TRiP vs DBC electric boogaloo rematch

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TRiP vs DBC electric boogaloo rematch

Post by hide » Sat Jun 06, 2020 10:42 pm

Jules’s strategy will most likely be the same: “be a flailing ball of death and wait for the inevitable hit”. The problem is she’s gonna assume the hit is inevitable, which most likely is not the case.

Why? On paper, as everyone knows, I have a absurd drive advantage. In practice, I can avoid TRiP’s hammer with impunity. Even with my balls out aggressive strategy last time, I lasted 2:34. So really, there is no reason I can’t last the full 3 minutes with proper caution.

If I do, TRiP’s screwed. She can’t control the match, can’t get damage points if she doesn’t damage me, and flailing aggression isn’t as good as proper, controlled domination.

So, do my usual box rush (at 8 speed), go to full speed but instead of balls-out aggression, I’m going to do a cautious “hit and run” strategy. I’ll only approach at safe angles, and instead of full wedging, I’ll quickly ram and withdraw in order to minimize contact. It safely demonstrates aggression, and I’d argue it’s more effective than straight wedging.

So, this whole match, I’ll be strafing around, quickly ramming and withdrawing when needed. Again, I’ll demonstrate caution when needed. Balls-out aggression is not needed. And once again: if I’m cautious, it’s very unlikely that she can land a hit.

Gl Jules
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Re: TRiP vs DBC electric boogaloo rematch

Post by Killjoy » Sat Jun 06, 2020 11:51 pm

He's probably gonna do some whole bitch strategy like "avoid her front, ineffectually boop her side, and run away. Rewind and replay." He thinks that's how you win a fight. Silly Rabbit. Trix are for kids. No. You win a fight by hurting the other dude.

He has a big speed edge, yada yada. You know he's gonna go on about it. You also know he's going for my side. You know something something strafing too. But honestly, what's he really doing? Bumping into me and running like a little chicken?

Anyways, plan:

1) Let him come at my side and reverse (or go forward). I know where he's going every time. I can swing my hammer from both ways. Mix it up and nail him.

2) Whenever he's not engaging me, chase him relentlessly. Sorry. You don't win aggression by running. You don't look great on control either. Damage? Lol. Also, he'll probably want big impressive slams. He's not getting those without run-ups if I'm 2 or 3 feet away from him.

3) Look for his patterns, because people have those. They're a thing. Time them and kaboom.

Honestly, if all else fails and it's looking bad, have a bit of fun. Poor Omen hasn't gotten to come out and do his thing yet. He's the OG. He deserves his moment. Hit the damned statues, unleash him, and GTFO the way. DBC has what? 5 armour? Omen breathes on him and he dies lol. Wait... do robots breathe?

Good luck, buddy! :)

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