Dreadnought MK4 VS Kill 'Em All

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Dreadnought MK4 VS Kill 'Em All

Post by GF93 » Sun May 10, 2020 8:03 pm

Dreadnought MK4 (GF93)
Speed: 7
Traction: 6
Torque: 3
Weapon: 3 (Front-Hinged Pneumatic Flipper and Sawtooth Wedge)
Armour: 11

Kill 'Em All (Shaba)
Speed: 5
Traction: 4
Torque: 1
Weapon: 12 (Electric-Powered Giant Axe and Hinge Wedges)
Armour: 8
Sawtooth Wedge.

The main thing to beware of is the massive roof-mounted axe, and KEA's got a decent drivetrain and hinged wedges that work inverted. However, there are noticeable weaknesses; 8 armour is relatively low for her type, her exposed tyres/corners are vulnerable (as are the wedges to flanking), and I outdo her in all drivetrain categories; 3x her torque, 33% more traction, and 28.5% faster. The walls are low enough for me to OOTA KEA effectively, the Fatales hurt her badly, and despite being able to run inverted/self-right, overheads in general really don't like flippers because they can pretty much shut them down by keeping them inverted. Considering my armour's strong enough to (mostly) resist the axe, I'm lower, faster, stronger, have the flipper and a generally better wedge (2WD forked VS 4WD hinged, likely with axe recoil), hopefully I'm in a good position to do so!

Be aggressive and strategic; prioritising attacking away from the axe, keeping KEA flipped (ergo unable to use the weapon) while actively interfering with all attempts to escape/recover, and eventually flipping her out. Move out quickly, watch where she approaches from while avoiding the hump, and accordingly attack. Aim for the sides/corners/underneath to avoid getting in the firing line of the axe, flip (try when swinging to impede her self-righting), and get shoving. Beware sudden movements! Always be ready to dodge/counter/drive under accordingly to avoid being hit, immediately drive off if she gets under, and mix it up periodically with feints toward the front/corners; bait her into swinging/missing by driving in close and reversing, then dodge/counter immediately.

On the attack, the main priority will be to keep her flipped, taking full advantage of the environment to deal plenty of damage (and ideally break the axe/wheels), and set her up for the OOTA. Stay underneath as much as possible and approach away from the axe's radius to avoid it, actively stop her from self-righting by ramming/flipping and chase her down if she tries escaping (especially if flipped), and copy her movements to stop her driving off. Squash her into walls to wear down the clock, flip her into the Fatales repeatedly (especially axe/wheel-first, which will likely wrench them right out the housing when fast enough), and whenever I have an opportunity to OOTA (ideally with the axe broken/already fired), go for it.

Attack is generally the best defence, here; actively taking the fight to and forcing her onto the backfoot throughout, establishing dominance of the central area to limit her near walls/hazards only, and keeping her from using her weapon via flipping and using the Fatales to potentially take out the axe/drive. Don't fall for corner/hazard-baiting attempts, cut off/copy her movements and counterattack if she tries feinting, don't flip unless definitely underneath, and keep spare gas handy for OOTA attempts and emergency self-righting. Most importantly however, avoid the axe. AVOID THE FUCKING AXE.

Good luck, Danielle. I can always appreciate a Metallica reference when it comes to robots!

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Re: Dreadnought MK4 VS Kill 'Em All

Post by Shaba117 » Mon May 11, 2020 9:13 pm

Immediately get away from the OOTA zone behind my starting square and out towards the center of the arena. I'll use more defensive and deceptive driving tactics to try to throw off Dreadnought's attacks and to make him waste gas for his flipper. Also, since he's also a front-hinged flipper, Dreadnought would have to get at least half of my bot up onto its front to have a chance of flipping me. I also have much longer forks vs his sawtooth wedge. If I get under, wail away with the hammer and keep under him as long as possible. If he charges/gets under me, J-hook and back off before adding some zig-zag reverse driving to confuse him some more. The first 30 seconds will have the raised hazard in the floor - use that as a 'block' to further confuse Dreadnought of my attack pattern. As the match goes on, I'll adjust to more aggressive and brazen tactics if the above isn't effective. Key thing is to get maximum weapon hits on Dreadnought while avoiding being within a few feet of either OOTA zone, as well as the corner hazards if they are orange/red. But as a last resort, I will activate those hazards to their maximum strength (if they're not already) and draw Dreadnought to drive over them. If flipped, I should still have my front wheels in contact with the floor and I'll immediately reverse away from Dreadnought before self-righting with the hammer to prevent him from chaining flips.

GL Alex!

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