Invertical vs. Cross Check

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Invertical vs. Cross Check

Post by attackfrog » Sat Jul 18, 2020 10:22 pm

Invertical: ... 492#p72917
Cross Check: ... 747#p73747

Invertical is using the no plow config.

CC is a speedy boi but Invertical's weapon can damage it a bit and throw it up into the air like I just don't care. I'll keep my weapon spinning and keep trying to put my forks underneath some part of CC so I can get a solid hit. While it'll be using its speediness to push Invertical around and whatnot, I'll always be able to keep wheels on the ground and the hinged weapon setup will keep that on the ground most of the time as well, so turning a situation where I'm being pushed around into one where I slip the forklets underneath and get a good hit can be just a matter of a good hook and turn.

Cross Check isn't coming out of this without some dents at the least, so I'm confident I can win on damage. I think I can be the most aggressive too: I'll be attacking the whole time my spinner is going. I'll also be trying to stay away from that spinny hazard thing.

GLHF Super!

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Re: Invertical vs. Cross Check

Post by Superbomb122 » Sat Jul 18, 2020 10:53 pm

Alright, we have the clear drivetrain advantage over Invertical, meaning we have every ability to control the pace of this fight. His weapon is a little scary, especially if it starts to bend up my wedge, but my armor should be able to tank well enough to prevent a KO

Start the fight by cautiously approaching and watching Invertical’s movements. Jack’s an experienced driver; there’s sure to be something up his sleeve. After a bit of scoping out his movements, push under his front at an angle to avoid the weapon, then turn toward his center to gain the most leverage. After I’m solidly under, lift and either slam Invertical into a wall or flip it over. If possible, use the momentum of my drive to lift Invertical on top of the wall and wait out its inevitable descent.

Constantly vary my approaches, attacking from each side, playing with the throttle (rapidly changing from half to full throttle and vice versa), and choosing different angles to work from.

If Invertical slips away while I try this, get away from its weapon ASAP and reposition for another approach. If Invertical ends up with its sides or back exposed, go on the aggressive and slam into Invertical. Proceed to do with it what I wish.

If Invertical gets under me, back up to prevent a major hit. Readjust, and approach differently the next time. If it hits me decently, I’m in a bit of trouble. If I land upright, Go at full speed away form Invertical until I have room to breathe. If I land upside down, self-right and hope I can get away in time. Hopefully, the powerful weapon and mediocre drivetrain of Invertical will prevent consistent chaining. If I end up on top of the wall, drive at full speed away from Invertical to keep it from catching up, then jump back into the arena. Simply, if I get hit, play keep away.

TL:DR; Varied approaches, slam him around, limit the hits I take with my drive.

GLHF Jack!
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