Rumble in Da Jungle: TRiP vs Dead Baby Cannon

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Rumble in Da Jungle: TRiP vs Dead Baby Cannon

Post by Killjoy » Sat Apr 25, 2020 11:36 pm

He has no weapon, meaning that his only real offense is to push me. He has a huge footprint from above, making him easier to hit than his speed would suggest. One hit kills him.

Basically be a flailing ball of death, doom, and neons. Win aggression by showing zero fear of him. Sirens has to last 3 minutes in there with me and show match control somehow. Hit him, whatever it takes: catch him on the return swing; face him sideways, let him push me, and jack knife; zoom up to him as aggressive as always and then back up a tiny bit instead and hammer him; take advantage of oversteer; monstertruck him. Be on the lookout for hit and run tactics, where he zooms up to me, boops me, and runs. Always respond with extreme aggression, and then mix it up suddenly and don't. Basically, throw in something unexpected. Yeah yeah mecanum baiting too. Get used to it, time it, and nail him

Try not to mess with the statues - they're atmospheric and I like my rooms atmospheric, but kill them if I happen to end up there, I guess. Same goes for the house robots. They're just hardworking guys doing their jobs. If that janitor attacks me, though, let him have it right back, right on the tracks. Let him have it more at the end if I KO DBC and it's justified revenge. Mostly just kill DBC, though. SIrens' edge might be able to cut, but I have a hammer.

Good luck :)

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Re: Rumble in Da Jungle: TRiP vs Dead Baby Cannon

Post by hide » Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:36 am

So, TRiP...

It looks amazing...

And it has a nasty hammer...

But it also has a shit drive. HUGE clones somewhat get a pass for this because of their unorthodox design, but that can only compensate so much (see: Vindicator vs NRG 2). And we're far past the compensation limit here: 9 speed vs 3, only -1 control vs -2 control, 7 torque (although it's effectively 6 because mecanum penalty) vs 1 and oh yeah! Mecanums. In the end, that combines to form the perfect storm: a absurdly quick, strafing bot it can't reliably catch.

Now yes, it can one shot me, but it ain't going to because it can't catch me. Rinz said the exact same things about how he can one-shot me, and he had better drive than TRiP. See how that worked out for him (not very well).

Anyways, start out by rushing across the center (drive at 8 speed to nullify the traction disadvantage), then go full speed and start going sicko mode on TRiP. I can very easily angle in on it's wheels with 9 speed + mecanums, and TRiP can't really do anything about it. Get there, get under, and PUSH. I push her at 8 speed, meaning if I get under I can drive her wherever I want. Pinning a HUGE clone doesn't work that well, so I'll feed TRiP to whatever house robot is there. I don't expect a KO, but it'll distract/immobilize TRiP for some time.

Besides pushing TRiP, I'll use other drive-measures: ramming, pushing then releasing, etc. I'll mix them up occasionally, but they should all work equally well considering the afromentioned drive disparity. Still, it helps to keep TRiP on it's toes,

Of course, I'll also exhibit some caution so I don't accidentally get YOLOed into a KO.

Avoid baits.

Avoid other drive tricks.

When pushing get TRiP to go to the statues occasionally and try to get it to destroy them. If it bites, keep feeding it to them.

If possible summon Omen, if I can, feed TRiP to it, but if not nothing really changes.

Is that it? Yeah, I think so.
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