Aperigon vs King Crimson

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Aperigon vs King Crimson

Post by hide » Sat Apr 18, 2020 11:57 pm

Maxi will probably flex his mecanums, and pretend that + his chopsaw/vert thing will compensate for his drive disadvantage. Problem is (for him at least), it doesn't. Mecanums make you more maneuverable, but they only really even the playing field if the drive disparity is close (i.e, 1 speed disadvantage, -1 traction). In this fight, that's not the case. Aperigon is dealing with a pretty sizeable disadvantage in terms of drive: 2 speed disadvantage and -2 traction. Straight mecanums will not compensate for said disadvantage. However for this fight, HE NEEDS SAID ADVANTAGE: I tank his weapon, and the chopsaw only restricts attack from two narrow angles: front and back. If I nullify this via a drive advantage, he can't do much. Problem is, he can't. Proper driving, caution, and tanking shots will win the match for me and propel me to playoffs.

I'm going to exploit this advantage as much as I can. I'm going to open with a rush, while being cautious not to fall into a trap, drive-trick, bait, etc. As mentioned: the drive advantage keeps me from falling prey to this sort of stuff. Use that as much as I can. Never approach from the front, or the back. Stay away from the chopsaw/vert's range, and stick to going for his sides: it worked with Eagle's Hawk and I can make it work even against mecanums. This fight, I'm aiming at keeping Aperigon as restricted as possible: pin, release when forced to, pin, release, pin, etc. If necessary, force the mecanums into hazards while maintaining control: they take damage, and when he takes damage the drive disparity gets worse and I control him far easier.

I'm not going gung-ho on agression, maintain caution when necessary. Even if I do get hit, it's not a OHKO though: he still only does 4 damage. Still, it's better to end the fight with no damage than some damage.

GL Maxi
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Re: Aperigon vs King Crimson

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Apr 18, 2020 11:59 pm

He got torque, a bit faster and slightly better controlled. I got dem strafing.
He got the armor to tank hits on the plow if he went for the armor config, a hit on a wheel will break it, a hit on the weapon mounting may disable it and basically leave him with no wedge once he gets flipped.
That shitty flipper of his won't score an OOTA even under whatever is better than perfect conditions.
Meanwhile my spinnner can send him a bit 6.5 ft high (plus the height of the spinner i guess), i can easily get him over the 3 foot wall from a distance.
I have 3 minutes to get the OOTA, all he can do is get me on the hazards on the corners but i can avoid them by being farther away from them than him, this won't stop me from getting the angle i want because i can strafe.
Start by moving to the edge of the diagonal wall and stay parallel to it, if he rushes at me make sure to take the encounter face first by strafing side to side instead of turning, if i get under i will send him closer to the OOTA zone in the opposite side, i will rush him down and strafe to adjust the angle a bit if necessary to get the quick OOTA.
If he takes a more cautious approach i will back off a bit, if he follows me parallel to the diagonal wall back off a bit more and then suddenly circle strafe to get a OOTA snipe to the pit.

If i don't get the quick win i will start playing like a vert or a flipper, chaining hits and stuff, hopefully breaking a weaker part. If he gets under me i can back off or j hook or something i hope. stay far from the spike hazard and try to get the OOTA if i can.
Mix in an engagement from the back to attack as an overhead, when he is in my range pretend that i am bringing down the spinner, if he fires the flipper to block he got baited, now i can get under easily and can get at least one free hit on the chasis. If he doesn't fire the flipper then i can just do the overhead attack and hit the chasis lol.

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