Cherry Bomb Classic Lightweights: Mastodonsaurus vs Fork Factor

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Cherry Bomb Classic Lightweights: Mastodonsaurus vs Fork Factor

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sat Apr 18, 2020 10:36 pm

Mastodonsaurus: Speed: 4 Traction: 2 Torque: 1 Weapon: 16 Armour: 7
Fork Factor: Speed 7 Traction 6 Torque 3 Weapon 3 Armour 11 (+2 to Forks and Frontal Wedge)

Spin up as soon as the match starts and approach him. Fork Factor is a strange design, it’s so low and boxy, it’s not at all good at deflecting spinners because of how low it is, it’s got plenty to bite at with all those thin forks and corners. Basically, I’ll be aiming slightly to the side to get a bite on the areas that only have nine armour, it is an inevitability that he will lose both of those front wheels, maybe more then that too as I’ll just be easily riding up his front and sides, basically feeding me up to those juicy, fragile mecanums of his. It’s worth noting that the thing that holds the forks pokes put slightly from the wedge and is very thin, meaning that it almost definitely will get hit and with its 9 armour and its thinness, it should break after a hit or two really, rendering it’s weapon absolutely useless. Stay away from the arena hazards and the walls, if he gets on the hazard, he will beach himself with that insanely low ground clearance. Just keep at full speed, whacking away at him, tearing up those 9 armour sides, that insanely thin weapon, the wheels and maybe mauling up the top panel a bit. Always keep facing him.
Good luck.

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