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Team: ‽ Robotics vs Stealth Cobra

Post by Archangel » Sat Jun 06, 2020 11:08 am

SC: Speed: 8 / Traction: 7 / Torque: 3 / Weapon: 2 / Armor: 10 (+2 top armor on both sides)
c.n: Speed: 7 / Traction: 6 / Torque: 2 / Weapon: 5 / Armor: 8 - forks on!


my drivetrain is exactly one stat worse across the board lol and I also just realized i only have 28 stat points. whatever, didn't need 'em. this is functionally a flipper vs flipper matchup (he'd be stupid to start clamp open), where I trade a negligible drivetrain advantage for much more power, and also do threaten damage... eventually (18 hits). Sooner or later that font nose of his is gonna end up bent out of shape (and with the tight margins it's working under, that should make it nonfunctional).

so yeah. aggression. smacking. etc. angle in to his flipper mechanism when possible, though I should be able to contact the rungs on his flipper if we go head-on. his chassis wedges are a trap - I can beat them easily if I ever go head to head with them, but my wedges have minimal reach and I won't be hitting anything important - laser focus on the flipper, and whittle it down as the match progresses.

I'd actually rather keep this a running, open arena match - if I can strand him on the Step, do that, but in general stay away from walls and keep ownership of the center of the arena, so i can try to make space for myself if he does get under. the bar should right me if flipped (if not do the old run face first into the wall trick).


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Re: vs Stealth Cobra

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Jun 06, 2020 10:09 pm

alright. i'm sick and tired of people getting away with this so i'm gonna try to expose it. with the wheels at the way back, and all the weaponry and armor up front, this bot is going to have a very hard time turning properly even with a 7/6/2 drivetrain. especially if he has the forks - all 30 lbs of weight are going to rest on those and make them dig into the floor. since my bot's weight rests exclusively on the wheels, i'll have a much easier time maneuvering.

angle in on those big flat front panels and flip him up, expose his back end, and then grab on. ram him around the arena until i'm forced to let go, then rinse and repeat. the goal here is to never let him build any momentum. watch his movements to find ideal openings so i can take as few hits as possible. the eventual goal would be to strand him on his front end up against the wall, but i'd be more than happy to dominate him around the ring for three minutes with my drivetrain advantage. just stick to him and never let him knock me off-course with that spinner.

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