SPINNERFOOD vs Unnamed and Untamed

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SPINNERFOOD vs Unnamed and Untamed

Post by hide » Sat Apr 25, 2020 3:22 pm

SPINNERFOOD: 5/5/1/14/5
Unnamed and Untamed: 7/6/2/5/10 (+2 wedges)

So, U&U strategy will most likely hinge on controlling me enough through the fight, moving it near the walls, and OOTAing me.

Problem is:
1. We're in a LW-SHW arena, and I can run, because 5 speed. He's gonna eventually catch up, but not before my blade spins up,
which means...
2. He has a distinct lack of protection past his wedge: 8 armor, no anti-huge wedge, etc. I can easily get past the front, and because
of other factors he's gonna have to eat at least ONE full speed hit. Not only does that mean he's gonna take some nasty chassis damage early on, those exposed wheels means he's gonna be driving 3WD, which handicaps him from the near start.
So, he's guaranteed to suffer some big damage early on, which snowballs into bigger damage and a KO. Now, that isn't a factor if he gets a early OOTA.

1. He doesn't have the absurd control/speed advantage to meme on me. I can evade, etc.
2. I'm a HUGE clone, there's not a huge lot for his flipper to target, besides the wheels. Even then, it's hard to get a OOTA that way/
So, his win condition is harder than mine, and it only gets harder for him as the match goes on and as he takes more damage. Regardless, I can't treat this as a free win, so here's a strategy:

I'm going to hang back for a bit until my spinner is at or nearly full speed. Because of the afromentioned arena size, he can't blitz me in the time it takes for that to happen, so he's going to have to face my blade at full speed. If he tries to flank (which he can't traction), turn and face him with the blade. If he doesn't, go for him and reach past his wedge for that yummy 6 power hit, aiming for the wheels to cripple his drive.

While he's recovering, hang back towards the center of the arena (which is where I want to keep the fight at), spin up and charge in, reaching past his most vulnerable parts and targeting the wheels/8 armor body. While he's recovering, spin up and charge in, albeit not at the same spot so he can't catch me there.

If he tries to tank with the flipper, turn away from it and strike at the body

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Re: SPINNERFOOD vs Unnamed and Untamed

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Apr 25, 2020 11:32 pm

spinnerfood is a lot like huge, but it has one big issue that huge doesnt - its wheels are completely flat and do not give him any way to right himself if he gets tipped on his side. since he can kill me pretty quick with that blade of his, this is going to be the crux of my strategy.

I'm going come straight out at him, then turn like i want to flank. Obviously, he isn't going to let me do that, so he'll turn to face me. At that point, I'll gun straight for the closest wheel and flip. If this all goes to plan. he should land side-on, since that's the biggest surface to rest on.

If this doesn't work, then back off and give it another shot once i've put some distance between us. Let him come to me so i don't overextend and let myself get hit.
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