Dreadnought MK4 VS Killer Queen

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Dreadnought MK4 VS Killer Queen

Post by GF93 » Sat Apr 25, 2020 11:35 pm

Sawtooth Wedge.

Killer (Deadly?) Queen's got a strong flipper and tricky mecanum drive, so making sure I don't get flipped out is a priority. However, I outdo her in all respects drivetrain-wise (being faster, more manoeuvrable and having three times her torque/acceleration), my 2WD forked wedge's generally more reliable than her 4WD scoop, I can both combo her and self-right more easily on top of also being able to OOTA, and despite the power of her flipper, she doesn't have anything to keep me on her wedge. I can drive over/off the sides accordingly, more easily angle/bait her into misfiring, and make her overshoot or even OOTA herself with her own self-righting.

Being aggressive/strategic (again. :v ) is the approach to take; staying laser-focused on her mecanum drifting trajectories, mixing in angling/baiting to constantly keep her guessing, and just generally taking the fight to her throughout and actively stopping her from bringing the flipper into play. Move out quickly, watch where she comes from, and attack accordingly. Mostly aim for the sides/corners/sides of spikes away from the front (aim for where she's going when drifting rather than where she currently is to cut her off), flip her over, then get shoving/flipping from there. Mix in some baits as well occasionally; including monster-trucking over the top/off the side, and feinting a head-on/corner attack then immediately reversing out the way to make her misfire. Beware any sudden movements, and copy them if she tries driving off/escaping.

On the attack, stay underneath as much as possible and keep her flipped as much as I can. Combo her with flips, actively interfere with any attempt to escape/self-right, squash her into walls/corners to wear down the clock, limit her movement to near walls/corners, and whenever I have a chance to OOTA, go for it; be it via my flipper, forcing her to self-right near walls, or a combination of both.

Defence mostly means the aggressive kind (actively taking the fight to her and forcing her onto the defence), but at the same time using good common sense and not being reckless around the flipper. Don't go near walls/corners unless using them myself, self-right/escape immediately if flipped, keep spare gas handy for OOTA attempts/self-righting, and don't stay where she can flip me a moment longer than necessary, especially when feinting.

Good luck! And with that...

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Re: Dreadnought MK4 VS Killer Queen

Post by hide » Sat Apr 25, 2020 11:56 pm

Yare yare daze, Im not going to go through stat-analysis on this one, because it is very close to what I've seen every match in this group: 7 speed, more torque than me, etc. Mecanums provide a angle of attack that may or may not be forseen (more likely it will be forseen), and I have a stronger weapon. In Stormhavn, this is a factor because even with it's whack flipping arc, KQ's flipper has decent power and can score a OOTA if Dreadnought isn't careful, and considering that KQ is 2-3 right now, there's a chance that it won't be.

Now Dreadnought will probably expect me to do the same strafing-filled song-and-dance, and I'll start out looking like I will, but in reality setting up for a head-on-charge (what I tried against Defenstrator, which reasonably worked), getting under and flipping. It'll catch him by surprise, but the flipper-reset will take up a lot of time.

NOW he'll probably expect me to fall into routine and attack via-angle in, and AGAIN I will put on the appearance of doing so. But in reality, once again I am baiting him and setting up for that charge. Flip, recover, repeat.

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