KILL 'EM ALL vs Xtreme pneumatiX: CBC Round 7 HW

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KILL 'EM ALL vs Xtreme pneumatiX: CBC Round 7 HW

Post by Shaba117 » Sat Apr 25, 2020 10:02 pm

KILL 'EM ALLXtreme pneumatiX
Speed: 5 Speed: 7
Traction: 4 Traction: 6
Torque: 1 Torque: 2
Weapon: 12 Weapon: 3
Armour: 8 Armour: 12
Config: Forks Config: Not declarable -please see entry post for addn. wedge/forks configs
Starting in green square

I see that XP used many wedges/long forks in the Fork Bomb fight, so assuming that he will use the same here. yes, the forks are long, but mine are longer and I have reach with the hammer and can rack up points with the judges. Also imperitive that I stay away from the corners of this arena. Thankfully, this arena is also 46x46ft, so I still have plenty of room to maneuver and XP only has 3 weapon power to a narrow flipper. Chances of an OOTA are slim.

Primary strat: get towards the center of the arena, but I won't drive directly at XP - keep at an angle to him and see if he comes to me, then sharply turn in place and get my forks under and unleash the hammer! Try to get a few hits in, then back off, rinse and repeat (while turning in a 'reverse circle' to keep from becoming cornered/against a wall). My unpredictable driving is the key thing here.

Secondary: Begin the same as above, but continually bait XP into firing its flipper and get it to run out of gas to eliminate the OOTA possibility. I feign attack, back off, XP fires its flipper and misses, and I can run back in and get a hit or two with the hammer.

Last resort: Drive straight at XP, get forks under, and wail away. If they run, chase. Full-on aggro mode and only back off if approaching an arena corner.

Defenses: If flipped, immediately use hammer to self-right. Stay > 3ft from arena corners. Don't allow XP to otherwise pin me against walls.
GL, Ethan!

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Re: KILL 'EM ALL vs Xtreme pneumatiX: CBC Round 7 HW

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sat Apr 25, 2020 10:30 pm

Using the long forks on the flipper.
Sooo... the Metallica font robot faces the robot with the Metallica name, nice!
As soon as the match starts I’ll be rushing in, keeping up the aggression from the get-go, and going in quickly. As soon as we meet I’m going to be angling in on her which will be terribly easy because of how high and long her Wedgelets are, I just can get right under them with ease and give her a flip. With how long and narrow Kill ‘Em All is, it’ll almost definitely end up being stupidly slow to turn, seriously, there are probably oil tankers that can turn faster, If I flip her out of position a few times, I can easily get round to her sides. This match has the simple goal of me getting my opponent OOTA as soon as I can and that shouldn’t be too hard, she’s too long to really escape well when wedged from the side or behind. Just juggle my flips over to that OOTA zone and then just toss her out, as simple as that. Her hammer is only ever going to be doing 1 damage to me and with how much quicker I am, I will be zipping around and angling in on her too much for her to be able to reliably land any hits, especially with that decently slow retraction speed. Keep this match fast paced and keep my wits about me, never coming in directly from the front and always trying to be agile, tossing her about before she knows what’s hit her. High, thin, Wedgelets like hers don’t mix well with wooden floors and they very may well start to dig in, preventing her from going forwards all that effectively. Always approach her wedge first.
Best of luck Danielle!

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