Shade Fist vs Golden MADD

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Shade Fist vs Golden MADD

Post by Badnik96 » Sat May 09, 2020 5:33 pm



Wedges off.
His self-righting is questionable at best, and my drum is good for that sort of thing. Given the forces of inertia and such, I don't expect him to be able to move with any control until the shell is up to full speed, which should take enough time for me to close in on him if I start moving right as the buzzer sounds, spinning up my drum on the way. Get there as soon as possible, attack into his direction of spin and pop him into the air. Stay on him, I have better traction and control, and his shell will take time to spin once i've slowed its momentum a bit. His undercarriage is pretty easily damaged by my drum, and most of his electronics are floor-mounted so that will do a number to him if I get there. Just keep bullying him. He's too slow to escape once I'm on top of him so keep juggling him until he breaks. Hang back and watch every time he lands on his head. If he shows signs of life, ram into him at full speed with the drum at full cry and just YEET him. Literally do not give my mans a chance to breathe.
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Re: Shade Fist vs Golden MADD

Post by Rinzler » Sun May 10, 2020 11:58 pm

Alright so this fight could go a couple ways but I'm throwing all my eggs into one basket and assuming he's gonna go forks off because he's smarter than that. Unfortunately this only hurts him in that there's one less hit before I can get to his drum. I also chose the angled shell for a couple different reasons. The first being the teeth are the only thing he can bite. The second being the teeth are at such a bad height for a drum that any hit from him will have a tendancy to just push both bots away from each other instead of flipping me (see Minotaur vs. Gigabyte). This has the added benefit of him being unable to smother me as he just keeps pushing me away. Another good thing for me are his speed stat (5 speed is too slow to dominate me, especially with strafing and lack of wedging options. Not to mention that his drum is riddled with corner damage potential.

Now that that's done its strategy time. The main goal is going to be getting up to speed and waiting for him to come to me. There's probably gonna be some weird angle he wants, so Im gonna strafe to make sure I hit the drum front and center. After a few weapon to weapon hits his drum will be considerably off-balance due to teeth chipping and becoming disformed. After it becomes clear that the weapon is starting to die, go as crazy as I can, strafing randomly to get him to overcorrect so I can hit the chassis (this could happen anyways since lots of corners means he goes spinning every hit). If my weapon stops, no big deal. Without forks he cant get under, meaning I effectively have a 13 armor circular wedge. Just pin him in place so he has to back off, letting me spin back up.

I'd also like to keep the fight away from the furnace door as much as possible. Im not so worried about the other hazards since I can self right.

Good luck have fun ole friend

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