Rumble in Da Jungle - Roe v Wade (Dead Baby Cannon vs Poisonous Dart Frog)

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Rumble in Da Jungle - Roe v Wade (Dead Baby Cannon vs Poisonous Dart Frog)

Post by Rinzler » Sat Apr 18, 2020 11:17 pm

DBC- 9/7/8/1/5
Dart Frog- 4/2/1/15/8

He's probably giddy about his speed advantage, and I would be too against literally anything other than a death drum. I can literally just gyro up and bring the drum down on top of his bot (which takes 11 damage every time I do so). I've also got a damn wide drum so he's pretty much gotta flank perpendicular to be safe

So the plan is pretty straightforward. Spin up, make my way out of my square, wait for him to come at me. If he charges head on, my drum makes full contact with the wedge. If he tries to flank, turn to match as best I can. If he gets around, gyro the drum up and come smashing down on top of him. Spend the rest of the match just being careful of the satan pottery and trying to get any hit I can. I really only need one or two good hits to deletus this fetus.

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Re: Rumble in Da Jungle - Roe v Wade (Dead Baby Cannon vs Poisonous Dart Frog)

Post by hide » Sun Apr 19, 2020 12:01 am

I have a absurd drive advantage, I can box rush, and because we're using repeated hits rules unless he gets to full speed he's not OHKOing me. Meanwhile, mecanums + 5 speed advantage + 6 torque (which means great acceleration) means I'm going to be strafing/driving circles around him. I can smother, outdrive and control him from the getgo, and that's what I'm going to do.

From the start, box rush him (go at 8 speed so I only have -1 traction), then go full speed and go sicko mode on him. I'm feeding him to Dustbucket as much as possible: feeding him to flames, blades, etc. When I'm not doing that, I'm pinning him. I'm smothering him as much as I can and keeping him from spinning up.

If I can, feed the drum to the statues and get them broken, then feed him to Omen. That's a secondary strategy if not enough damage is dealt to him, though. Otherwise smother, keep from spinning up and feed to Dustbucket.

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