CBC4 FW Quarterfinals: (1) CIRCUITZ vs (9) Finishing Move

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CBC4 FW Quarterfinals: (1) CIRCUITZ vs (9) Finishing Move

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat May 09, 2020 2:57 pm

CIRCUITZ: 10/8/4/5/3 (config not declared)
Finishing Move: 8/7/1/11/3 - 1 point of weapon armour to flipping arm

1) Her normally huge speed edge is marginal here: 12 to 10, and I have the better control and can match her strafing shenanigans. -2 control also means she's going to oversteer at least a couple times.

2) I deal catastrophic damage anywhere I hit her. Full stop.

3) Her flips don't do enough damage to take out my wheels, I can self-right quickly and easily, and there are no OOTA zones.

She'll try to pit me. She might try to damage my wheels with an opportunistic flip or ram, but doing that will require cleanly getting to the side (not the front or back) of a bot that she's only marginally faster than, with worse (and actively poor) control. My counter to that is uh... don't drive like an idiot. Keep my threat of imminent death pointed at her.

When she goes for the grates to try to expose the furnace, be on her ass right away. Her speed advantage is not large. She'll struggle to find the space to go after a grate, hit it, and back off before I'm right up in her grille. She'll have to pull that off flawlessly, four times for each grate, with a -2 control ratio.

If I see her slipping around my side successfully, mix in backing off to force her to adjust and bait some oversteer and turning against her turn to bring my rear in line with her. Swing my weapon over and smack her wide, flat top. Obviously stay away from open grates and hazards in general.

My main goal is just to hit her. Hit her anywhere, any way. Put my drivetrain to use. That's about all.

GL small sister.
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The Monsterworks: 214-57 (.790) ...Probably up to no good.
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Finishing Move: 6-2
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Re: CBC4 FW Quarterfinals: (1) CIRCUITZ vs (9) Finishing Move

Post by Killjoy » Sat May 09, 2020 11:00 pm

MFW I draw a hard counter in the first round of playoffs:
Okay listen up. I've already tried everything I've got against Alex's latest "totally not tryhard hehe just bein' experimental gaiz™" bot. I got annihilated. So, it's time for a radically different strategy. Presenting my five step plan to hate the player, not the game:

Step One
Avoid him hard. circle strafe around the conveniently circular arena.
Walk in accompanied by drag queens. Alex HATES drag queens. He'll stare at their asses for half a second, feel weird cuz he's like that, and be totally off his game.
Step Two
Boop the gates, once at a time (don't get greedy. He's fast), as I'm strafing. Keep moving.
Play happy hardcore. Loud. Alex HATES happy hardcore. (I do too, but my resistance is higher. My room's beside Laz's and I tank his shitty experimental early 70s prog all fucking day).
Step Three
Whenever he's close, threaten SEVEN ramming damage to wherever on his bot. That can kill wheels. It'll keep him honest.
Feed him popcorn. Force feed him if I need to. I'm 100 lbs of fury. He has no chance. It won't come to that, though. Alex likes popcorn. He eats it off the floor. He ignores the five-second rule. Then, it'll get stuck between his teeth. Alex HATES when popcorn gets stuck between his teeth. It'll 100% bug him at some crucial moment in the match, giving me the advantage!
Step Four
change directions occasionally and force him to turn. Flip him if I have a chance. Use the pistons to create a pinch zone
Disagree with my brother in a debate the evening before. Alex HATES it when you disagree with him. That'll throw him off. It'll eat away at him all night. Trust me. Gabe knows what's up.
Step Five
I'm still the faster bot. Place myself so he'll have to attack me with his back to the open grates. Strafe if needed to maintain the advant…
Earwigs. Strategically place earwigs throughout the pits and the drivers' booth. Alex HATES earwigs. They are his single least favourite thing in the world. He screams like a three-year-old whenever he sees them. If I get lucky and one crawls on him, he will literally drop the controller and run.

In Conclusion...
Then flip his ass in the pit. He can tear off my flipper. I won't need it in Valhalla. Oh yeah, I also have lots of ablative skirts. Just i…
You should all roll dice on these things and he should suffer debuffs for each. If you don't, you're wrong and bad. The best part is that none of these things are technically illegal and I can't be DQed (Dairy Queened? Drag Queened?) for them.
Good luck :)

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