linkinparknumb.mp3.exe vs Outrage 3

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linkinparknumb.mp3.exe vs Outrage 3

Post by V900 » Sat Apr 25, 2020 10:12 pm

no spoiler with signup posts in it this time because i'm mean >:^] (and lazy)

armor plow setup, this means my robot is 5spd/1tor/3tra/10arm (+3 front)/11wep
outrage is 3spd/1tor/2tra/8arm/16wep

Get to the center of the arena and keep enough distance for me to hit his drive pods. His blades are at their longest at the front and stick out MUCH less when an opponent approaches from an angle. AKA, angle in. I have plenty of room in this no-frills arena to retreat if need be, use it to my advantage. He can't OOTA so don't worry about that, just make sure I don't trap myself in any of the corners.

I can either pop his wheels off with my 3-4 on-hit damage (which translates to 6 wheel damage) or stack on shock damage over the course of the match. I do 1-2 shock as is, which is bumped up to 3-4 shock with the +2 bonus.

The 13 armor plow is mostly just life insurance for if he gets the blade too close for my comfort, but with 2 speed less than me I don't think that'll come into play very often. It's 13 armor, we all know how this goes by now. There's a chance he'll deal +1 on a corner of my plow for 4 damage, but I'm not intending on getting it hit all too often, so it'll survive.

gl hf

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