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Vexed! Round 3: Taskmaster V5 and Tiamat vs Fork the Wind and Trilobite 2

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 10:00 pm
by Hiicantpk
Taskmaster V5TiamatVSFork the WindTrilobite 2
Speed: 8Speed: 7|Speed: 8Speed: 9
Traction: 7Traction: 5|Traction: 8Traction: 9
Torque: 3Torque: 1|Torque: 1Torque: 3
Weapon: 0Weapon: 5|Weapon: 8Weapon: 0
Armour: 12Armour: 10 (+2 Wedge)|Armour: 5Armour: 9 (+2 Front Plate)
Note: Configs/Wedges shown in this table may not reflect the configs/wedges being used in the match.

Re: Vexed! Round 3: Taskmaster V5 and Tiamat vs Fork the Wind and Trilobite 2

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 6:03 am
by patrickrowberry
I out wedge taskmaster if needed and I out speed tiamat and have I have perfect control

go angle into tiamat keep him off my team mate try get him outa avoid hazord there dnagrous for him as much as for me he does no damage to me but I do 1 damage to body damage (10-3 =7 body armour) and double if I hit his wheels but keeping control of him and keeping him of my team mate is the main key if taskmaster trys any tricky business fuckhim I out wedge him and 1/2 hit2 will keep him of me for a while to let me kill tiamat

Re: Vexed! Round 3: Taskmaster V5 and Tiamat vs Fork the Wind and Trilobite 2

Posted: Sat May 02, 2020 7:39 am
by Rocket
We have a massive speed and control advantage over our opponents. Pat might not be able to damage them, but being able to yeet them into the stratosphere - or at least the OOTA zone - is a huge point in our favour considering that we don't have to worry about taking any damage. Let's use that.

Pat's gonna be taking on Tiamat as a top priority, so like when I was paired with Molten, my priority is letting him do that by acting as a blocker. Since Tiamat's one of the first bots that can actually flip Trilo if it gets a good shot off, having FTW flank it and turn it over is the core of our strategy. That means I want to stop Taskmaster from shoving its wedge into FTW's spinner and getting it stopped. Whichever front face Taskmaster's running, Trilo can easily get underneath it and bully it around with superior pushing power and the ability to keep it off-balance. If it's running the forks, I'll angle in on it slightly to properly get underneath them as they're very long and make no mention of being on any kind of limiter despite obviously being hinged. The main point is that while I'm underneath Taskmaster, it's not dealing with FTW.

Once Pat's chain-flipped Tiamat into next week, we can turn our joint attention onto Taskmaster. Getting under Taskmaster is very simple for me (as we established above) and FTW has the control to not accidentally hit me with its spinner. Between us, we can easily get an opponent over the barrier from range, especially if I tee up a nice side hit hit for FTW.

This strategy is broadly the same as the one I used with Molten, though with more mobility on the part of this week's win condition. Here's hoping it works. =]

Good luck to both my opponents, and have fun. =]

Re: Vexed! Round 3: Taskmaster V5 and Tiamat vs Fork the Wind and Trilobite 2

Posted: Sat May 02, 2020 4:51 pm
by Badnik96
going with the forks.

given that ftw's self-righting is dubious at best, that's going to be my first target. he needs to get all the way to my side to get under at all, since his wedges are static, so i'm going to keep an eye on where he goes at the start. if he comes at me, keep my front facing him and go on the attack once he's close enough. get him over with the spinner and see what happens.

in the meantime, taskmaster should be keeping trilobite off me, but keep an eye on where trilobite is regardless. if she comes at me first, duck out of the way and try to angle in on either her forks or hinged wedge, whichever side she's coming at me with.

once ftw is dead in the water, me and taskmaster will gang up on trilobite and bully it around the ring until it dies or ends up oota or something. not much one bot can do against two bots with similar drive trains that can get under it from the side and flip it before it can recover


Re: Vexed! Round 3: Taskmaster V5 and Tiamat vs Fork the Wind and Trilobite 2

Posted: Sat May 02, 2020 8:46 pm
by Badnik96
hide fucking died so i'm here to copy/paste what he sent me and then finish it off

So, Trilobite will probably try to gamer on me with it's 9 speed + perfect control, except:
1. It's 9 vs 8, so a 1 speed advantage
2. Perfect control vs -1 isn't HUGE, even with the new traction rules
3. We have the same torque, which is a very important factor here.

So, Trilobite's supposedly big drive advantage (which I'm betting Rocket is trying to hinge her strategy on) isn't that big in all actuality. She isn't gonna be pulling Circutz-style tricks around me, especially with only 2WD. Since I'm running forks, we're roughly equal, and thus me going head-on-head with Trilobite isn't the impossible prospect that I'm sure Rocket paints it as.

For reasons I'm sure Badnik outlined in his RP, FtW isn't much of a threat either. In case you need a quick breakground:
1. Not a huge drive advantage over Tiamat
2. He's 4WD static
3. it can't self right