Diablo Genesis vs Spinnerfood

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Diablo Genesis vs Spinnerfood

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sat May 02, 2020 5:58 pm

ABR, Lifter, Forks off

Normally I'd be worried about fighting a spinner at this time. Here is where I point and laugh at the 14 weapon. Shock damage should not be an issue here.

Can he climb over me? Hell fuckin yeah. So don't let him. Raise the lifter nice and high. As he spins up, take the hits on the plow "B-ut Drew! Risking damaging yourself?!?!" Yeah, because 1 corner damage isn't much to worry about. In turn it'll cause himself to bounce a bit from the impact, that is if I get hit on the edge of the plow, and slow his blade down little by little. Eventually his blade will stop and he'll have to find other ways to attack. Keep the plow raised and close to his spinner. If he tries turning, see if I can get underneath and attempt to get wedged under a wheel and use it as cover. See if I can keep the match this way, while also pushing him towards one of the spinners. Focus on this if possible. Keep pushing him over it until it turns red. Then use it as a way to damage the wheels and gain damage points. When I'm not busy playing with the spinner, keep his spinner slowed or stopped with my plow and adjust accordingly so he can't tower over me and hit anything important. He shouldn't be low enough to hit the dustpan. It's boring, yet effective. It may be hard to control a Huge clone, but as shown by Whiplash it is most definitely doable, especially when you have something that can prevent him from hitting you. Make the necessary adjustments needed so he only hits plow. Don't play the dangerous game of "getting under the wheel and flipping him over"

Good luck

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Re: Diablo Genesis vs Spinnerfood

Post by hide » Sat May 02, 2020 11:36 pm

So he's gonna act like he has this decisive drive advantage, but it's 7/6 vs 5/4. Not much there, and nothing I can't overcome. However, he's gonna have to hold onto that meager 2 speed advantage like it's the holy grail, because he has only 7 base chassis armor, which plays into another one of my tricks: shock damage. Being two below 9 chassis armor is a bit of a yikes, and even 14 weapon can exploit that. But going back to his chassis armor, shock damage is the least of his worries if I get a good hit: I deal 7 damage. That's a straight OHKO if I get that coveted chassis blow, and getting said blow is not impossible by any stretch of the imagination. Requires a strategy, though, which I have.

We're in The Noir, so he's obviously not getting a box rush/straight shot at me, which gives me the opportunity to get my blade up to rip-roaring speed. "But SIRENS!" you might say. "It's only 14 weapon vs 13 plow armor (or 12, idk, same difference), how do you plan on bypassing that, while it's on a fully adjustable lifter!"

Well, my friend, I'm glad you asked, because HUGE clones have the nice little ability of spinning upwards and downwards. Since he's rocking the ABR plow, we're not spinning downwards, oh no. We're doing what he least expects and doing the opposite: going upwards! I catch a hard edge on the plow, and I get to watch as DBG3 goes flying up, up and away, getting flipped in the process and leaving that juicy 7 chassis armor vulnerable to a shot. Even if the initial attack slows down my blade, it's not going down too much: 5 to 6 damage still grievously hurts him, if not outright killing him.

So, spin up to full power with the aid of the Crooked Cop (make sure to spin UPWARDS), and position myself to charge at the optimal angle towards DBG3's plow to catch a edge. 5 speed + only -1 traction definitely helps, as my controlled movement allows me to get at the optimal angle. If he tries to lift the plow and stop my blade, back off a slight bit out of his range, reposition to a better angle and charge in.

I get that hit, and he should go flying. Take no breather and charge in: 14 weapon power + 7 armor chassis = a KO. He can only self right so fast, especially with a 3 power lifter. I get that hit, and the match is mine.

Obligatory disclaimer: avoid hazards for obvious reasons.

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