CBC4 MW Quarterfinals: (4) Magnolia Grande vs (5) Momma Bear

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CBC4 MW Quarterfinals: (4) Magnolia Grande vs (5) Momma Bear

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat May 09, 2020 6:09 pm

Magnolia Grande: 4/2/1/16/7
Momma Bear: 4/2/1/0/13, 8/7/1/2/2 x2

1) I vaporize the cubs in one shot...at half power and, since they're 1/4 the weight of a normal bot, they'll barely even slow my weapon while dying horribly.

2) I have a TON of weapon coverage and range. About the only area where they can reliably get to me is my wheels. Good luck trying to get all of the way around the blade and perfectly time a flip on a small, mobile target while instant death waits inches away.

3) Her ability to OOTA is dubious. She technically has just enough power, but her flippers are so small and so short and my bot is so large and awkward that she's going to have a hell of a time trying to line up a straight, even, perfect-distance flip.

4) Momma doesn't have the drivetrain to even come close to smothering me. We're equal. She's also half the weight of a normal bot and will get flung pretty much to the other side of the arena following impacts. The power curve of my ICE-powered blade also means that it should recover a bit quicker from light, glancing impacts against her shallowly sloped wedge.

The plan's simple: spin up, get away from the walls and corner hazards, and go after her. Smack Momma out of the way and try to get the cubs. If she uses one as 'bait', appear to take the bait. Wait until the other lurking one starts making its move, and full reverse right into it. I have a lot of clearance at the back and my blade sweeps through that area. If they pincer, use weapon-torque aided turning and swing at one, or reverse suddenly right as they're about to reach my wheels. When Momma's back for more, smack her away again (and deal 3 damage each hit). Spin up as quickly as I can and stay aggressive. The cubs can't, by virtue of 2 armour, be aggressive and really control the flow of the match, and Momma doesn't have the speed and will be getting smacked around. Oh yeah, if she does something lulzy like trying to power up all of the hazards, how's she reliably going to get me to them? chase her down and smack her from behind and, if the cubs try to sneak up on me, do as above.

Good luck!
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Re: CBC4 MW Quarterfinals: (4) Magnolia Grande vs (5) Momma Bear

Post by Killjoy » Sun May 10, 2020 1:48 pm

No stats. Alex has already used those to flex a bunch.

His plan's probably something like: hit Momma and knock her away, she's too slow to smother me, obliterate the cubs if they come close with my blade of doom. Insert a whole bunch of stat arguments that make it impossible for Jules to win yada yada.

Not doin that. Not playing into his hands.

His wheels take 3 damage from the hazards once they're orange and 3 again when they're red. Momma's vibranium wedge takes 1 damage: scratches. I laugh at that. Also, the cubs are 1/4 the size of a normal middleweight and they're super low. If he's flipped overcutter, they can absolutely low profile him. Even Momma might be able to. Here's the plan:

1) Don't even go after him with Momma at the start. IDC. Boop the hazards up to red. The cubs' job is to threaten doorstopping and flipping him from almost-behind. It's not to actually succeed in this. It's just to threaten him enough that he has to take a swing at them. Of course, he's predictable as hell with swinging around with his weapon torque or backing over them or whatever. With their massive speed advantage and better control, they'll be out of there long before he can hit them. Of course, if one is lucky enough to get under, flip right away! Then I can skip some steps.

2) He's going to be aggressive and drunk on his own power. He'll want to splatter a cub. When possible, hang around close to the walls and hazards. He has a massive spinning weapon and shit control. A swing and a miss stands a really good chance of carrying him into a wall. Opportunistically, Momma can also smack him into the wall. If his blade ever stalls or stops or he flips himself in the ensuing tombstone dance, the cubs come in immediately and without fear.

3) Use the fact that I have three bots and can threaten him from multiple angles to get him to ricochet into a wall or, preferably a powered up corner hazard. Momma can soak quite a few shots. The cubs can aid her by threatening a flip or just tempting him to go after 'soft' targets (don't flip him back to undercutter, though). Hitting a powered-up hazard will hurt him and will also stop his weapon. Once his weapon's stopped, doorstop him. I have three bots that can do it. Pin or preferably shove him around for the full 30 seconds. Release him on a hazard when it's up. Let that chew on him. Scoop him back up. Do it again. I have 8 shots at this. Don't fuck it up.

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