Vexed! Round 2: Clustername and M A S H E E N vs Vivace and Taskmaster V5

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Vexed! Round 2: Clustername and M A S H E E N vs Vivace and Taskmaster V5

Post by Hiicantpk » Sun Apr 19, 2020 5:16 pm

ClusternameM A S H E E NVSVivaceTaskmaster V5
Speed: 7/8Speed: 4|Speed: 7Speed: 8
Traction: 6/7Traction: 2|Traction: 6Traction: 7
Torque: 1/5Torque: 1|Torque: 4Torque: 3
Weapon: 7/0Weapon: 16|Weapon: 0Weapon: 0
Armour: 3/4Armour: 7|Armour: 13Armour: 12
Note: Configs/Wedges shown in this table may not reflect the configs/wedges being used in the match.
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Re: Vexed! Round 2: Clustername and M A S H E E N vs Vivace and Taskmaster V5

Post by V900 » Fri Apr 24, 2020 11:22 pm

So the general idea is to have YSM do the heavy lifting (or pushing, rather) and have me dish out buttloads of damage to the opponent. An important thing to note is that VERTS ALMOST ALWAYS DEAL +1 DAMAGE FROM CORNER HITS in all-caps bold text so you read it. What this means is that:
  • Vivace receives 3 (without corner damage) and 4 (with corner damage) damage. Both of these are able to rip off it's wheels (which take double damage) in one hit, along with being able to seriously bend up it's wedge lip.
  • Taskmaster has 14 plow armor and 10 chassis armor because hii is smelly and didn't list it's "(+2 front)" in the armor stat. Aiming for the plow is less-than-ideal, but a hit to the chassis is OHKO territory corner or not.
General strategy:
  • Hang out near the center of a wall and wait for my good pal Clustername to feed me free corner damage. This also limits my opponent's options when it comes to navigating around me.
  • Weak hazards means I don't care if they hit me. Opponents also have no means of OOTAing me, so as long as I don't put myself in a position where my recoil boots me out then I should be all set.
  • If Vivace comes after me: turn in place and aim to slide under his wedge. If he gets under, feel free to monstertruck over him (not having anti-MT spikes on your doorstop wedge oh no no no) or gyro my drum into hitting the sides of his dustpan if possible.
  • Taskmaster is the same, except instead of gyroing into his sides I slam my drum into his top chassis panel for an easy 6+ damage OHKO.
  • If both of them come after me, target Taskmaster. Omniwheels effectively give him 2 torque, meaning he has to commit to a 1 second period of accelerating and re-accelerating backwards if he wants to avoid an attack from me. Big yikes.
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Re: Vexed! Round 2: Clustername and M A S H E E N vs Vivace and Taskmaster V5

Post by hide » Sat Apr 25, 2020 7:39 pm

So, clusterbot and powerdrum, nice

Anyways, the clusterbot is the more mobile threat, but keep in mind they're multibots in a LW division: yea they can do stuff, but the weight disadvantage handicaps them a bit. Not to mention, they're either slower/of equal speed to me, meaning that I can handle/hold them off while Vivace deals with MASHEEN, who I'm sure can be handled well enough by Vivace (he's slow and Vivace tanks his weapon well enough). So basically, Vivace will distract MASHEEN via tanking while I deal with the cluster.

So, I'm going for a standard aggressive approach: hammer on the multibots and keep them away while MASHEEN and Vivace duke it out. Im gonna aim to separate the two: focus on the vert and keep it a decent distance from the wedge. Feed it to hazards, pin it, etc. In particular, focus on attacking those mecanums: damaged mecanums suffer worse drivewise than normal wheels do. Feed them to the saws and the like.

Now, some might say that the wedge will be able to catch up to me. Well....
1. It's not faster than me + it's smaller
2. Vivace will also target it and attempt to feed it to the wedge.

So basically, me and Vivace will work in tandem to seperate the two: he attacks the wedge/MASHEEN, and I focus on the vert.

If I somehow KO the vert, help Vivace with the wedge/MASHEEN

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Re: Vexed! Round 2: Clustername and M A S H E E N vs Vivace and Taskmaster V5

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sat Apr 25, 2020 7:45 pm

Masheen is slow and I can imagine that he won't really be aggressive in this fight. If he is, keep him away from Taskmaster. Angle in and try to push him onto the rails, which he will struggle to remove himself from. If it's just the clusterbots, quickly get under the wedge cluster and send him into Masheen. I doubt Noah's going to have the speed to react and drive away and if he does, he's gonna get piled on the wedge as well exposing his side. If wedge boi gets under me, drive away and angle in the second time. He's not big enough to really disrupt me from doing this, even with his torque. Once wedge is gone, help Taskmaster with the vert and feed it to Masheen as well, by angling in. Then cue a minute thirty of two wedges playing monkey in the middle with a vert.

Note: bit of miscommunication, I won't be touching Masheen unless he's active in the fight.

Good luck

Good luck

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Re: Vexed! Round 2: Clustername and M A S H E E N vs Vivace and Taskmaster V5

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Apr 25, 2020 7:52 pm

Wait Taskmaster has 6WD mecanums? that shouldn't work at all. 3v1 GG EZ
Vivace has a flat dustpan, i think it also has a fork config but that is extra susceptible to bending so a single hit from my friend should be enough to make it useless if that's the case. Even if he goes with a flat wedge it wouldn't take that many hits to leave it useless and Noah will have a far easier time getting the little forks under for a good hit.
Vivace can get it's wedge dissabled, meanwhile that isn't so easy with Taskmaster but the thing gets one shot by MASHEEN if it lands a hit outside the plow and that's where i come in.

Vindicator will deal with Vivace so it's up to Overmind to get under it and chain flips. If i get under it gets high centered so pushing it with the weapon off can actually work, i will come back to this later.
If SIRENS goes for the forks it will be even easier for Noah to get the good hit in and those long things are extremely easy to angle in, i should be able to angle on those even if i am a bit slower, if that fails engage like a normal person. Anyways the idea is to get under and start chaining it with the idea to get it to MASHEEN, he has no way of tanking the hit with the high armor part if he is flying into the drum.
He can also use a plow, it rather easy to get under and is NOT INVERTIBLE WITH NO WAY TO SELF RIGHT, just flip it, turn off the weapon, high center and push it into MASHEEN ass first, eventually it will work.

As for Vivace (again with Vindicator), I have the wedge advantage if he goes for the flat wedge and can easily back off should i fail to get under In case of the fork, with the turning radius, shape and drivetrain disparity it will be extremely easy for me to angle in consistently, angling in also gives me the opportunity to turn him around before pushing, so i can aim at MASHEEN most of the time to snipe a wheel or something. If i cant just pin it against a wall to waste it's time and keep it away from the fight.

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