. I can maintain distance, and when I have the best angle, strike.

Once again, I only need 6 shots to break through. I can do this in 3 minutes. Keep that in mind.

As time goes on, I will get more aggressive and unpredictable. If his armour isn’t broken, Ill strike quicker and more often. If it is, I’ll attack more and try to get that money KO shot. I’ll still maintain carefulness though.

Gl Billy
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Re: Crazy Diamond vs Lift Device

Post by Billy5545 » Sun Jul 26, 2020 10:19 am

We are both a bit faster and more controllable than them. In addition, their mecanums mean that they have a chance of sliding around when strafing, especially with their traction disparity. Also, our angled sides may be able to reduce the power of their hammer hit a little. Finally, they have no wedge and can be high centered when lifted.

We will first start by getting into an outdriving match with them, avoiding the hammers. We want to go and line our bot straight with the hammer (as in we are at an angle against their main body, but perpendicular to the hammer when retracted). After that, quickly get under from there and lift them up before they can even hit us. We intend to do that so their hammer can't hit our side effectively. If we get trapped between the hammers however, turn and drive into the side of one of the hammers to reduce impact and hopefully lift the hammers up before they can hit our main body.

To defend, we will do the aforementioned tactic, but if it doesn't work, then try to back up and J-hook quickly before they can hit us, then just do our offensive tactic. We have enough speed for that. Our strategy basically lies in bullying them while forcing their weapons neutered by lifting them up. Ram them. Pin them to the walls and leave them stuck on their side. Drop them into the hazard. Drive well and watch out for any errors.

Good luck hide

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