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ROBOT4 FW Week 3: Cyan Printer Ink vs Firewave

Posted: Sat Jul 18, 2020 11:01 pm
Cyan Printer Ink: 4/3/1/15/7, 1 wab point taken for articulation thingy. Normal config
Firewave: 5/4/1/13(12 spinner / 1 srimech)/7

Shells and stuff getting their buff reverted means that Firewave only has 9 weapon armor btw
He is a bit faster but not much and we both have 1 torque and -1 traction, no flanking or similar happening.
If we go weapon to weapon i take 2 damage and 2 shock damage while he takes 6 damage and 4 shock damage. EZ win here, chances are one of the teeth or arms snaps off after the first hit.
Start as an overcutter and do my best to force a weapon to weapon hit which shouldn't be hard at all. His weapon spins clockwise only while mine spins counterclockwise, meaning i get to really drive home my weapon to weapon advantage. The overcutter should be at the right height to hit his while horizontal, if not then adjust it a bit with my bots thingy.

Take a careful look at his bot at the start to catch him if he tries to mount his spinner in the opposite direction to spin counterclockwise, if i see that happening then flip my bot upside down but use the tilting device to keep it a overcutter, that will now spin clockwise.

Do my best to not land as an undercutter just in case he does survive the first hit, don't get close if he is bouncing all around because of an unbalanced weapon or something, don't get hit in the chasis, don't be dumb lol.