Bone Hurting Juice vs. Black Salvo (ROBOT4 FW Week 1)

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Bone Hurting Juice vs. Black Salvo (ROBOT4 FW Week 1)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Jun 06, 2020 2:07 am

Bone Hurting Juice: 4/2/1/16/7
Black Salvo: 9/8/3/0/10 (+2 front wedge)

Configs: Using Thicc Blade config.
Start upright. If I get flipped I can hopefully still hit him but his plow shape doesn’t give much benefit to trying to skip off it, and while my blade can spin up while I’m wedged if inverted my wheels have more clearance if I’m upright which makes high-centering basically impossible.

Start backwards, reverse out to one side at the start but then let my spinup torque turn me around and go the other direction. He’s fast and this is a small arena so he’s likely to be tempted to box rush.

When not at full speed, use the wheels to somewhat shield my blade from him rushing me, and in general use the threat of pivoting maneuvers to make him hesitant to attack directly. If he’s chasing my weapon use quick jukes forward or backward to either make him either run into it with an offset so I can hit his plow’s corners, or hit my wheels which pivots my blade into his corners. When fully spun up mix this up with head-on attacks, and be very careful to avoid letting him attack from my actual rear. Again keep swerving and slaloming around to keep him guessing where I’m actually trying to go. I can afford to get flanked a couple times because I have a really wide angle of potential attack accounting for pivoting, and will tend to bounce away at the angles where I can’t hit him.

This arena’s not huge; smothering is a real concern. AVOID THE ENTRY RAMP LIKE THE PLAGUE as I could get penned in there, and stay away from purplespinnyboi too. He can’t OOTA me. If I bounce and end up on top of the step, wiggle until I’m on my wheels, and use the fact that he can’t reach me to spin up for free! 2’ width gives me room to do it and it’ll take way less than the ten seconds it takes to start a countdown. Then do a sick jump off the edge – try to land on top of him with the blade if he’s dumb enough to camp underneath me. Gyro effects should keep me upright during the fall, especially if I’m inverted.

More than 4 full-speed hits in the same area should really mess up his plow and let me get corner hits, at which point it’ll be torn apart/off pretty quickly. I also do 4 shock damage, if his plow’s warped enough that my blade slips under it I can shred his front wheels, and a chassis hit threatens to one-shot him. If he doesn’t smother me consistently he dies.


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Re: Bone Hurting Juice vs. Black Salvo (ROBOT4 FW Week 1)

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Jun 06, 2020 10:00 pm

solid wedge.

keep the wedge pointed at him, angle in on his spin direction, and go to town. stick to him like white on rice, following him any time he manages to jhook away. never let him get the blade up to speed so he can use it. shutting out his weapon should guarantee me a victory.

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