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Hoarfrost vs Lilly Frog and Jack Hammer

Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 2:40 pm
by Madman
Hoarfrost: 8/7/3/3/9 - wedge teeth on


Lillyfrog and Jack Hammer
speed 8
traction 6
torque 3
weapon 5
armour 2

jack hammer (3 wheel drive hammer 2 at the font wheels and 3rd wheel is a caster wheel to help point the robot)

speed 3
traction 1
torque 1
weapon 14
armour 5 (+ 2 to weapon)

That hammer is a non-factor drivetrainwise. I have double its speed, better control, etc. Focus the flipper and get it out of the arena. It has poor control and looks like it'll square wave whenever it tries to flip. It's also half-weight and will fly 6 feet when I flip it. Chuck it the hell out of the arena or into the hazards. It has two armour and will disintegrate after a couple of hits. Even my ramming damage of 5.5 could really hurt it. Basically avoid the very slow, poorly controlled hammer and use my better design, toothed wedge, and control edge to get under that flipper and chuck it OOTA or into the hazards for destruction.

If they stick close, flip one into the other, then swoop in and snowball the flipper into hazards or OOTA. If I get wedged, j-hook away immediately. If I get flipped, I can drive inverted. Get far away from being fed to the hammer before self-righting safely.

The hammer is a similar case with the added caveat of avoiding getting hit. That really shouldn't be hard given how big my drive edge is and its lumbering, top-heavy design. By then, some hazards will probably be at yellow or above. It has three body armour and it gets high-ended if wedged. Wedge it or snowball it into hazards or OOTA. Whichever gets the job done quicker.