Black Salvo vs Not Tanto

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Black Salvo vs Not Tanto

Post by Badnik96 » Sat May 09, 2020 5:23 pm

9/8/3/0/10(+2 wedge)

Speed: 8 Traction: 7 Torque: 3 Weapon: 0 Armour: 12

Forks on.
I have the advantage in every way that counts, which makes this tricky for a slower wedge like Tanto. Angle in on those big forks and get under it. I expect him to try to hook away, so watch which way he does so, reset the situation to neutral, and then look for another opening. This time, follow where he was going to reverse the previous time and hope the hard read pays off. if not, keep predicting which way he's going to escape until I get the opening I need. It only takes one, given he'll have a much harder time finding the same opening on me. Also keep an eye for feints he might pull - reversing out of the way, turning sharply in a different direction, anything like that. I need to anticipate where he'll be when I attack, not where he is when I decide to pull the trigger. If he gets me with such a trick once, I need to keep it logged mentally so he can't use it against me again, and be ready to intercept him if he uses such a tactic a second time. Stay sharp and don't get flustered.

Keep an eye on any movement my wedgelets do. If they're ever lifted up off the air by my opponent getting under me, I want to gun it in reverse, being sure to be wary of which direction i'm traveling so i don't fall into a hazard. Likewise, the hazards are my best friend in racking up damage points, so once I have my opponent trapped on my wedge, drop him off there and then pick him up again as he falls off, dazed and confused. Keep up the pressure as long as possible, especially once I have a lead. If I can make it look insurmountable for him, he just might give up mentally and start making more mistakes, and that's the key in a wedge match.
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Re: Black Salvo vs Not Tanto

Post by Botomatic1000 » Mon May 11, 2020 12:07 am

Forks of course.

They never said it would be easy... going to be aggressive right from the start, going for him with ruthless persistence. I aim to be going head to head with him most of the time and although he has the superior speed, I have ample amounts of speed and traction to counter any times he may angle in on me, meeting him head to head instead, my widely spaced Wedgelets avoiding most of his inner ones when we meet head to head, instead generally only coming into contact with his out two, giving him even less opportunities to get under me. If he does get under me then it is no buggy whatsoever, I can’t exactly just reverse right off I’f he does get under me because of his speech but what I can do is turn slightly, when he gets under me and then reverse off, letting him keep going forward, giving me the opportunity to drive under his now exposed side. When I get under him from the dude, he has basically no way of getting off of me with his low ground-clearance, my nice, high, tall Wedgelets should trap him nicely on there, giving me ample time to push him around, the place, ramming him into that furnace in particular and around the arena hazards and the wall, hoping to impress the judges. Although he may get under me, he can’t exactly do a lot to bully me, or push me around. If he gets under me from the front then so what? I have both of my wheels still on the ground, he won’t be able to push me as we have the same torque, my Wedgelets pushing against his stoppers, stuck in a stalemate which he will have to back away from, as I keep going for him in aggressive fashion. If he gets under me from a slight angle or the side then I have ample ground clearance just to reverse right off and get right under his side with ease. Big wheeled bots like mine are hard to bully when you’re a very low, compact robot like his own, you can get under them on occasion, sure but they’re just going to get right off of you, even if he somehow gets under me from behind, once again, I can just turn and reverse right off. Eventually, that furnace will break and it’s going to be a rave to toss the other down, once again, if he gets under me from the front then I’ll be awkward, turning slightly to the side and reversing myself off, if it’s close to the furnace then his imperfect traction means he could over-shoot it and drive himself right in, but to be better safe then sorry, I’ll get right under him from the side after I get off, trap him on my forks and toss him in, with ease. Try to be as awkward to handle as possible whilst remaining aggressive.

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